There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time.

cellular healing energetic upgrades life purpose life purpose mentorship Mar 31, 2019

There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time. It has felt empty, but it actually isn't that either. Something has deeply changed, and nothing has the same meaning anymore. 

That... space.. in between the in breath.... and the out breath.... 

There has been intense months of deeply recoding my cellular structure, deep down core DNA shifts and changes, solid years of internal work and this past year of recoding at a cellular level in ways that I have never done before - right now? It feels like it has hit physical reality. 

Changing my food intake this past month, my cells, my physiological and my bio-chemical way of processing has changed. 

I have not had ANY processed foods, no sugar, no carbs and about 1% vegetables, no supplements for this past month (moving into week 5 now). I have taken herbs consistently to kill parasites and pathogens... within 3 days I noticed HUGE changes, within 10 days, it was like a miracle pill... my body was THRIVING on finally getting the nourishment it has needed after 15 years of fucking around with vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan and of course back to 'normal' foods during that time, my head was telling me all sorts of things, but I wasn't listening to my bodies deep cravings and desires - to be solid, stable and grounded. 

This past week, as I move into week 5, I feel different. It is empty - but deeply not empty. What that feeling is, is stable. My mood swings have gone, I don't cry at the drop of a hat anymore, I am stronger physically, emotionally and life is stabilising to reflect my deep body changes. 

During the initial 2 weeks, the parasites that passed out and the pathogens that were killed, it was so interesting what and who also left my life. I removed myself from government systems in turning my business from sole trader to company, other people and structures that have been 'supporting' me for more than 10 years, disappeared. As immediate as cutting a piece of string. Gone. The threads of the old webs, completely shifted. 

I had to be ready to do this though. I had an opportunity to do so mid last year and I wasn't ready. I did everything to go 'against' it, but it was never really 'against' it, for we never make a wrong choice.. but where those 'against' it choices led, was a death to my Soul for me. Yet - what this did - was make me SUPER WILLING TO CHANGE. 

I have been journalling consistently since 2016 when I began my online journey and writing my reality into existence. Mid last year, I had glimpses of this - I had been writing so consistently (remember, I always say the hardest thing to do, is write and journal when it is not yet your reality) - some would've said I am not living in reality with the things I was journalling about back in 2016, yet - to create a new reality - how can you be in this one? 

I have since discovered it is a delicate balance, of course. Yet, the key that I learnt, that if we don't do it consistently, nothing is going to change. For consistent years, I have been solid in changing my mindset. Taking courses, following mentors online, mindset, mindset, mindset, deep internal work to match it. ALL THE DAMN WAY. 

Has it been easy? FUCK NO. 

Has it been worth it? FUCK YES. 

To wake up to more money in my account consistently, to receive income every single day, even on Sundays, to be able to not worry about if I have enough money in my bank account to buy a coffee or to even just know that I always have money in my bank account - is a huge shift to where I began and was. 

How did this occur? 

Because back then, I consistently would journal, I always have money in my bank account. I always have more than I need. I always have money to do what I need to do and more. I always have money left over. 

Was that true back then? 


Did I know it was only a matter of time, before focusing on this new way, became reality? 

100% yes. 

Would I have been able to do it without support from mentors in all different fields helping me shift my blocks and change my reality? No. I would've given up. 

You see there is a difference with someone who knows that life can be different and who will do anything to create that so. 

Overnight success, does not happen overnight. It comes from years of dedicated, committed, solid focus, and this comes from deep down knowing that you are supposed to live a life than the one you've 'been dealt' to this moment in time. 

Nothing will change until you do. 

And it is harder when you don't have people around you who don't share your vision, who don't understand what you are doing. 

In the start, people thought I was crazy. (actually, I think they still do!) They told me to get a normal job, they told me to put my daughter in school and stop this stupid psychic shit. They told me to do everything, but what I was doing. No one understood my vision, except me. I had to block everyone's opinions out and keep going. Did that hurt? Yes. Did I doubt myself? At times, yes. Yet, that internal pull has always been strong and I won't stop until it's done. Yet, that just keep's evolving and gaining more information about what to do, it is just what I do, it will never stop. It is a way of life, a way of being. 

I get to work with people, who love and adore me and I love and adore them. I get to be surrounded by people who support my vision. I get to create the life I really want to live. I get to pick and choose what I want to do, when I want to do it. I get to create whatever I want to do in my work and I get to truly be supported in everything I desire. 


Because I have co-created my life to be so. 

I have learnt, that even as time has gone on, people still don't understand, and that is okay, I'm not expecting them to, yet, I have noticed, the telling me what to do and how to do my job, my life, my work has ceased. They can swallow their own words. And what I have deeply learnt to understand is that people like that, just don't know how to explain it to others either, so they feel embarrassed when people ask them and they don't know what to say either. That is why I call myself a Healer. Because people kinda understand that. 

How can you explain something that can't be explained?

How can you explain something that isn't supposed to be understood, but felt, with the Heart?  

This past week, has been a recalibration of the highest order. 

