I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul 🤍

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I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul ðŸ¤

Some days... like yesterday, I find that almost every single location I visit, someone always comments on my tattoos and then somedays, no one says anything. 

Yesterday, was a day where every place I visited, someone said something. 

"I love your tattoos!" he says as he walks out the door past me in the post office, much to the elderly ladies disgust as she looked at me from what he was saying. 

"What does your number plate mean?" says a Native American descent looking man as I was filling up with petrol as he walked over admiring it, as I replied that "I am a Healer, it means Light Dark," he smiled and said, "Some people call me a Healer too, I know what Light Dark means and also a disruptor of the systems that control us." I smiled back as he walked off, "I know that one!" I said, smiling realising that I have just had another huge energetic shift. 

When I find days like this... I know I have just had a massive energetic shift...ALL the synchronistic events happen in consistent flow - complete super flow - effortlessly and yet, most of the day I was in tears... yes... definitely shifting.

When my tattoos are 'alive' - they literally are buzzing on me (Yes! A livestream on my tattoos and what they mean - coming VERY soon! Keep an eye out for it!) so much meaning to my tattoos - especially when they speak to me like this... 

So much is releasing from my system, from my energy field, and creating sooo much SPACE. I am walking through one of the hugest paradigm shifts in my entire life.

Having 3 people on my team now, rather than before July last year, doing everything in my business for the last 3 years prior... is a massive deal, huge energetic shift and it is... changing me... I am literally grounding in my dream life, no longer a dream... but a reality.. and THAT is what is birthing right now - ALL my dreams into reality. #massive

After living on the coast for nearly 18 years now and being in my old house down near Caloundra for 8 years - moving here into the Noosa Hinterland, after the journey that even led me here to begin with, if you've been following me for a bit... you would've heard me saying how much I am missing the Ocean recently. 

I was 5mins drive to the beach where I lived for 8 years... and now, it is 30-45mins decent driving. That, for this MerAngel, is a big deal. 

I want to say I have been struggling with that. However, what I realised last Moon Cycle that finished last week? It's not struggling... I am releasing... 

Is that I have been releasing that old paradigm of living on the Ocean, that is such a huge resource for me. I am releasing everything that house, that suburb, that 8 years - everything I experienced in that house with relationships, people, situations, events, the brith of my online business - the entire piece.... so many pieces. 

Being here, in the Noosa Hinterland is changing me. I have always dreamt of having my Home, in the hinterland, on acreage, with a helipad to drop me off straight into the Ocean from home when there are waves... well, that hasn't left me and is still on par. I am ALMOST there with that. 

Last Moon Cycle last week, made me realise and remember - it is 9 months, that I have been living here. 9 months is a crucial element of the healing cycle that I speak about, it is how long a woman is pregnant for and how we work with timelines on manifestation cycles that enable our reality to change. We birth new realities within 9-10 months. 

I found myself crying to sleep last night, with the huge releases that came from energetically grounding down another huge piece of living in the hinterland, releasing my old life at Caloundra prior to this.

Let alone two weeks since releasing Woochy's ashes, at our favourite beach, where we walked, almost daily that soothed my Soul and enabled me to keep going - being here in the hinterland is making me find new resources and heal the deepest wounds that kept my heart shut and operating at surface level... the hinterland has taken me DEEP. (I thought I was already deep ðŸ™ƒðŸ¤£)

The last huge cry I had last week on my Moon Cycle... I realised, I am not 'missing' the Ocean, but actually releasing all that encompassed that life that I had there. 

Of course I love the Ocean and surfing and has always been a foundation for 'why' (well, one reason!) I have built this business - to create the freedom so I can surf whenever I want...

Working with your Moon Cycle, enables you to release lifetimes of pain... from this life, and previous... to clear your Womb space to birth your new reality.

Men, also have a Womb, it is called their Sacral Chakra - and it is where your Life Purpose is gestated, to give birth to new realities through your Base Chakra. Your Base Chakra IS your Life Purpose. (If you haven't done by free Womb Ritual to help support this, comment 'womb' below and I shall get it to you).

Yesterday, I KNEW that I had shifted. With the tears, let alone the cows - did you see that on my story? 

On Wednesday the cows got out. I jumped off a Team Meeting to see ALL the cows traipsing down the driveway... I ran out across the paddock to stop them going out on the road and the Farmer came and we put them back in. They haven't got out for MONTHS. It felt significant. 

