🕊🕊🕊 I GOT MY WINGS BACK!!! 🕊🕊🕊

🕊🕊🕊 I GOT MY WINGS BACK!!! 🕊🕊🕊
OMG OMG OMG my life is just this one big magical unfoldment of complete divine synchronistic super flow that... is my normal and I am sooo grateful I live and create my life this way! (See what affirmations are my normal speech 😉)
What are the chances that somewhere in the middle of the Outback on the side of the road with nothing around but a long drop 🚽 are these divine Angel Wings?!?!
I had to find somewhere and turn around to go back to get this photo! #ofcourse!
Especially when I arrived at Dad's realising only then we came in on a different main road from Victoria than I thought were on! Thanks again Siri/AI!
And Yes! Someone randomly placed them there! There was even a plaque on it that says, "Some times you just have to say FUCK IT and do something silly!" AND - get this! (Check my story for the full events ðŸ¤©ðŸ¥° or see in the comments below ðŸ¤©ðŸ¥°)
On the pole of it - is also - A sticker - OF THE GIRL OF THE IMAGE OF A BLOG I WROTE IN AUGUST 2017 ABOUT LETTING GO!!!
Yes! All capitals because it is that important/significant! Read on to understand why this is sooooo significant! 
Funny thing about these Wings though....
Most of you are beginning or know my story these last few months, being off grid and the whole Lucas scenario, however, something I have barely shared with anyone is that when, the night before the morning it all turned to shit out off grid where I have just been with Lucas, well, there were good times too, but this particular night, is when, it all began to start to go downhill and perhaps when I 'should've' left, however, we kept moving through things and so I stayed and gained valuable priceless lessons for staying as long as I did.
This particular night, very early on, we were falling asleep and a vision came to me that took my breath away, made me shudder and I must've moved as Lucas asked what was that. I shared with him my vision and at the time, I didn't understand it.
I was put in a big deep ditch and my huge wings were ripped off. Malificent style. Wings like Malificent and also how they were cut off from her. However, I was placed in a big ditch and my wrists were tied up to the walls of the ditch, so I was standing/hanging there in the big deep ditch. Obviously bawling my eyes out in pain and all sorts of things.
Again, I was unaware at the time what it meant, and I 'felt like the wings of Humanity were ripped off' is what I could place it down to and voiced at the time. 
Little did I know - that was about ME!
And, many of you now know what has unfolded since then!
And of course, my Parrot dying 3 days after we arrived, after being attacked by a dog on the property - Parrot, Heart, Wing. Yes. All of that! Huge right?!
Everything began to 'go bad' after that night. I was told all sorts of things that I won't repeat and 3 days later called a black witch too with all sorts of chaos unfolding with that in itself! (which if you've been following me I have shared in previous livestreams) I guess it was my intuition with a premonition!
I began to gain my wings back out there - if you've been following me, you would've seen me post the Malificent style wings on a Woman in a pose on a photo on my story - #mood I began to gain them back, out there before I left - and yet now? They are WHITE baby! 🕊🕊🕊 Or should I say LIGHT? 🕊🕊🕊 
After 6 weeks in healing Warrnambool and driving to deep into the Red Dirt Outback Country today, my birth place - driving on a road I had never driven before with Siri Navigating and finding this?!?! Okay then! 🤩🥰
A bit like, the night I left Lucas after my intuition DID tell me to leave and that day through incredible synchronistic events, arrived at Warrnambool to driving through the town at 10:30pm on arrival directly to the huge Angel statue in town #ofcourse right?!?! Where else would my intuition take me?! 🤩🥰To Angels of course! 
You can kinda see why this is so significant of me finding this today - let alone the LETTING GO sticker on the pole too?!?! Like what are the chances?!?! 
About 100kms before we came upon this, the country really changed (was a 9 hour/832km drive today, so we saw lots of country ðŸ¤©ðŸ¥°#myheart), that with the particularly style of land and the trees - I could feel the rubber band stretching and 'snap' and was conscious of healing and supporting the conscious cutting of any last remaining threads energetically as we drive further away, it was super significant and not something I planned, but felt and helped it along. Then... 100kms later these Wings and the sticker! Sooo in awe!
But of course!
Because this sort of Magic? 
Is what I always Manifest and create my life accordingly ðŸ¤© 
Is your life, like this? 
Do you, Trust Your Intuition enough to create Manifesting Magic Super Flow - as your normal everyday life?
(Here is the link to the blog about Letting Go if you would like to see the image again - or read it to support you to let go: https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/how-do-i-let-it-go)
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘
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