I had been looking for safety in trying to find a man...

I had been looking for safety in trying to find a man... I had been looking for safety in a relationship...

I have realised this past few weeks with the HUGE shift out of my bones that I had recently... 

It dawned on me this last few days... 

Back in 2016, when I began online, I went through one of the final relationship break ups with my on and off ex of 5 years. 

After this, I felt.. lost reflecting on it. 

For the next 2 years, I jumped from relationship to relationship - which, if I looked with my wisdom eyes now - I should've been dating (that doesn't mean se. x - dating for me, is going out for dinner or other activities to get to know someone - which maybe, is normal for you, but something I have had to learn at this point in the game) however, back then, I would be 100% IN, committed, it's us, what are you talking about? Done, sorted - forever! 

And gosh, what a whirlwind, heartbreak and dissolving of myself, losing myself one could say and... just...

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You have been hearing me saying - GET READY! And people kept asking me - "But how Hannah?!?!" This, that I share here, is just one in the series to come for you


For Empaths & Healers who don't know where to start, but know they have to and those who have already started, but keep stopping and falling in a heap with the enormity of it all, let alone the backlash they receive from those closest to them.

In my deep creation mode, (that wasn't on this project!) I was guided to create this, in the middle of what I was already doing - for you - to GET READY!

I have put together my best of my best - of the the key elements that shifted me into this lifestyle you see me living now. It's how I built my online business from scratch with no paid advertising...

It's how I have never sent anyone a message saying buy my stuff... It's how you see me living like I do and grateful I got off the system when I did - and psst, it's not too late, you can too, but I...

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The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that sphere expands by your focus.

The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that spheres expands by your focus. Right now - you are choosing your timeline. But the timelines - are not really lines anymore. They are dots. However, they are more like... spheres. 

Spheres of creations. Spheres of worlds even. 

These spheres are moving at rapid pace - but they aren't even moving at all, they are in the same place - vibrating at different speeds, different rates and it is almost like you are jumping from sphere to sphere - depending on.... 

Do you know how you choose your timeline sphere, let's call them for the ease of you know how you choose it? 

Where your focus is. 

I know that sounds a no brainer - however, what I am trying to describe is challenging to describe in terms of energy. 

Where you are spending your time and energy is what you choose. 

Where you spend your time, watching and absorbing on your device, in your physical life - is what you are...

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"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!"

"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!" 

"Not with me you haven't." I replied. 

It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot... 

What does matter - is the person who is holding the space for you to transform. 

I have had many, many people over the years come to me and say that 'psychologists don't work, doctors don't work, no body, not even other healers can figure out what is wrong with me' and yet, again, it depends on the practitioner that is holding space for you to transform. 

Anybody can train to become anybody from a book/class. 

But how deep are they going within their own transformational growth journey? THAT is the key you want to be looking for. 

The best healers, guide you to connecting to your own inner health, inner wealth and inner life purpose. 

No body can do that for you.

It is like when I teach Lightfilled Yoga, I ask if there are any new people to my class and give them a disclaimer. If you don't like...

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Some days I feel like a Galactic Queen and other days I feel like I am walking through sludge

Some days I feel like a Galactic Queen and other days I feel like I am walking through sludge... and this week has been definitely one of those weeks of experience it ALL.
There has been big bouts of sludge walking, dark entities appearing and 'latching on' to many I know... and... that is because we are RISING and becoming aware of the truth of what has been playing out, not just in the world, but in our own life too.
I know for myself, seeing patterns and old ingrained, outworn belief systems turning up left right and centre for complete observation and complete obliteration by me experiencing them, seeing them, and... choosing something different aka releasing them.
Parts of me, that I haven't seen for AGES!!!
And this?
Oh, that is CROWN CHAKRA BABY!!!
We are about to start Crown Chakra on Monday 8am AEST (see more details below) - and this?
Is where the LIGHT GETS IN BABY!
That means,...
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It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It seems that so many client conversations in this last week I kept sharing the same advice - it isn't a matter of IF or HOPE - but you have to choose that it will be successful and there is no other way! 

It isn't easy stepping out of the norm and following your Heart and Soul's Passion - but when you KNOW there is no other option (well of course there is right?!) - but you CHOOSE no other option than to MAKE it work - you make it happen - NO MATTER WHAT! 

In the start and at times along the journey - usually every time you up-level:

You WILL come across naysayers that talk you out of your dreams. Walk away from them and don't share your dreams with them. 

You WILL come across people who tear you down because of the way you are living your life. Walk away from them and don't connect with them.

You WILL encounter tough times, hard situations that make you question and doubt EVERYTHING...

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I had been pushing for YEARS as that is what I thought it took.
And to be honest, to some extent in the start - 100% it takes work, constant dedicated turning up, sharing, being vulnerable, opening up, long, long hours, frustrations, set backs, heart broken pieces and so much to celebrate at the same time.
And it felt good to push and make things happen.
I have ALWAYS been and still to this day - find a way.
There is no such thing as can't.
There is no such thing as fighting the old with the old.
I just create something new.
For so long, I continued and grew into huge success in my business online and then, hit a wall...
A burn out wall...
A 'I made it, now what?' wall....
And this last 9 months has seen me in recalibration mode, finishing with 9 weeks off grid in the Realm of Faery, diving deep into my...
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Manifesting Magic - How to Build Your Online Business

IT'S HERE!!! Manifesting Magic - How to Build Your Online Business. The Physical Structures, Plus the Mindset & Energy Work Needed To Fulfil Your Soul's Destiny and Live Your Destiny
After 4 successful years, as an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor online now, transforming Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company and multiple six figures, rapidly climbing to seven figures, this is the first time I have ever offered anything like this and have been consistently getting asked these questions for quite some time now.
With Spirit tapping me on the shoulder to release to this to you as well - I share with you:
All the tips and tricks to get your work done faster
All my mistakes - so you don't have to take as long, or fumble your way through like I did!
From Creating your sales offers
To knowing what to even sell on your online intuitive entrepreneurial business
How to sell it, how to...
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SACRIFICE, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT = PURPOSE - that's what dreams are made of. Anyone who tells me otherwise is lying! 

Maybe - the word Purpose needs to be substituted for the word Dreams. I like calling them dreams. Labels are good for understanding consciousness... then the next stage in the evolution of your consciousness is releasing the labels... and then life really begins 

I realised this morning.... how long I actually hold on to things. 

Not things as such... but the hurts - that someone says to me, or makes a passing comment to me and I don't voice it in the moment (used to not voice it in the moment!) but hold onto the hurt... and it shuts me down. 

Or like a sensitive feather of my Soul, is cut at the quill. 

This past 6-9 months has been a journey into 'why' have I shut myself down so much? Why did I stop sharing my Heart? 

You may have noticed in my few recent blogs, I am opening up more and more again... sharing more of me. 

Maybe I...

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I can feel it about to drop in, not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there.

I can feel it about to drop in - not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there. This moving to the next level of expansion - has been... huge to say the least - but hey - isn't expansion huge? It's getting bigger? So... this is normal right? 

I can feel this entire trip has been about a shake up in not just routine - but breaking out of all addictions, and the final threads of the co-dependence that I chose to consciously work on back in 2018. Of course, that will always be a work in progress - but it was the end of 2017 when I consciously decided and made a choice to consciously work on it. 

Having been a single mum by choice for the last 11 years, and then 'having' to go back to the hospital I was born at the other day (which my toe is fine and began healing as soon as that piece of mulga was out!) has been the biggest recalibration I have ever received. 

I have been back to my home town many, many times before in my life, yet this...

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