Your Demons are really the cloak to your own Brilliance

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Your Demons are really the cloak to your own Brilliance

Demons live in the Throat Chakra - why? (This isn't called Shadow work for no reason! 😉)

Because they are the parts of you that swallow your own truth instead of listening to your own HEART (aka intuition) - the truth that connects us all.

At the Throat - because they (all these parts of you) stop you trusting your heart.

They stop you listening to your heart.

You swallow your own voice when you want to say something and stop - because you don't want to upset that person - because you don't want to be rejected - but you are rejecting your own SOUL.

This causes disconnection in the world and your life, feelings of not being good enough, abandonment - 'they did this to me and more', stem from you listening to your own demons.

They become 'demons' because you are trying to hold down so many feelings that want to come out - so you cover the pain and 'help' hold down this pain in your heart by turning to addictions - whatever they are for you - and get called 'demons' - let alone #exhausting

Yet, these are behaviours simply stemming from a distrust within yourself - a distrust of your own Heart's power, a distrust of LOVE.

Imagine if you saw your demons every time you swallowed what you really felt in your Heart to say or take action on...

And imagine if you saw straight through your demons to the light and the truth - that it is your own heart that wants to voice how it is really feeling - your heart, wants what your heart wants. 

When you listen to these 'demons' they are 'dark' aren't they?

They are black energy, heavy energy and more...

They are the Shadows...They are simply unconsciousness. 

They are are awaiting you to look straight through their eyes and into the Brilliance of their Heart - that they too have a Heart - no matter how dark - they still have a light, a Heart in the depths there - you just have to look for it.

And when you do? The light shines so bright, the darkness disappears.

And what does that do?

Its shines light on the part of you that is just crying out to be accepted, loved, listened to, heard and reclaimed. To return to all of you, to wholeness, to return back to oneness, to love, and stop living in separation.

You see, they are just covering a part of YOU.

You are them, and they are YOU.

There is no separation.

Demons are just covering a part of you that you have rejected somewhere along the lines, because 'Oh, I don't want to be like that person, can't believe they are doing that!' - rejecting a part of you.

You judge it - you reject it.

But when you see the brilliance hidden in the darkness?

It allows the light to travel THROUGH your Throat, down into your HEART - you HEAR - T - ROUGH = THROUGH to your HEAR+T - HEART. 

That gives your Heart space to BREATHE.

To allow the river to flow again, rather than being stagnated with darkness.

It allows Heart consciousness to rise into your brain and be the forefront, because it isn't cut off at the throat by swallowing others truth and your own voice and being shut down consistently with the strong ego that has been given all the power because it is trapped in the head and not allowed to pass into the body.

It allows forgiveness (Heart) to rise to the situation.

Because when you see that part as you - you really want to keep hating on it? When that is you? Hating on you?

Didn't think so.

It's about awakening to you.

You are the Universe and the Universe is you right?

So how can 'that person' be separate from you?

Physical symptoms arise because we are not grounded in our body. It is a wake up to what we are ignoring.

Be mindful your pet will take on your stuff too, if you aren't paying attention and your pet is ill, they are showing you what you are not dealing with in your body too. Work on it in yourself and it will shift in your pet.

Physical symptoms come too, when we shift to the next level of vibration in our spiritual evolution, shifting out what no longer is required, so that our Soul can house in our physical body, be present and connected to authenticity in all relationships, whilst being connected to Source, our Higher Self is at the forefront of our being.

Your Demons, are just parts of you. And when you start seeing their brilliance hidden in the cloak of darkness and instant integration occurs, when you see straight through them - INto YOU, you shift INto your body.

So anything that is not in alignment with this Brilliance of #nextlevel vibration - is being pushed out of your body.

Just darkness, just unconsciousness, screaming out to be heard, to be awakened to.



This isn't just about 'knowing' oneness in your head, but feeling it and living it in every single ounce of your being - not in your head but in your entire body, so does your heart expand into the oneness that you are.

Feeling that every encounter is Spirit speaking to you in some way shape or form and something to learn from to integrate.

Not on a - "Oh I better go and meditate now because this happened and I better fix this."


Pure, complete instantaneous Integration comes from pure Heart space connection, complete oneness mind and Heart FEELING it, LIVING it in your everyday life.

It comes from not only knowing, but feeling within your core the depth of the thread that connects us all and how, what, where and why it reflects to you like it does and that immediate shift - just by pure awareness and heart space - not thinking this is wrong and I need to meditate before I can be at peace with this.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

But pure Heart level IN BODY consciousness, not disconnected and cut off at the throat allows for a steady stream of consciousness as your BEING.

Not something you just practise when you’re on your mat.

But something that is LIVED through everyday and every night breathe beating vibrating cells of the deepest connection possible and beyond... complete Integration is this connection - there is no separation at any time of day or night.

When you are in this place, when you live it - that there is no separation - you shift into the 5th dimension consciousness aka HEART. 

Pure heart. Pure love. Pure CONNECTION.

Of body, mind and spirit.

Not just every now and again of a little bit of peace and bliss - but in every single breathe and interaction you take and have.

Feeling every single human emotion from yourself and others and the planet and beyond all at once. Knowing it’s all yours and all not at the same time.

That we exist to be present with all that is in every moment.

To remember that nothing is good or bad or right or wrong.

But all just is.

And all in this present all that was and all that ever is is simply just LOVE.

Pure, ultimate LOVE.

When you can truly love your demons to death, they are given the freedom just like you seek - to return to LOVE, to be free and return back to the one and only truth - Love.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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