Do you know what the confusion, separation, anger and divide they are creating amongst Humans is actually doing to Humans?

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Do you know what the confusion, separation, anger and divide they are creating amongst Humans is actually doing to Humans?

There is only so much confusion and mis-information between this person and this blog and this news article and this person said this, oh wait, here is another post of this confusing and conflicting information.

There is only so much confusion and conflicting information that a human consciousness can handle before it starts asking...

Why, sorry? What sorry? Wait on, but this person said this and you're saying this and this person said this and.. wait on, what? πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’πŸ€¬πŸ˜³πŸ˜±πŸ€”πŸ™„

There is only so much confusion a human can take before they start asking WHY...

Before they start asking their own questions instead of being told what to do.. Before they break down crying in total powerlessness and confusion and at a total loss of life collapsing around them and their entire reality shattering into a zillion pieces that there is no way they can put back together..

That they then come out of shock and confusion and into RAGE AND ANGER...

That makes them rampage and shout obscenities to everyone in positions of power or any kind of leadership that they deem fit and to BLAME for their current life situation that has become overnight powerless for them to do anything about.. And yet... this is what 'they' are doing...

And it is waking Humanity up. People forget that Revolution is born out of discord... People forget that to create new structures the old must be dismantled..

People forget that most people don't take action until their life gets REALLY bad...

And still then, it takes quite a bit for people to get motivated to do anything about taking action on things. There is also a huge part in that, that they simply don't know what else to do but scream and shout at the positions of power that 'have taken their freedom away'.

And yet, that is the biggest illusion of all time. No one has you trapped. Only you can do that. People will probably disagree with me on that. That's okay.

No one has you stuck. Only you can do that. People will probably disagree with me on that. That's okay.

The next 5 years will see us in a big revolution that is going to shroud the planet and Humanity in a cloud of powerlessness and darkness for some time. (Global World Prediction Update coming soon)

What is born in the mud? The lotus flower. And yet, it continues to grow.. to push through the sludge and rise.

And so even if the world goes into darkness (which I will explain in the upcoming Global World Prediction Update) for the next 4-5 years, the confusion, discord and 'taking away people's freedom' is only creating a revolution of awakening...of.. change.

There is only so much confusion and mis-information that one Human can take before they step back, reassess for themselves what the truth is and then decide for themselves.

There is only so much hurt, pain, loss and betrayal that a Human can take before they take action and stand up for themselves. And that.. is all that is happening right now.

There are so many conflicting stories, law documents, confusing laws passed, he said she said, conspiracy theories that are coming true...

That are making every single person on the planet... before they sleep at night, without admitting it to anyone... is asking..

Why is this happening, what are they doing to us, what is actually happening in the world?

And those questions... are making them discern...

Making them secretly do their own research or not... and be shown even more conflicting information..

That they don't know what to believe anymore... and give up...

But.. it is making them... stop... and question.. seek... discern the truth for themselves - even if they are not even conscious this is happening to them. And yet.. this is the truth of what is going on...

Awakening is a somewhat slow and very uncomfortable process. It is turning on their truth factor... aka their intuition.. of what FEELS RIGHT TO THEM.

And there is only ONE truth that our intuition leads us to..

Because at the end of the day... that intuition is connected to the highest source of all... and it all comes from the same place..

We are all connected to the same place, from the same place and are of the same place. And anyone who feels they are not.. will simply disappear back to the black hole from which they came and the world will be a better place...

Because this discerning of the truth, is leading us all back.. Home.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

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