You can imagine right?!

I have been so deep in my work, internal and external, that I just kept turning up and turning up and... oh honey. 

That moment.... I asked what on Earth am I missing here and deeply turned BACK to my beyond millionaire mentor (after my reactions and left months ago), Regan Hillyer and with deep process work shift beyond measure.... I guess I was READY TO RECEIVE now! So grateful, she accepted me back and saw/sees ALL of me. Thank you Regan â¤ï¸ I was ready to really do the work - DEEPLY. I was ready to truly release my restrictive spiritual poverty vows (and so much more, gosh, so much more and face myself)... the world needs people like US with money honey! ðŸ’¥ðŸ’¸ðŸ’¥

That moment.... I received the approval that Reality Awareness is now an Approved Platinum Training Provider with IICT accrediting body and my Healing Modality of an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator was granted and approved, so that my students of Trust Your Intuition can now train and become, if they choose, a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator to step into their spiritual healing full time. #amazing #humbled

That moment.... I got really conscious of my money just several weeks ago (I didn't know I had earnt so much at that point, I was still unaware) and paid off 70% of my debt ($4.5k) in less than 6 weeks...

That moment... the strong urge of intuition to call my accountant and give her the go ahead to turn Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company. And the moments following that phone call, the urge was beyond strong immediately as I hung up the phone to drive to Centrelink LIKE NOW and remove myself from the government system INSTANTLY and with the press of the button it was DONE in an instant! DONE. GONE! Just like that - structures that have had a hold over me for such a long, long time - GONE!!! As if the urging and strong calling wasn't enough, driving to Centrelink - oh the signs! A brand new C63 pulled in front of me and 'led the way' for most of the drive! I was laughing and almost crying #omg - that is exactly the car I sat in at the start of December #ofcourse. I am very clear about what I want... just Spirit showing me all the signs. Seriously. Amazing. 

The energetic dissonance was HUGE to realise how long that energetic hold of the government system had been sitting there, yes grateful, but gosh, always wanted to be free of it and the FREEDOM OMG - that FEELING ðŸ˜It's always been a goal, to release myself from that... and now I have. Just. Like. That. 

Let alone Reality Awareness a Company now - oh, to fall into the arms of that structure, OMG - can you tell the energetic internal work I have been doing? #powerful #anothergoaldone

The moments following that release from the government system, I live-streamed in public and for the first time EVER - in all the zillion public livestreams I have done - people stand around and watched the livestream, listening for real, real time in person and then asking me for readings afterwards. Any more signs Universe?! I have never had people watch me live, let alone talk and ask for my business card in public like that after a livestream before. #signs

I had trust in the steps I was taking, yet, the Universe was right there beside me, showing me, each and every step of the way, that it had my back, and I wasn't even asking for signs. 

Let alone, waking up that morning, the day I rang my accountant and released myself from the government system, goodness, I did not know what was coming THAT morning that I woke up, but when I did wake up, I felt my Nanna, strongly around me. She passed over gosh, it must be nearly 4 years ago now, yet, I strongly feel her at times, and I did that morning. Then all that happened - to have two huge structural shifts in one day - MASSIVE and all those signs along the way. Just. Thank you Spirit.

Then late that afternoon when I got home, I was angry and pissed off as hell (more on that in a moment) and after tuning into the truth of it, I was pissed off, because I wasn't going to let someone ruin my 50 amazing things that happened that day. I was focusing on the 1 thing that 'threw' me and I got home and quickly CHOSE to shift that. 

I pulled out my journal and wrote down the incredible day that I had. And it burst me into tears as I began writing. OMG what I have just done is HUGE! Structurally, energetically, goal achievement wise and... dreams come true. To be free of that system, to solely support myself and my daughter, to turn Reality Awareness into a Company, to have my Healing Modality Approved, let alone Reality Awareness an Approved Training Provider - PLATINUM Level by the way - just in awe in such gratitude. To realise, that I had made $100k in 7 months? Gosh. Awe. Just Awe. And the 1 thing that 'tried to pull me down' that day - well out the window with focusing on that! 

In the bawling my eyes out, I strongly felt my Nanna around again and felt her presence holding me as I howled in the deep release of energetic shifts I just made and felt at a Soul core level, something that is just so deeply significant, I cannot put it into words. Huge. And then it dawned on me... when WAS her birthday?! I always used to get the dates mixed up, and so I rang Dad to ask him...... yep. Today. (The day all this happened). I hung up the phone and just stood in my kitchen in awe. And deep gratitude of course. She was deeply guiding me that day. So strongly. I love you Nanna. 

You know what they say, when you know what it feels like to make $100k - well, time doesn't exist, sooooooo....... ðŸ’¥ðŸ˜ðŸ’¸â¤ï¸

Now, this might sound all amazing, and fuck it is! I am DEEPLY celebrating this, by anchoring it in and so much more. 

I also want to share that everything that could've pulled me down - DID TRY!!!! 

That day I turned Reality Awareness into a Company I had someone out of the blue contact me and it was just arguments and I caught myself and was like wtf?! No way is this happening now and I chose to end it. I was pissed off I even LET it happen, but also CHOSE to change my FOCUS and vibration and release it pronto, because of what I chose to focus on with the choices I made that day. 

The same week this happened, I found out my cat has lymphoma cancer, a friend that I am close to, also has death on her doorstep and I am supporting her with that too, there are other things as well, and it is like this rise - but also so many things that I could choose to let pull me down, stop me and more. It isn't that I am not sad about these things, or anything else that is coming in to pull me down (trust me there has been SO MANY THINGS) but I am 'ignoring them' if you may and knowing that this RISE also allows whatever else to fall away... all whilst looking at what my cat is carrying for me (because our animals carry our emotional stuff!) and how deep that goes and have been deeply working on that at the same time. (Full details in my book!) 

I also chose to realise - that with the deep, solid internal work I have been doing - all these things seemingly happening at once, also changing the 'they are trying to pull down' to - 'whatever is not meant to be in my energetic field anymore is being cleared out'. That means things, people, events, structures and more. 

As I said on livestream today, when you step up to your Life Purpose, at ANY level - thing will try and pull you down, and only succeed if you let them. They are just releasing them from your field - are you letting them go, knowing where you are heading? Which direction are you looking in?

You truly do chose your own vibration and when you can support yourself through the grief cycle, understand that ANY change triggers this, let alone the ripple affect that goes out through your entire life when you change structures in your life and at the end of the day? 

The Universe has your back the entire time. 

ESPECIALLY when it is your Life Purpose we are talking about here. 

And you know what the beauty about that is? 

Is that your Life Purpose means EVERYTHING in your life. 

Yes, you may be called to step up and be a leader in some way, but it doesn't mean if you don't have a calling to do this, that you aren't on your Life Purpose. It isn't called LIFE purpose for no reason. LIFE - is everything. Are you giving your everything to your LIFE? To your Purpose and the Purpose of everything in your life? 

Even when those things come to try and pull you down, distract you at your most crucial pivotal energetic shifting points of your Life Purpose? To remember, they are just untangling themselves, removing themselves, from your energetic vibrational shifts?

The question is - what do you CHOOSE to focus on and continue to allow in your field? 

You know you can do BOTH? To support and let go at the same time? To continue to RISE? ðŸ”¥

Because that is, what you are best at? The powerful Healer, Leader you are? That does ALL, because... well,  energetically, you CAN? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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