Then that night, I got to bed about 12:30am after putting in some big hours for team training videos... and was like wtf is that noise?! Even the cats and dog sat up wondering wtf... then I realised... that sound.. is the cows out again! Like ALL of them! 

**sigh** I could not go to sleep knowing they were all headed out onto the road, so I got the car and drove down the driveway slowly trying not to herd them out the gate, they were scared to cross the bridge, so I am out at 1am trying not to get bucked, crossing the bridge, running through the bush along the fence line under starlight to only JUST managing to shut the front gate because omg it was so close that they nearly got ahead of me and wtf?! At least the milky way was pristine clear and amazing... 

I knew it was significant... they hadn't got out for MONTHS and Cows - are Mother Healing. Definitely... that has been going on in this house, with deep feminine healing... softening... the vulnerability and Woochy going at this time... proves that. #huge 

Then yesterday when I got back home after Soul talks and manifestation ceremonies with my Lapis Sister, Jade, my shifting reality confirmed it even more... the cows were being taken away on the truck... what timing... and what confirmation of 'shifting out realities' because.. well, that meaning is just so deep right now. 

Amongst all these tears this last two weeks realising the paradigms I am releasing, I have felt like I haven't been doing enough. Not from a not good enough perspective, or an 'over drive masculine' - even though maybe that is there a bit, but it is a different energy. 

I felt like I haven't been doing enough in my business, haven't been turning up like I used to - but at the same time, this has been shifting. What I have been comparing it to, is how I began my business. And then how busy I became this last 4.5 years to... now have a team?

The more I hand over - the more energy is already streaming through me - the more creativity is flowing and the more I want to DO! ðŸ¤£ My drive and aliveness is back and sooo ready to ground all this creativity with sooo many ideas coming in to support you in an even greater capacity (Yes! What can be bigger than Transcendence Reality Society right?! ðŸ¤£ðŸ™ƒBut that is Reality Awareness for you!!) 

Reality Awareness and I have been going through a major transformation and this paradigm shift is deeply embedded in this. The vision I have held dear since 2006, when it was given to me in deep meditation in the month I graduated as a Master Lightworker Practitioner, well... the massive changes I have to undergo, let alone support Reality Awareness in what it is wanting to be created on the planet... #nextlevel #beyondcomprehension 

As I allow Reality Awareness to be birthed in alignment with it's Highest Vision...

As I allow myself to surrender to the vulnerability that Woochy significantly and so deeply gave me the gift of.. 

As I allow my Heart to open deeply and widely again, dropping into trust that I didn't know was there and be held by the deepest, safest Divine Masculine I've ever felt... 

As I allow the Universe to catch me and take the reigns...

As I allow my dreams to manifest into the physical reality... after years of holding that vision... 

I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul ðŸ¤

Just... like I always used to. 

And yet, this time.. 

I am surrounded by people who love and adore me... 

Who are safe to me, as I open up in my vulnerability.. 

They see me, support me, are there for me and encourage me with my out of the world, not even thought of ideas that Reality Awareness brings to the table - they are right there with me - creating, supporting and encouraging me.... 

THAT is a huge change... HUGE... vulnerability and deepest trust in the work I have done in past 5years especially - for me to open at this level of deepest trust again to know that this feeling, is what the Universe has always wanted for me - that my Soul has always known to be true and real. 

That hasn't come without walking away from everything that wasn't aligned, that would tear me down and walking away from every single thing that represented my old reality, from stopping talking to the closest people in my life to the ones I barely saw that would still rip to me to shreds. I have walked away from everything... to receive... everything. That comes with a solidarity trust in self that not many have... and... many supportive tears as I have held myself time and time again ðŸ’—

With releasing that old paradigm from my old home and what that connected to - the toxic, unsupportive relationships that would tear me down when I opened... 

THAT is a huge shift... 

And for me, needs to be acknowledged by me - which with Woochy going and this last two weeks - has been at the very forefront of my awareness - of just how much my reality has changed... and this 9 month birthing portal right now for me - is anchoring in a reality of supportive loving people, supportive people who share my vision - are helping me and Reality Awareness bring this to life, to birth this to our planet, that so needs the deepest support in Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity. 

What a gift. 

What a ride. 

What a journey. 

What a story. 

Welcome to my very normal, everyday life. 

Isn't this normal for everyone? ðŸ¤”😉

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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