"We are 'awakening into the new dawning era' - with Feminine feeling safe and bringing the Masculine into (balance) and 7 is not a balanced number! 3 is not a balanced number. The consciousness of Humanity will shift when we step out of the triples and the 7's of the chakras and move into Sacred 4 and Divine 8 - infinity flow. If you can feel the depths of what I just wrote in this paragraph - you shift Humanity with your realisation of this alone 🔥" 

YESTERDAY I SAT ON THE SAND and it was calm. Peaceful. The wind, had ceased. 

The chaotic movements seemed to have gone. 

The more stable, grounded pieces were all that has been left. 

And what an analogy for what I have been feeling lately. Well, this past 6-8 months - has felt like a whirlwind of change. If I could put it into words, it would feel like: 

  • restructuring 
  • complete reality shifts - new realities being walked into - which means a darn lot of old structures, including relationships, falling right away as the new ones are created/let in
  • a deep dark hole that I am finally moving into more and more light about (the birth canal baby! A whole 8 months of it!)

But this hasn't been a 'bad' hole, just... a huge change. 

I see now, why Spirit 'hasn't let me move house yet' - because, I have needed a solid base to 'fall into'. 

On the house thing, I have lived here for 8 years this Christmas. I realised that this is the longest time I have ever lived anywhere, including almost all of my childhood homes. I think the last one, when I left when I was 18, I had been there for 9 years... when I left home when I was 18, I moved house frequently, 2 years being the max I had stayed ANYWHERE. 

I realised staying put here (not by 'choice' - but what I now see as divinely guided) has been a blessing. 

I have broken through so many patterns, by staying put - in my 'Base Chakra'. Home deeply connected Base Chakra, which is also finances, sexuality, life purpose, feeling safe and secure and trust. 

All my life I have craved stability and safety without even knowing it and this home, even though it is old and I have wanted to move into a nicer, newer place so many times - every time my lease has come up, yet Spirit has made me stay here. 

In this 8 years, I have seen so much. And so has this house, taken me through so much change. And yet, the stability that I have craved - has been here all along. 

House/Stability/Feeling Safe - very masculine traits - feeling supported - and this, I now see is what Spirit has made me work with. 

Feeling safe with the Masculine. Because for... all my life, I haven't felt safe with the Masculine. And hence, been in fight or flight mode, quick to anger and fought back at the drop of a hat - because I haven't felt safe with the masculine. That is 'outside' masculine and also, what that represents within me. And within me, is where that internal 'unrest' or 'rest' the fight or flight is either on and attracting from fear hence attracting situations to make me fear or.... to work with feeling safe with the masculine, including within me (well it is all within, but you know what I mean!) and thus, attracting and creating a whole new world from that. 

I know that my inner instability is what has been attracting men, who are not committed, not willing to step up, are insecure and they have only been - reflecting my inner world. Hence me solidly working on this since the commitment to myself to release my co-dependency patterns, shifting my internal world, to shift my external world on such a deep level. 

I know that since choosing to release my co-dependency patterns, that it has now been almost 2 years since making that decision and what Spirit/My Intuition has led me to and through since then, phew, what a journey. 

I even got entangled again and those were the tipping points to then reach the point where I say no, over saying yes. I have been asked out on many dates, people wanting to get to know me and the old Hannah would've jumped at the chance. Yet, I have been through too much this past 2 years especially let alone the previous 8 and beyond, where I have reached a point where I value myself enough, to know when I am ready to date again, even to say yes then say no right away because I realise where I am at. I will intuitively know when that pull and call is there. Right now, I am committed to myself to reach that certain point where I can safely open again, knowing that I am there for me 100% and stay connected to that throughout all. I know what I am waiting for and I will know when that shows up in my reality too.

And this becoming safe with the Masculine within - has been huge. 

And yet, it is being reflected in the collective #ofcourse. 

The 'Feminine Rising' - isn't actually this. It is the Patriarchal control releasing from the grips of the collective consciousness... and the Feminine.... feeling safe with the masculine. Aka - me stepping out of my co-dependency fearful patterns... to finally feel safe to..... be who I am, be present with me, be totally accepting of myself.. thus... attracting others who do to, rather than want to control me. 

It is safe for me to be all of who I am, because in the past, my co-dependency patterns showed me, that I was not okay/feeling safe to be all of me. I had to operate from patterns and roles that were my survival patterns, but I have not needed these anymore and as these have been stripped from my consciousness and my energy field - a whole new reality has been being born this entire year that has been, somewhat a very vulnerable journey. 

Women who hold a more dominant masculine persona, are not needing to be this anymore. I feel that 'we've needed this/the collective has needed this from these women to 'make the tipping point happen' and it has... and now we can release this and step into feeling safe to BE - rather than BE the Masculine drive anymore. 

We can return to Balance, thus, the collective return to Balance too.  

I sat on the Sand, and the wind had ceased (it has been so windy recently) and the calm after the wind storm (so to speak), spoke to my Soul.  

I walked down to the water, feeling the warming rays heat my skin as I shiver with the feeling of the rising warmth from those rays, as summer dawns. It makes me take a deeper breath as I receive the warmth of the masculine sun rays through my skin and Soul. Feeling safer, with every step I take. 

I began hearing so much, it was calm, the wind, so gentle, the warmth of the sun - I could hear that. The sound of the gentle waves - so loud but calm. And then I realised, the Ear Chakra Consciousness had begun and THAT is what I was hearing. 

Our dear Ears. 

The deepest Feminine there is. 

The opening. 

The receiving. 

The Magenta Pink. 

The Balance. (You have two Ears!)

We have stepped out of Third Eye Chakra Consciousness. I have completed filming it. 

And now - I am beginning Ear Chakra Consciousness. 

If you follow me, Reality Awareness and anything I do - you're on this Chakra Awakening Journey that is Awakening The Consciousness of Humanity. I was even shown the other day the effects of this on the planet, with someone talking about the Magenta Rays and I was like - ha, yep, because we have just stepped into Ear Chakras! 

For me - working with the Chakras coming down, is so important. People talk about going up - yes, we have for so many eons. From the base up. Yet, we need to be grounded in our body and the 7 chakras - is old consciousness. 

We are 'awakening into the new dawning era' - with Feminine feeling safe and bringing the Masculine into (balance) and 7 is not a balanced number! 3 is not a balanced number. The consciousness of Humanity will shift when we step out of the triples and the 7's of the chakras and move into Sacred 4 and Divine 8 - infinity flow. If you can feel the depths of what I just wrote in this paragraph - you shift Humanity with your realisation of this alone 🔥 

8 is! And it is the dawning of the Sacred 4 - 2 x 4 = 8 baby. 

So much here. For another post. 

Yet, I am trusting what I am being called to do and the Ear Chakra Consciousness has arrived. 

  • Balance
  • Opening
  • Receiving
  • Magenta Pink
  • Feminine 
  • Gentleness
  • Trust
  • Ears, Heart and Base DEEPLY interconnected
  • Hearing, Listening (you have two ears and one mouth for a reason, talk less, listen more - including to yourself) just to name a few

I am deeply walking forward with such trust. Such, peace, such, openness. As the Divine Ears, open for Humanity, this is a time of dawning change. Can you feel it? Can you....hear it? Can you feel how deep that hearing goes?

I can. Let's all talk less and listen more... and watch humanity shift in the deep connection that one feels from this - (Ears - listen - Heart - feels - Base - feels safe - the Sacred 8 has been engaged) Huge right? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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