How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

ascension symptoms energy update how to trust your intuition sacred rituals Jun 25, 2018

How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

I just want to point out firstly, that this isn't about:

❌ascending out of this planet and leaving Earth
❌leaving your body and disappearing
❌going up with the Angels and not coming back


This IS about: 

✅your physical body being upgraded in vibration
✅all of your bodies being upgraded in vibration (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic)
✅you being able to hold more light in your physical body ON EARTH (yep, we don't need to go anywhere to receive upgrades)
✅you becoming more conscious and aware of your reality
✅you receiving deep insight about what it really means to be in Heart Consciousness 
✅you receiving deep insight about your Purpose on this Earth 
✅you realising that you change people JUST BY YOUR VIBRATION ALONE (meaning, you don't need to do anything to heal people, whether you are in their physical vicinity or not, your vibration changes people through energy alone, whether they have ever had contact with you in person or online, you change them, just by your vibration alone)

You may receive your upgrades: 

✨in your sleep
✨in the shower
✨anywhere, anytime


What it feels like when you are receiving an upgrade, or are about to receive an upgrade: 

⚡️you may go off your food, nothing feels right to eat, even fasting doesn't interest you
⚡️you feel extra tired, even though you've had lots of sleep
⚡️you become SUPER sensitive to noise, light and energy (like you already know you're sensitive but you become hypersensitive to it)
⚡️feel like you are walking in two worlds at once - you're here and you're not here at the same time
⚡️you can sense the other dimensions very clearly, distinctly and even have contact with beings not from this world
⚡️very disjointed and segmented dreams, you frequently visit places you've been to before in your dreams before and you wake up clearly remembering them 

⚡️you suddenly become extra compassionate to people, things and more being 'hurt' and along with that, receive insight of the solution to change humanity positively
⚡️you feel like you are in a zillion pieces, like the atoms you are made up of, you are in a zillion atoms that haven't 'landed' yet
⚡️you wake up a different person - literally
⚡️you feel like you're very grounded and present 'here', but you're not in this reality anymore
⚡️you sense more, you've been upgraded and you know it in your core - everything is still the same, but EVERYTHING is changed at the same time
⚡️feel like you are going through a 'Dark Night of the Soul'
⚡️the past or future doesn't seem to matter quite so much anymore, but the present is everything to you
⚡️part of you will feel like it is dying so you may go through bouts of depression - part of you IS dying and at the same time, another part of you is being born (that newborn baby), you are adjusting, be okay with this, just like the caterpillar coming out of the cocoon, the wings take a bit of getting used to, but once you realise you can FLY... oh honey, there is a whole new world out there to explore... 
⚡️you're being 'forced' to upgrade your life if you haven't paid attention to the signs and nudges you have been receiving to date


Welcome to the Heart Consciousness Beautiful Soul. 


Tips to Support Your Upgrades: 

💜Stay grounded in your body 
💜Extreme self-care 
💜Extra sleep
💜More exercise so your body can hold more light
💜Eat healthier food. This doesn't have to entail a radical diet change unless your intuition is telling you to. Gentle changes, like adding more 'alive food' to your eating habits like fruit or raw carrots or more tomatoes to support your Heart or reducing the amount of wheat you eat for example. 
💜Drink more water
💜Be okay with wanting to retreat and just do you for a time
💜Speak kindly to yourself
💜Expand your Heart Chakra Energy to yourself, just like the kindness you treat a stranger, do the same for you. 
💜Treat yourself like a newborn baby, you're receiving upgrades, you're needing care, attention, love and gentleness, whilst you adjust to your new vibration. 
💜Make it normal. Make this extra self-care, gentleness and kindness, your new normal - and watch yourself FLY through the upgrades instead of being constantly wiped by them. 
💜Hug more, get massages more
💜Cry more

These upgrades and ascension aren't going to stop, they are going to be more noticeable, more prevalent, more 'normal'. 

The Earth and global changes, aren't going to stop either, it is learning to ride them, to stay present and grounded with them, whilst bringing your gift to this planet - you are here to help this shift, you realise that? (or you wouldn't be reading this post 😉)

Yet, by making your self-care NORMAL, you won't even notice the upgrades as a big drama or big deal anymore... you will just FLY with your increasing intuition, your incredible ideas that are going to support your own life and humanity to positively step into creating incredible change that is going to help everyone on the planet today. 

What starts to happen then, is you start to notice these upgrades just before they happen. Just like wild animals sense natural disasters before they happen and flee the scene before it comes.

Yet, you don't need to flee the scene of an upgrade dear Soul.

