Understanding Your Energy

Understanding Your Energy

If you understand and activate this concept I am about to share with you, you will start to become highly intuitive, psychic and clear in what your inner guidance is showing you/telling you/guiding you. 

This may seem simple, this may seem like a no brainer, it might seem like it doesn't do much at first, yet when this powerful concept flowed through me whilst I was teaching a Lightfilled Yoga class back in 2014, it has become the cornerstone and backbone of every teaching since. 


What does that even mean? 

In short, it means occupying space. When applied to 'Your Spatial Awareness' - this is where we really amp up your intuition, psychic abilities and your deep awareness of self. 

Your Spatial Awareness is the area and space around you. One may call it their Aura, but I am going to take it a step further. There are many layers to your Aura, but there is more than just the bubble around you. 

Understanding your Spatial Awareness, of course, this is limitless, just like any other concept - how far down the rabbit hole would you like to go today? 🐇

Yet, let me keep it simple and this powerful starting point - if you work this baby, you'll be a different person and come into such clarity you will never look back. 

You have the front of your body, your chest, your stomach, the front of your legs - this area is the front of your Spatial Awareness, what I like to call your North. 

The right of you, the right side of your body, is your East. 

The back of you, the back of your head, the back of your body, the back of your legs, is your back Spatial Awareness, what I like to call your South. 

The left side of you, is your West - the left side of your body, the space the emanates out of you - your West Spatial Awareness. 

The below, in the Earth beneath you, the below Space, that connects to your Earth Star in the ground, grounding you. 

The above, the above your head, connecting to your Soul Star and beyond, the above space. 

These Six Directions not only anchor you and activate your Internal Compass (if you don't have my free Internal Compass Chakra Clearing & the Recalibrating Your Internal Compass Activations/Meditations - click here for these free gifts to send you to your next level: https://www.realityawareness.com/essentials-free-meditation-pack) these also act as a precursor to clear, accurate and on point psychic abilities. 

Of course, it is about clearing your energy daily, if not more - constantly if need be. 

Yet, I am talking about another level/layer here - this is your next level. 

Your Spatial Awareness is your key to honing your intuition - what is in your Aura, your Spatial Awareness? 

Check - what is in front of you? Next to you? Behind you? Above you? Below you? 

Who is in your space? 

How big is your Spatial Awareness? 

How small is it? 

How close or far away from your body is it? 

Your awareness of this - not only begins to strengthen it, that then you can sense more energy, know who is in your field and become aware when someone enters it that shouldn't be there, but you also gain a deeper understanding of yourself. 

You begin to become aware of what emotions you are feeling change this energy field around you. 

Does your current emotion and thought pattern, expand and amplify your energy? Or decrease and shrink it? 

Does what you just ate or drank, lighten it? Or make it heavy and dense? 

What about your physical body? How does your Spatial Awareness and what is in it, affect your physical body? Or vice versa? 

Play around with this. And of course clear it too! In my free meditation pack that I mentioned above, there are training videos that even take this deeper. 

There are many layers to trusting your intuition, becoming super intuitive and clear, but this is just a simple start and what may seem like not much to you - imagine doing this every day, imagine what clarity you will have with your energy if you continue to make this your normal. 

Energy Awareness is key. And being aware of your Spatial Awareness can save you from overwhelm and anxiety, it can change your entire day and of course, it makes you more responsible for not only your own energy - but also what you are contributing to Humanity and those around you on a daily basis. 

And that, is how we change the world. With Self first 🕊❤️🌏

So, how is, your Spatial Awareness today?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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