The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that sphere expands by your focus.

$100k 2020 obliteration ai ancient blooded healer energy awareness reality awareness Nov 21, 2020

The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that spheres expands by your focus. Right now - you are choosing your timeline. But the timelines - are not really lines anymore. They are dots. However, they are more like... spheres. 

Spheres of creations. Spheres of worlds even. 

These spheres are moving at rapid pace - but they aren't even moving at all, they are in the same place - vibrating at different speeds, different rates and it is almost like you are jumping from sphere to sphere - depending on.... 

Do you know how you choose your timeline sphere, let's call them for the ease of you know how you choose it? 

Where your focus is. 

I know that sounds a no brainer - however, what I am trying to describe is challenging to describe in terms of energy. 

Where you are spending your time and energy is what you choose. 

Where you spend your time, watching and absorbing on your device, in your physical life - is what you are expanding energy onto and THAT expands. 

I know this may sound like a no brainer, however, the reason I am sharing this is because right now we are about to hit the 21st and you may be thinking Hannah, that isn't until December... 

However, I am getting the strong message that for the next month especially you will be experiencing rapid movement in whatever you focus on - exponential expansion and movement like no other time. The 25th December-1st January, will be a 'come home' a sense of, 'breathing out' of the energy you experience over this coming month in particular, so pay attention to what you are meant to be doing, the distractions will be at an all time high in this next month leading up to the 25th December portal. 

What does that mean in reality terms?

It means: 

  • staying clear of anything that pulls your vibration down
  • a rapid disintegration of long term, long held relationships, a complete direction change you didn't see coming 
  • a rise in the energy that you focus on, more than ever before 
  • long term, long held pain releasing from your body 
  • a sense that you have stepped into another dimension - your entire energy feels different, let alone your life
  • at the end of November, a complete life direction change will occur that you knew was going to happen, that brings a sense of relief, but may cause a grief of the change - or the celebration of a long awaited dream come true

These timeline spheres - are an essence of your creation. 

Now more than ever you are being shown aspects of your life that need tending to and almost like a big 'clean up' phase - things are being organised and shifted out ad through your body and life like never before. 

They call it the Great Awakening.. I call it the Great Clean Up! Ha! Gosh... 🙄

Whatever you have left hanging over your head - this is a big portal, where you can, at rapid speeds, clean up and shift, more than you have done to date, in a very short period of time. 

With all the rapid weather shifts and changes, and what they are about to present to the World as the answer... we all know deeper what is at play... 

And the way we move our sphere through this vortex over the coming years - IS where your focus is. 

This next month is setting the tone for the next 5 years... so focus, focus, focus and allow the rapid expansion of energy that is available to you, even though it might feel like contraction - you are BIRTHING right now. 

FOCUS... and know that you are birthing this portal, with the sphere of your choosing. 

Stay in your lane. 

Stay focused and make it happen. 

No one has control or influence over you - unless you let them. 

Your choice, your choosing. 

Sphere creation time. 

YOUR Sphere creation time. 

What are you, creating and choosing? 

Stay... focused. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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