You'll notice it, like a receding wave in the ocean, drawing back, taking everything with it and you have absolutely no control over the power of that wave, so you just need to jump on your surfboard and ride the incoming power of the wave that will make you FLY aka get your Extreme Self Care on as Normal and you'll be riding that wave like the next Kelly Slater (World Champion Surfer) 😉and downloading new blueprint maps about your Life Purpose like the flow of Niagara Falls 🌊

Sound helpful for you? 

Where do you need to upgrade your Self Care to help ride these waves?

What do these upgrades and ascension even do? Why is it even happening? 

💚We are returning to a Heart Centred Community on Earth (may be hard to believe or fathom right now if you are watching the news for example)
💚Our former ways of communication are coming back into the Light ie your Intuition and Psychic Awareness are NORMAL ways of communicating. Telepathy IS the normal way of communicating and is why science hasn't cracked the code for what is in outer space because it is a total different frequency 
💚However, ascension is simply meaning that we are returning to this higher frequency - hence the upgrades and holding more light in your physical body, we are physically changing
💚Meaning, your intuition is heightening and you may or may not trust it or listen to it, then kick yourself when you didn't listen to your gut again - because it's always right, right?
💚Your manifestation skills are becoming more #onpoint and #powerful
💚We are returning to our normal state of health, wellness, happiness and PEACE
💚Follow your Heart, it knows the way 💚

So many things need improving on Earth right now - wouldn't you agree?

So, when you experience these 'upgrades' and you feel like you're not sure where you're landing yet, or everything feels like it is falling apart or reality is literally dismantling itself before your eyes - let it. It might seem like you're doing ten thousand things at once and not achieving anything at all. You are very split doing two things in two different worlds - you're living in both - but you're very connected to both, almost parallel lives but you're present in both, even though you feel like you're on different ends of the spectrum in both, being pulled - but it isn't a pulled feeling - you're just... stretched, but very present with it all. Expansion, would be the word right? 

Know that you are SAFE as you connect with your HEART through this deep Expansion 💚

If you are aligned with your Heart Centred Consciousness, you cannot not, land directly into your Life Purpose. 

The question is - do you TRUST these callings of your Heart, that may indeed involve reality dismantling itself, right before your eyes? 

Do you TRUST the unknown, yet stay humbly connected to your HEART and know that by doing this - you are right where you are meant to be? 💚

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Ascension is transcending where you currently are. It is making something better, higher, lighter, brighter and your Soul is calling for you to rise to this grand occasion that is so deeply embedded in your heart, you cannot ignore it anymore. You've felt the platinum light, you've now seen the platinum skies and you can feel your body changing, your life changing and you're ready to take this by the reigns and direct your life to the light - enough of the darkness! Enough of the chaos! Enough of the ungrounded screaming fortress, freedom awaits your platinum light heart and soul. 

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P.P.S. YOU WERE BORN PSYCHIC!!! 🔮 Oh my goodness! I get so irritated when I see someone speaking about how amazing and extra-normal and fang-dangled that it is to be Psychic or Intuitive or 'have powers' or they 'just come back after disappearing!' - NO!!! 


It's learning how to harness your gift and 'why' it even goes away to begin with. It's when you are surrounded by people that don't get it, that shut you down when you share your Heart, that is deeply connected and in tune to your intuitive awareness, psychic intelligence, source, whatever you want to call it - that you then start doubting yourself!!!

It is the FIRST thing I teach my students - this is being intuitive and psychic is NORMAL! 

This is SUCH a natural state of who we ARE. 

Telepathy is NORMAL. 

Intuition is NORMAL. 

Psychic Awareness is NORMAL. 

I feel like I am here to break the myths of Psychics and the 'bad' portrayal that society has on them! 

When somebody asks you what you feel like for dinner - you tune into your gut, feel what you want, then say it? Right? BOOM - nothing fang-dangled about that! 😉 (what the hell is fang-dangled anyway 🤷‍♀️🤣)

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People that have an aversion to being psychic, or intuitive - honey - you are pushing your own intuition away from yourself! 

You are highly in tune - you know how you kick yourself when you don't listen to your gut and wished you'd listened!? 

Do you know what that does? 

Then you doubt yourself... 

Then you don't trust yourself... which turns into you not trusting other people btw 💥

Maybe you did trust yourself... or other people.... and then got 'burnt again' - so you back to doubting every good thing that comes your way and then regret it later - because you didn't trust! 

If you've ever felt:

  • like you lose who you are when you are in a relationship 
  • you doubt yourself and everyone around you, even when there are 'good signs' 
  • you stop trusting yourself because someone said something to you
  • you forget who you really are
  • you feel lost and confused 
  • you wonder what you are even doing on the planet

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