Empaths & Healers Attracting Partners Who Are Not 100% Committed Or Still Attached to Someone Else.

Empaths & Healers Attracting Partners Who Are Not 100% Committed Or Still Attached to Someone Else. 

I found working clients over the years and with my own patterns - this thing with Healers & Empaths in particular who attract men (yes, I am speaking from a woman to a man, so if you are a man, obviously change the words to suit.. or not)... attract men who are still in relationship to their ex, perhaps they say they are not and so you move forward in a relationship with them.

But over time, the things don't seem to add up, and then you realise ðŸ¤¦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Why did this happen again?!

Why am I continually attracting men who in a single breath jump back with their ex and their kids?!

Why am I only attracting men who are still married even?!!?

Why am I continually attracting men who I only hear from every several months or every year, when they have broken up with their girlfriend, or are fighting with their Mrs and I believe their bullshit stories that they are done with it and over her and moving on, when in the blink of an eye they are back there and I am totally heart broken, distraught and wtf just happened?!?! AGAIN?!?! ðŸ¤¦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

And your work and your career suffers, the strong driven, ambitious and goal setting and getting woman powerhouse that you are, slowly chips away until you don't remember who you are or how you ended up here and struggle to remember you even had worth once upon a time, let alone feel any inch of that right now. 

I find this common with Healers & Empaths.... or anyone going through this.. let me explain 'why' you are... 

There are a couple of reasons here: 

1. You haven't healed the grief and pain of your own past key relationships. 

If you think you have moved past your past hurt, pain, betrayal and you think you have let go of your past relationships but are attracting any of the above mentioned - think again, nope, you haven't 'healed deep enough'.

You haven't felt the grief of your past. You haven't truly let go of your ex! Somewhere in there, you are still holding onto the love, the possibilities, the dreams, the hopes and the pain and bad times. You still have it in your field. Time to go deeper. 

2. There is a subconscious part that feels guilt for moving on with a new life

You haven't done step one. The way to release guilt that keeps you trapped, is to feel the hurt, of losing all the hopes and dreams, of all the pain of it ALL. (Read my 'How to let it go blog if you haven't already to help here: https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/how-do-i-let-it-go )

3. You say you aren't ready for a relationship and want to be alone, yet, what else are you blocking?

What safety net does stopping letting in love achieve? The reflection of men that are still attached or would drop in you in a heart beat for their ex to take them back, is your block to real love. To freedom love. Not trapped love. 

How do you stop attracting men like this?

  • Heal the part of you that wants to fix everyone. 
  • Heal the part of you that feels over responsible for everyone and that is all you've ever known and done because that is how you grew up (again, get support). 
  • Be mindful of the words and people who 'jump in', who 'tell you how it is' rather, than listening to what is important in your own heart. Ooooh, yes, there might be chemistry there, but are they REALLY listening to you? Or is it you, with your Healer skills that is wanting to fix them - simply because, you don't want to heal your own hurt deep underneath that 'fixing them' and focusing on, stops you feeling your own hurt? (I get it! feeling hurt, isn't nice hence why 99% of modern day society chooses not to feel it and addictions and illness is through the roof because of it, get support, I wouldn't have been able to do it without support either)
  • Increase your self worth. 
  • Stop hiding yourself behind your excuses of why you can't do your purpose work yet.
  • Get ready to see yourself clearly. A man that hides you in his personal life and every part his life, is only reflective of you not letting your own self shine and stand out in your own life. Where are you hiding in your life? Stop hiding yourself and you will attract people who don't hide you either. #thisisntaboutthem 
  • Get good at saying no. 
  • Notice if they have REALLY done the inner work. If they have, they won't be one foot in and one foot out, awaiting their ex to take them back I have found with 90% of men, that they were the ones that 'got kicked out' and haven't done the work to change their inner world to make their outer world different. They are just awaiting on their ex to take them back. (especially if there are kids involved, even if they say no, they'd never again)

Wait for the one who won't walk away in the face of adversity but will stand and stake his claim, regardless of what someone says to him behind your back. 

Wait for the one who will stand up for you whether you are there or not. 

Wait for the one committed to their purpose just like you. 

Wait for the one who chooses you - trust me, you feel it at your core, once you have felt someone 'choose' you, there is no mistaking this feeling. 

Wait for the one that is waiting for you to turn up in their reality too. You'll know. Because they will have done the internal work for you to show up too. 

Wait for the one, that has been waiting for you too. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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