Atlantis - Past Lives - Solar Plexus - Uluru - Full Moon - Regeneration of Power

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Atlantis - Past Lives - Solar Plexus - Uluru - Full Moon - Regeneration of Power - Rebalance of Power - Empowerment or Disempowerment 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️🔱🌊
I am feeling sooo strongly sooo much Atlantis energy and what dawned on me talking to what seemed like the 10th client about this exact topic today, is that -
Is it that - isn't it that when Atlantis 'fell' - was when all of Humanity 'fell into darkness' aka unconsciousness, because people were mis-using and abusing power.
Plus, do you remember how in Dec 2018 the energy of 'Atlantis Rising' was super strong? (and how is on this image - remember when near New York that power outage/explosion thing, the blue light that was seen - like this?!)
Now - Uluru is/has been reactivated back to 'it's true power' - the power centre of our Earth is being 'turned back on' - so this redistribution of power is coming back into Balance.
I feel like sooo many are feeling and experiencing Past Life traumas - they are physically surfacing right now ranging from:
~ third eye pain
~ head pressure
~ extreme waves of fatigue (upgrades to the body systems)
~ weird body parts experiencing symptoms in shapes (ie pimples in weird places all at once, cuts, bruises and tongues or ears hurting at weird times)
I feel like these are all surfacing - as the unconscious is becoming conscious, it makes me wonder this - that Atlantis was the 'fall of Humanity' when the mis-use of power began and now.. with Uluru and this activation this weekend PLUS - the Saturn/Pluto line up!
With this Saturn/Pluto line up - I have seen MANY leaders speak about how this influence and line up over the centuries and years - was the cause of great pain and conflict on our Planet.
The sense that I am getting is that - when we reconnect back to our power - when the power distribution comes equal again (which is what the 'feminine rising is - it isn't rising, it is coming back into balance, not suppressed anymore) is that - Humanity - just like when we remove ourselves from a toxic situation/relationship or event that no longer serves us, that we have had enough and we reach our tolerance level of ENOUGH - it usually isn't pretty in this separation phase.
(Please listen to my audio, by clicking here - 'The Energetic Fallout from Removing Yourself From Someones Energy' to support your own life, but then correlate to this for our Planet and Humanity and you will start to sense the bigger picture of what is going on here on Earth:
This sense of 'unease' going on right now - is people starting to:
~ stand up for themselves
~ remove themselves from 'leaning on someone' and starting to rise in their own power
~ speak up for themselves
~ take action in empowering ways to their own lives like they have never done before
~ let go of control and instead, allow what is, is and finding their entire world 'magically' shifting from doing so
Anything that has 'fired up' within you recently is a distribution of this power.
You are disconnecting from people and places you have been somewhat attached to and 'connecting to source through them' and/or bottling it all up and digging out down the darkest crevices of your Soul that you have buried away and has been a huge 'giving your power away' too for a long, long time.
Is it any coincidence that, 2020 - sees an astrological line up, that in the 1600's - was the exact same astrological line up and this was the peak of the Witch Hunt trials.
And people are wondering why the Earth is on fire 🤔 (how many exactly were burnt at the stake?!)
I feel the Earth is purging all that has been, all the 'evil' all the 'torture' and all the destruction - all the... darkness.
All the acts that were created and actioned from simply - unconsciousness.
When someone becomes conscious - they are more conscious of their behaviour.
This redistribution of power - is waking people up to empowerment, unity and balance.
The Earth on fire - is not 'karma', but an awakening to the purging of the darkness/unconsciousness.
Just like I share that when we become more conscious of our reality and consciously do work to change that - what is not conscious, what is not in alignment, what is in the subconscious that is not in alignment with the conscious vibration you've been consciously working on - will rise and come up and out.
Whether that is old behaviours, old patterns, old stored emotions - they come up and out.
As so many have been working on themselves, consciousness is awakening and so too, is our planet's vibration.
There is a certain tipping point in consciousness that 'spreads like wildfire' that... wakes people up.
The old is coming up and out on our planet.
The planet, just like when we do, is shaking it off, it is coming up and out.
We get angry at times, when we realise the truth of a situation that we have been living in that has been less than satisfactory and is a normal part of the healing/grieving and shifting process from one reality to the next.
So too, is our Earth. Fire, is deeply connected to anger. And is highly transformative.
This is a time when Humans are coming into a place of:
No more disempowerment.
No more thinking you're less than, or better than.
No more tolerating abuse/shit/anything bad in your life.
No more not good enough.
No more not valuing yourself.
No more being afraid to shine.
No more - not being okay with not having fun!
These are the core values of our Solar Plexus 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
So too, will our Earth comes to match this.
We've been transforming our subconscious with all the inner work we've been doing, and our Earth, is now doing the same.
The Third Eye is deeply connected to Past, Present and Future - all at once - and the Past Lives are surfacing as we 'see the truth' of the situation on our planet and the 'truth' is being shown in world events - and what that energy is shifting us into.
Third Eye pressure and pain - is you 'seeing new realities/seeing the truth in realities and relationships' - which is literally the gift of the Third Eye.
The realities - we've all seen in our dreams, known in our Hearts - it was only a matter of time, before that transferred down from the ethers into physical reality.
Change is usually messy and challenging - just ask anyone who has moved house on their own, let alone any other change.
Yet, change is the only constant and the message for 2020 is to be the Eye of the Hurricane and keep being the Light in the darkness for those that needs it most. (including yourself!)
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. We are just hours away from our Full Moon Ceremony and this time tomorrow will be in Her peak basking in Her Light, diving into our subconscious and taking the deepest transformation of this redistribution of power back into the LIGHT for Humanity to RISE in EQUALITY, click here for all the details to join us: