"But, my Heart got it wrong" - No, it didn't honey..

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"But, my Heart got it all wrong" - No, it didn't honey.. 

"Your Heart already knows, Trust it." 

I had many people comment and private message me the other day when I posted that quote, saying how much their Heart got it wrong, that they 'can never trust their Heart again, because it failed them' whether in relationships or some other choice they had to make - I am here to say to you, dear Soul, that no, your Heart didn't get it wrong. 

Most people get confused in their Heart. They feel confused, because they have been hurt, or betrayed in the past about what their Heart felt was right. 

And do you know what? I imagine at one moment in time, in that situation - your heart WAS right - but it never became wrong. 

Your Heart is ALWAYS leading you to the fastest route to your Life Purpose, to your Dreams, to your Desires. 

What happens, is that as soon as that direction changes within your Heart, let's talk relationship for example. 

There is a connection, a Heart connection, it is powerful, it is unlike anything you have ever felt before. It was fire, passion, it was all the things. 

You felt it all. 

Then, something changed. Something in your Heart changed. Yet, you brush it off, ignore it - because, there are soooo many things that align, that you ignore that off thing, that you don't even know what or why that off thing came up. So you continue to brush it off. 

Yet, something is still underneath there, but you ignore it, because there are just so many other things that are perfect. 

Fast forward an amount of time.... 

Then it has gone sour.... 

And you wonder why... 

When you were soooo sure and soooo many things lined up, and there were so many good times, they outweighed those other little things that... were also starting to add up. 

You see - your Heart is always guiding you. 

It just depends if you are deeply listening to those little parts, those little pieces of alignment. 

I always say - that the mind will ALWAYS try and find a way to outtalk your Heart's choices - no matter what the situation is, good or bad. 

Your mind will ALWAYS find a way to outtalk your Heart. 

Yes, I said it twice for a reason. Why? 

Because we have been taught and raised in society to be in our heads, not our Hearts. We've been taught that if we do this and this and this, we are going to get this. It is logical, analytical and when it comes to weighing up decisions of the Heart - well, gosh, the logical and analytical mind will always outtalk it because it needs 'proof'. 

The thing with your Heart, is that it is deeply connected to your Intuition. It is your Clairsentience muscle that you "FEEL" everything. Yet again, as a society, we are trained to not listen to it, we are trained from a very young age with our minds in so many ways with so much 'noise'. 

When a situation comes up and there are all the times in the past, perhaps that you have been left, or the 'good times are still there' - yet, things seem to be getting progressively worse, and then it all falls apart - and gosh, that is the worst pain ever right? Like, torture pain. 

There are all the emotions, sadness, anger, betrayal, feeling stupid, all of them right? 

And yet - the one that cops it the hardest is your own Heart - you may turn on yourself and your Heart and wonder why it all went wrong, 'I will never open my Heart to someone ever again' 'That was stupid, how stupid of me, I will never do that again' and so much more I am sure. 

Yet - when you trace it back, where was that teeny tiny off feeling? Where was that moment in time, somewhere along the line, that you... ignored it, because you... 'didn't have proof' or 'didn't know logically what it was' so also ignored it? 

Perhaps you flat out knew, but there were words said, promises made and things that 'made it all better' - and then it all came crashing down - yet, the pain, fark the pain!!! And still... it hurts even more... because you already knew deep in your heart but you didn't listen.. and that... that pain.. is what deeply hurts... that betrayal? That is the betrayal of your own self... and usually projected onto someone else - because you already knew, but you betrayed your own heart, by trusting them, instead what your Heart was telling you, that you didn't pay attention to the little nudges, that was leading you out of and away from a certain situation. 

The more we ignore the little signs, the bigger the signs get. Not only that, but the further our internal compass goes off course. Life gets harder as a result and usually a lot more painful and situations that seem to come out of nowhere to 'throw' us - are actually wake up calls, trying to get our internal compass back on path. 

Is something screaming at you? Is there a person, a situation... is there something 'off' - but you don't know what that is? What is that - that nudge from your Heart - that you have been putting off, ignoring and mind talking your way out of what your heart is trying to keep you on the direct line of your life and life purpose of? 

How loud do you really want it to scream at you? Screaming, isn't really nice is it? 

Isn't gentle whispering, more loving?

Aren't you willing to receive the loving guidance of your Heart? 

Isn't that, what you're craving and wanting after all? 

Don't you realise, that it is right in front of you? 

Your Heart? 

Don't let your mind talk your way out of it, no matter what the situation is. 

Your Heart already knows the fastest way to your Destiny. 

Isn't that, what your Soul is craving for after all? 

Your Heart? 

Deep, deep Love - is within your own Heart dear Soul. 

You just have to trust that deep love that resides in your own Heart, because until you do, you will continue to attract people and situations that are reflecting the hurt, betrayal and doubt of your own Heart. 

These situations are just trying to wake you up to the truth of this situation - that your Heart, has all the answers. 

It always has, it always will. 

Aren't you ready to let yourself inside your own Heart? 

How can you expect anyone else to, if you don't? 

Your Heart. Not your mind. Your Heart. 

The deep love you are craving, is in... your own Heart. 

Don't betray it anymore. 

Your Heart is waiting for you 💚

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