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I haven't been doing this as much as I used to do. 

It's not that I have been questioning why I haven't been because I know why I haven't been. And there are many factors to it. I've been busy: 

  • Moving from Healer to everyone in 1:1 work, to CEO of my company and training my Intuitive Healers and Life Purpose Mentors in my online training school and a select group of Inner Circle & Goddess Code Clients
  • Handing over more jobs as I move out of doing everything in my company, to truly being the CEO and only focusing on the tasks that call my Soul (dream come true!) 
  • Getting frustrated with those that don't read the whole blog of the point of my sharing in the depth of understanding of why I am sharing it in the first place and giving me advice when they missed the entire point and didn't read it to even understand 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Noticing my increasing frustration and that it is actually a sign I am being called to focus my energy on writing my books and my Reality Awareness Online Training School for Ancient Blooded Healers and Rising Lightworkers instead of being continually frustrated by those that don't get the fact that I share my deep intricate Heart and Soul on the internet to help you understand your own consciousness. 
  • But here we go....

However, the stepping back - out of doing everything in my business and stepping into CEO mode, has been huge. 

The transformation that I have had to go through and the depth of what is coming up as the shift I am having from deep inside of me to calibrate to this place of CEO is ridiculously massive. No wonder not many go all the way to the top and stay complaining where they are - dying in their grave still talking about that narc who fucked their life, but they weren't wiling to sort their shit out, be mentored and change their life! #dontgetmestarted 

This week, as we lead to the Eclipse, I have been diving so deep and the waves have been 12ft tall as I rise to the top I then drop down to the bottom again, tears flood at the release and I paddle like fuck to get through the next 12 footer heading my wave as this set that rolls in on our powerful Blood Moon Eclipse is for me, releasing the deep subconscious intentions that have been running my business to date that sent me to the ethers and back on Wednesday - phew. What a friggin ride!

I turned up to my mentor call and brought to the table and issue that had been there for many years, and have obviously reached my tolerance point with it. When I share, what I call my 'Goddess Speak' - She flows through me and you feel it when I write from 'Her' - I get many responses from people from it. But ergh responses are the emails and messages from men, that they want to marry me and the like. Ergh, is how it makes me feel and this week I reached my tolerance level with it. I didn't write my blog post to be married ffs. You missed the entire point - but OBVIOUSLY something is going on inside of me to attract this. 

Why is this happening, wtf is going on?! #overit. I shared with my mentor and what She shared with me floored me and opened and fucking can of worms! But good! Clear these fuckers out I say!

The reality of where I had been coming from deep inside of me in my business for many years without even knowing it. Subconsciously looking for a relationship - well, I ultimately thought I wouldn't be single by now, but I also didn't see myself with a daughter now either. Whilst I love her and would not change it for the world, this past 18 months living out here, has been a deep letting go and release of my old self, my old life - but most importantly - who I thought I was supposed to be by now - but I also didn't know who that was either? 

It is funny, the things we grieve about are not even what we thought we wanted or that we would end up with and we are always running away from what is. 

The biggest shift for me recently is moving through that grief and coming to 'arrive' where I am now and truly starting to love myself and my life again - thank God for that! 

What a tunnel the last 18 months has been! 

What surfaced, floored me on Wednesday night as I processed and dropped deep into the ethers and grief of it - of always being alone. 

I was tending to my daughter and we joked about something for her 21st Birthday. Ouch. There it was, hit me like a tonne of bricks. I held it back, continued to the night time routine and let myself drop deeply into it before bed. Huge. The grief took me back to tangible memories of being alone on my 21st Birthday, hiring a venue and waiting for those to arrive and no one did. Wtf. Another case of 'what it was supposed to be and wasn't'. It's funny the things I had imprinted on me from high school - that you know, the 21st Birthday is the biggest deal and party ever and so when I held an event and no one turned up to it and the waiting staff looking at me weird - oh, how those tears poured out on Wednesday night - who would've thought! But hey, not many get in a car when they turn 18, drive across the other side of the country and stay living there ever since either right? 

You know, when you finish high school the thing is to travel and have a break before University? Yeah, was never my thing and that... is something I have also come to feel at peace with - is what has landed me in the biggest shift of my life - owning my damn fucking uniqueness - my life story, who and where I have come from and #sidenote, makes me laugh when people judge me from a sentence of two or second or two on my posts and videos and think they know me and tell me I shouldn't be giving this kind of advice and I just laugh I am like, sorry, how long have you known me and my history? Anyway, I digress - just another one of those instances, where I am being called to write my books and step back from business owner and doing everything, to CEO creating the pieces that turn a business to a company, from another 'healing business' to a damn fucking legacy that changes the entire consciousness of the world = my God Given Purpose. 

Then it dropped into 3 other instances - where it was tangible time travel (you know, where the meditations aren't required anymore to heal, because you time travel there instead - the gift of Ancient Blooded Healers) back to 3 other instances in my teenage and childhood years where I was 'alone' and the core of where this was coming from - so massive and I came out of this, came back to current 'time' and fell deeply asleep. 

I was not planning that to surface on Wednesday! It floored me unexpectedly - but this is the clearing, the healing and the shifting from $50k Months to $100k Months I guess! And THAT is why I have mentors. To see what I can't see, to hold space when the deepest unconscious and subconscious patterns that are running the show surface because phew - that is some deep untangling... but all required, when solidifying a new reality into form. 

It is now me owning the fact I want a relationship - and to seperate my personal life and business life - from deep inside my core. Which had naturally begun when I even changed Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company back in February 2019 anyway - this is just a deeper layer of it - a deep subconscious layer that has already changed the game. So so huge, words really don't cut the depth of it. 

There is only so much you can do on your own. Whilst I used to feel exhausted and over it doing it all on my own - that feeling, has also deeply shifted for me in the last 18 months. I feel more supported, stable, I am grounding into my new home - it has been an adjustment to living out here on property that is for sure and has taken a good 18 months to 'arrive' let me tell you! 

I feel like I can finally relax into my business and life and are finalising the last stabilising pieces in my company, with team with dedicated systems and structure (something my deeply intuitive flow self really needed to drop into to create Reality Awareness vision!) so I can fully devote and focus on this next level of expansion which is just.... exhilarating to arrive at. 

One day - you will wake up and all that hard work will have paid off. 

The blood, sweat and tears will have paid off. 

The reality you have been dreaming into existence will have arrived in your lap - because you've: 

  • put in the hard work
  • put in the hours 
  • put in the love 
  • turned up when you didn't want to 
  • turned up when you did want to 
  • invested before you were ready, leaped before you were ready and taken risks that no one even thinks to but is also so normal and why the fuck wouldn't you do these things for you 

One day you will wake up and your vision - will have come to life and it all will have been worth it and you wouldn't change any of it for the world. 

But most of all.. you will arrive in the right now and be dedicatedly present - you will realise it is has been here all a long, but now you can relax as you land the next level vision that has been the entire reason you've done it in the first place and it will feel like Heaven... 

Because it is. 

Even, when those deep dark pieces still arise within you and reflect in your life....  because there is always inner and outer work at every level, but it gets easier, and easier and easier and more joy comes in... because you damn well chose it. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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