For years, I have done internal work. I have meditated, made changes and more. Yet, my physical body was suffering. Why? I wasn't listening to core desires and Soul longings to be reconnected back with the Earth of our Ancestors. I was listening to the bouts of Religion and ways of eating that has thread from here. 

I am not religious. Never have been. 

I am from an Ancient Blood Line. I was born in the red dirt outback in the middle of no where - I came deep from the Heart of Australia and have the bush in my blood. It is here I reconnect back and place my feet on the bare Earth, and connect back to what my body, mind and Soul has called to me all along. 

This past month of not eating processed foods, sugar, barely any vegetables, no fruit (except lemons), no carbs, nothing but deep core healing foods, my body has changed. My bio-chemistry has changed. 

No more highs and lows. My blood sugar levels have stabilised and my body is healing rapidly. 

I don't feel knocked over by the energies of the Moon, the Solar Flares or other people. 

I have taken my power back and all the mindset work that I have been doing for years - now has a solid 'place to land' - because my physical body can handle the energy I have been mindsetting (yes, created a word) working placing into my field. 

I feel grounded, present and deeply here. 

What has this changed? 

My ability to receive. 

My cells of my blood, can now receive the energy of the land, of the Solar Flares, of the planets in retrograde and more, because they have stabilised - they can transform this energy into the highest passion and order to fulfil my life's mission, without being knocked or affected by those around me. 

My cells, have been recoding. My mindset work has been pouring this into my body and now, with my food changes and removing 'fake' foods and instable foods from my food intake - I can now stabilise everything I need to - energy and physical reality. I can receive it. 

I can listen more deeply, I can sense more. 

I always say to people, want to hear your intuition more clearly - get grounded in your body. 

There is only so much knowledge our head can take - and be ungrounded in it. Talk it, but not walk it. 

But when we can receive the knowledge into every cell of our body? When our Soul is housed in our complete body, all the way down to our feet and toes? Now, that is some power to be reckoned with. 

You can feel these people around you. When someone is grounded and when they are not. When they have shifts going on that are taking them deeper and when they are just not there. 

You can sense when you are present, grounded and here and when you are up and down like a yoyo, can't stop talking, because you are afraid of silence and what receiving that actually means for you, let alone receiving in general. 

I can say this, because i used to be that. Ungrounded and in my head and my body screaming out for change, but my mindset so stuck on 'spiritual' ways of eating and religion infiltrating my system without me even realising it. 

I am a Shaman of Our Earth, I am here, reconnecting back with Her. 

I am recoding my cellular level to align back to her, for a departed ways some time ago and didn't want to stay here anymore. Until I realised, how much I had left the very place I came to be in the first place. 

The true nature. 

The silence. 

That space in between the in breath..... and the out breath... 

That place, that connects us all. 

This 'emptiness' that isn't actually that, but a place of deep fullness that I haven't felt before, since, I don't remember when, that removing sugar from my body and consistently eating of it for my entire life (gosh especially as a kid and teenager and young adult! Ah, yep, my entire life!), something has deeply changed and stabilised more than I could've ever imagined. 

Life is very different now. 

My cells and bio-chemistry has changed and I am grateful for no more ups and downs. I am grateful for this feeling of fullness, of complete nourishment at a cellular level that is rippling out and affecting my entire reality. 

The people who reflected that emptiness in my life - have gone. 

And what is rippling out of my body - remember the vibrations we emit - are what the Universe is signalling and picking up and hence reflecting back to us in our reality - has now changed. 'Manifestation doesn't work' just means, you haven't gone inside deep enough for the core change, that's all beautiful one. 

The fullness, the completeness of reflecting of the nourishment in my cells, in my heart, in my body and in my mind, have changed. 

Judgements have ceased. The need to tell others right or wrong or think because they aren't vegan they are wrong and hurting the Earth. Nope. 

Our Earth is alive, well and deeply nourished.. and awaiting our return in body, mind and spirit to recode and align our cellular being, back to our true nature. 

The Ancient Blooded Healers have returned. 

The Shamans have returned. 

It is safe for us to RISE. 

And RISE are we. 


For years, something was missing, something wasn't 100% working and now I have aligned my physical body with that I had been trying to do only with my mind, for years and years - the rapid manifestations, the rapid shifts, changes and cellular recoding is instantly manifesting. 

It is like the Universe was awaiting this last significant key - to BE in reality of our 3D Earth and reality that we have chosen to incarnate in, to fully align my body, as well as my heart and mind... with consistent, dedicated commitment. 

Now, the Universe, is reflecting that back to me. 

The ripple affect is real. 

Yet, it doesn't change, until you change on all the layers of recoding and cellular embodiment, until you make the changes to align it. 

There is no amount of meditating alone that will change it. We have a Soul and a physical body for a reason - it is a co-creation. 

This magical thing called life. 

We can't just change physical without the inner changes as well. 

It is both. 

This duality reality. 

When we deeply grasp and 'feel' what cannot be analysed and understood with the mind, you've mastered the key of being, of the reason you are here. 

This - is your ability to RECEIVE. 

Can you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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