Do you have someone on a pedestal? 💥❤️✨

healing grief heart healing how to let go of a relationship how to trust your intuition Jun 07, 2018
Do you have someone on a pedestal? 💥❤️
Said with so much Love.
When you take someone off the pedestal the power roles cease to exist and you exist in unity.
When you have someone on a pedestal you give away your power and become a puppet bowing to their every need, you resonate so deeply with what they say, you forget who you are to an extent.
You don't mean to do it, you just do.
You admire them, look up to them, want to be like them - which is fine - they have amazing qualities - yet, they are just reflecting WHO YOU ARE.
And this is why this power reversal happens...
This is why we lose ourselves in relationships at times...
The wake up to this can be heartbreaking and gut-wrenching and anger and more will flood to the surface when 'reality hits'.
You may step into blame, projection and more, because you are simply - hurt.
The wake up from the delusion/illusion is painful.
The wake up from - where you gave your power away - is painful.
And THAT is the only delusion/illusion there ever is about anything - is where you forgot your power.
Is where you forgot who you really are. And put that power in someone else.
And what this 'reality hitting' is - is you waking up to more of you.
You start to separate from them.
You realise how intertwined you are/were with them
You start disentangling all the threads.
And sometimes there is alot of pain that is felt in this disentangling process.
And through all this 'mess' of threads...there is a way through to Peace - instantly.
By being super conscious of your own energy and the role you played, why you gave your power away in the first place and rewiring yourself to understand why you give your power away.
You do this because you don’t trust your own skills nor know they even exist. The reason you’ve put them on the pedestal in the first place is and general 'sleeping state' until something within you pulls your interest towards them/it/the thing and you get excited because there is a resonance and it helps you to wake up to more of who you are.
You become more conscious of yourself, your reality, your life. Of - YOU.
The reason we get attached, put people on a pedestal, is yes, we are learning about ourselves, yet there is also a deep sense of a lack of self-worth and faith in your own self, abilities and life.
However - remember, there are stepping stones and more that lead you to a place of becoming aware of your own power - the key is remembering:
you are learning
remembering that you are your own being
remembering that although things resonate with you - to have your truth filter on at all times and only take in what is true resonance
remembering that sometimes we still lose ourselves
Yet - we get quicker and quicker at pulling yourself up at all times.
Remember - that whatever you admire or despise by the way - in another being - is a part of you that calling forth your attention to BE MORE OF YOU.
When you have someone on a pedestal, a power play of better than less than plays out in the energy dynamics and when you’ve given your power away it stems from a place that you simply don’t feel good enough to even exist, hence up goes the pedestal and listening to every word they say, without checking in with your own truth filter of what is actually your resonance and right for your own life and heart.
This truth filter stems at your throat - are you swallowing someone else's truth?
Or is your truth filter clear and clean and you are very clear in your energy, values, life and more - meaning, your truth filter is not clogged and you know what is right for you and hence, don't put people up on a pedestal?
You see the thing is, is that what you’re admiring in that person - exists within you.... or you wouldn’t be drawn to it.
It wouldn't be bringing your heart alive in some way shape or form.
You look at them ‘up there’ and feel they’re better than you because you are becoming aware of your own power of your own Soul.
So if you are feeling bogged down - ask yourself whose truth am I swallowing?
Is it mine?
Does it bring me alive?
Where is my joy?
Find that thread, follow it and let it lift you - all the way back to YOUR hearts desires.
You have within you, what you are admiring in another.
Trust that you have the resources, the skills and the Soul knowledge to do, be and have what they have that you are seeing in another.
For when you wake up from the pedestal that you've been under and you nurture your Heart back into a space of deep love for all beings, including yourself, instead of feeling lower than others - you return to your Heart and your Heart - is JOY.
You love life again.
You love you again.
You realise that you do have everything you need, you are worthy enough of your own hopes, dreams and desires.
Do you? Remember WHO YOU ARE?
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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