I’ve been trying to be all prim and proper but then I remembered I AM prim and proper!

how to build your online business how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Mar 13, 2022

I’ve been trying to be all prim and proper but then I remembered I AM prim and proper! 

I’ve been trying to be someone I’m not - but then I remembered I AM someone I am not. 

Because I am the whole damn thing AND SOME 🔥

I can wear beautiful dresses and step into my divine goddess woman AND I can wear my bikinis all day and swear like a trooper at the same time. 

I am the homeschool mum who took herself off government support in 2019 as her company graciously sits consistently at multi-five figure months and is $300k away from $1M all time revenue from a purely Soul led Life Purpose business. 

I can speak how I like, show up how I like, be who I like and wear all the god damn hats if I want to and then learn how to let go of control and hand over the things that I no longer need to be ‘wearing the hats of’. 

I’ve been trying to be all prim and proper but then I remembered I AM prim and proper! I’ve been censoring my voice, forgetting that just speaking is healing and that whatever I say is right for me… and the world, no matter what I voice on any subject at anytime because it is ALL REALITY AWARENESS ❤️

The thing about ‘being someone you’re not’ is this piece of ALIGNMENT.

Living out of alignment for sooo long - but dreaming - constantly dreaming - obsessing even, of this whole different life other than what is right in front of you is that it is NORMAL for people like us.

But what that shows you is that something is not 100% the way you want it right is.

This AND.

Yes, gratitude here AND this desire there - NORMAL.

This ‘be grateful for what you’ve got!’ 🙄 YES AND this DESIRE - this thing that I want.

You can have BOTH. And you SHOULD have both. You CAN have both, but you have to choose it. 

That piece of alignment - when you’re dreaming of a new version of yourself and your life into being and your begin to actually step into that life, whether that be wearing the pretty dresses or something else - it is going to feel uncomfortable - not the dress! But the entirety of the being you BECOME when you ‘wear the dress’. 


Because for however many years, you’ve been wearing a cloak, you’ve been wearing a snippet of the version of who you know you want to be and become. 

You’re wearing your new life - you know, the one you’ve been dreaming of when you put that dress on for example.

When we are out of alignment with our true self, with our truth, with living who we know we are meant to BE (Throat Chakra Consciousness baby! That is going to drop in Transcendence Reality Society all this month - that - investment increases in 48hrs) 

When we are out of alignment - we not pick, we are not happy, depressed, angry, tired - all the things! 

Something you are doing isn’t working, but you continue to do the things that pull you done further and further or worse - keep you stuck - exactly where you are running that god damn negative treadmill spiral #yuck

Because you are SCARED not for what you will become - but in releasing the current identity you have found yourself in because let’s be real - you didn’t see yourself at this point you are right now! (Maybe you did) but if you’ve been living out of alignment and are in this flow of what is called Reality Awareness Life - reality is you’re waking up to an identity that has gotten you this far, that isn’t… who you know you want to be, can be or choose to be anymore. 

We love her/him still… but you’re willing to step into the uncomfortableness of a new identity that feels uncomfortable at first, but something lights you up about it because KNOW, this is who you have always meant to be. 

The one, that lights up the room when she walks in, the one who knows she is gifted and can shift humanity just by her PRESENCE. 

The One who has a solution for everything that is ‘wrong’ in this world because your gift is that of the deepest connection to Source that has all the answers and they stream through you when anybody asks you any question.

The One who knows what she is here to do, she just has to do it.

That One.


Becoming You.

Lifting the veil, releasing the mask and burning your old identity to the ground.

It’s kept you safe until now…

But safe is boring.

You’re the risk taker, the go getter, the high achiever and you’ve always know you’re born for MORE.

It’s just now… you’re ready to claim it, live it and be it, because ultimately, there is no other way. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

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