I am getting strong messages today - so you... are needing to hear this? 

It is time to take it to the next level. And I am talking about your Business baby! 

I feel like I am repeating this message to sooo many clients and private messages right now - so what is your next level in your spiritual business and/or consciousness business work? 

Now - you also don't have to be doing the spiritual business industry for this message to apply to you! 

However, there is a strong theme in the collective here and the biggest message I am being called to share here is that the common theme with stepping up and out with your spiritually based business is: 

  • What will they think of me?
  • Who am I to do this work?
  • I don't have the correct or enough skills 
  • I'm not ready yet, I need blah blah before I can start 
  • What will my family think? 
  • I am scared of what they will say about me
  • I can't get paid for doing what I love
  • I can't charge for my spiritual work 

Okay, that is more than one theme - yet, there are so many in my field right now questioning this... 

Maybe because we are leading into a new decade (of LIGHT btw didn't ya know! ðŸ˜‰) and MANY empaths are turning their gifts and their passion into their business and by right they should be! 

ANY person on this planet has skills... yet they didn't come from not training in SOMETHING! 

And when you have done the work - the entire purpose of that - was to further your career beautiful one - to create a life you LOVE... not turn up and dread everyday right?! 

We are moving into the LIGHT - meaning it is shining light on what is no longer working and what you are dreading and you cannot not do what you love for work anymore. Anything else feels boring. And draining. And down right Soul crushing that makes you not want to be on on the planet anymore! 


You only feel that way because you are not living your full potential and it is THIS that is busting to come out of you! 



"Yeah, easier said than done Hannah!"

Yep, I know, that is why I am going to give you some golden #realityfacts right now:

  • People will always judge you #riseanyway
  • Whether you are doing good or bad in the world people will judge you #riseanyway
  • You DO have what it takes to step up and do your business NOW - or you wouldn't be reading this post as your sign AND you wouldn't have the internal nudge and calling that you HAVE to do this work, you cannot not do to this, or that internal drive would be calling you to do something else, not this. 

BIGGEST FACTOR and strong message here:

You are already qualified enough!

Meaning - if you have skills and are certified in something or are in training for something YOU ARE ALREADY QUALIFIED! You don't need to do more before you are ready. NOPE! 

You just need to START. 

A COMMON theme that is coming to me right now through what seems like a zillion messages that has led me to share this post here is that - whatever you have knowledge in - must be shared! Don't wait until.... start now. 


Because - you already have certain skills, right? 

And - you are getting the nudge to take it up a notch in whatever way shape or form, yes? 

I will GUARANTEE you - you will learn more skills by USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE! 

What do I mean by this? 

Is that if you are awaiting your next step to magically appear - if you are waiting for your Life Purpose aha moment of 'oh my, THAT is my life purpose Hannah! I get it! This is it!' 

I have some bad news for you - it AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN! 

Well, anything is possible.. however... 

The thing about Life purpose - is that YOU GAIN MORE SKILLS BY DOING WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW! 

It is like learning to drive a car by reading a book... you don't really know how to drive the car until you DRIVE THE CAR. 

Or... like teaching yoga. You don't really understand or know what yoga is let alone how to teach it UNTIL YOU TEACH IT. You can take all the classes and train to be a teacher - but until you teach your very first class - you really don't know how to teach! 

The same goes for your current calling. 

You ALREADY HAVE SOME SORT OF SKILLS. RIGHT NOW - you don't need to take another course TO BE BETTER - you need to do what your current skill set is calling you to do. 


Because.... the past 18months of me never going a day without a client on WhatsApp (usually several at a time most of the time) - is HOW my skill set has amplified a ZILLION times more than what they have ever been. 


Because as I am sitting here intuitively sharing the messages coming through from what you've told me - MORE intuition is coming through on how to help you, as that is what it means to be an Intuitive Healer and Guide.... but if I am not using my skills to help someone through my clients or students in training - more information has no need to come through. 

The past 18 months I have created some of the most incredible meditations and powerful trainings that simply would not have happened if I wasn't stepping up to teach with what I already knew. 

And for that - I am forever grateful! 

Of course - there is a time and place to LEARN NEW SKILLS! Over these years I have never been without a mentor. At several times, I have had 3 mentors at once. I am always learning, always being guided but I am also putting my current skills to use!

So, if you're wondering about what your next step is but you think you need to wait until you have more training or this set up first, and you already have skills, or that you need to do this other thing first - is only DELAYING your calling! Especially if you have found yourself here today reading this! 


You already have enough skills on board CURRENTLY - to start sharing your message. 

Now - there are two things here, I have spoken about 'next steps' and 'Why you are scared in stepping up in your business' AND 'How to combat the negative reactions of people when you start sharing your message' aka like family telling your stop doing this psychic shit - trust me, I've been there and have a lot of #realitybreakers to help suport you in continuing (and starting) to share your message.

If you want these two youtube/livestreams to watch, send me a message and I will send you the link as one of them is something I ONLY share with my students and clients, so for whatever reason I am being guided to share it with you if you send me a message. 


You already have enough on board right now to START. 

Thinking you don't is plain sabotage and delaying your Life Purpose and the messages that are awaiting you to start doing it so MORE can flow through you. #nownottomororw

Your Life Purpose is an unfoldment of TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION with the NOW messages - not waiting for some big revelation to 'land in your lap'. 

I didn't become The Life Purpose Queen by sitting around and waiting for the divine message to drop in. 


I was busy livestreaming and  blogging everyday sharing the intuitive message that was coming through THAT DAY to support you to rise NOW. 

Just like this one. 

It wasn't until after 18 months of blogging and livestreaming EVERY SINGLE DAY - that The Life Purpose Queen dropped in with a feeling that ran through my body and divine download that I will always remember that feeling until I go to the other side.

Your Life Purpose is an Evolution of everything you do today and all of your tomorrows.

The other message here with all of this 'stepping up' is: 


You reach a point in your Life Purpose unfolding in your life, where you reach that point of a sense of 'pointlessness' and somewhat exhaustion or a feeling of 'there's MORE' - when you find yourself trying to explain every word that comes out of your mouth with people you currently surround yourself with because they simply don't get it.

Or look at you like you're crazy (or tell you you are!) - because - you're DEEP you have a GIFT and your message is MEANT FOR THOSE READY TO HEAR YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND SHIFT WITH YOU! ðŸ”¥ðŸ‘‘

People won't wake up by being told what to do. Stop wasting your time with them. 

People won't wake up by you continuing to explaining yourself to them. Stop wasting your time with them. 

People won't wake up by you continuing to hang around and waiting for them to wake up. Stop wasting your time with them. 

If you go to sleep at night feeling unfulfilled, questioning everything your doing and somewhat exhausted yet at the same time feeling like there is MORE or something ELSE - it is because your Soul is READY FOR NEXT LEVEL and you're SHIFTING TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL. 

Remember - the recalibration happens, because you've reached a certain point in your evolution where EVERYTHING is shifting for you because you ARE READY. Not tomorrow - not in 6 months - but NOW. 

There are people out there WAITING FOR YOUR MESSAGE! Your Soul tribe is waiting for you to step up so you can lead them to step up and thus we CHANGE THE WORLD ðŸ•ŠðŸŒâ¤ï¸

Your Soul tribe are waiting for you to STEP UP and SHARE YOUR MESSAGE! (Yes, there is an art to having a Soulful following and growing your business organically that which I teach deeply in the Life Purpose Mentorship)

I began live streaming and blogging everyday because I KNEW there were MORE people that NEEDED to hear my message and I have created my following online by FOCUSING ON THESE PEOPLE. 

Not the people I had to keep explaining myself to. 

Not the people who were bitching behind my back and bagging me out because I was creating a new form of yoga that was DIFFERENT to the norm and it was 'wrong' to them... and now so many teach Chakra Yoga. Funny huh? 

So I found my VOICE ONLINE because there were people ready to hear my level of consciousness and RISE WITH ME ðŸ”¥ðŸ‘‘

Not the people who called me crazy. 

Not the people told me to stop and get a normal job. 

I blocked them out and turned up everyday and here I am. 

If you're feeling like you have no one around you who get's it, start sharing your voice, your deep Soul purpose out of this world ideas - with those that get it. 

And if your mind starts wandering to - well, there are many people doing what I am being called to do and it might be deemed as copying them. 

And I ask you, do you like Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay?

They... 'teach the same thing' - but I BET you have a preference for one of them over the other for one reason or another right? 

You can walk into a book store and see 10 or more books on the same topic - recipes for example and there are 50 ways or more to cook a Lamb Roast. 

Does it mean it is wrong? 


But what it does mean, is there is nearly 8 BILLION people on the planet so, those 50 ways to cook and serve a lamb roast - ARE NEEDED! 

And so is YOUR MESSAGE. 

Are you receiving this now? ðŸ’•



BECAUSE YOUR TRIBE NEEDS YOU! And so does the planet! ðŸ˜‰

Now! Go and share your message because THAT (with consistency) is how you find your Soul tribe.


The question is, are you listening? 

Send me a message if you'd like the link to the two videos that can help you overcome the fear of stepping up... and now. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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