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I had been pushing for YEARS as that is what I thought it took.
And to be honest, to some extent in the start - 100% it takes work, constant dedicated turning up, sharing, being vulnerable, opening up, long, long hours, frustrations, set backs, heart broken pieces and so much to celebrate at the same time.
And it felt good to push and make things happen.
I have ALWAYS been and still to this day - find a way.
There is no such thing as can't.
There is no such thing as fighting the old with the old.
I just create something new.
For so long, I continued and grew into huge success in my business online and then, hit a wall...
A burn out wall...
A 'I made it, now what?' wall....
And this last 9 months has seen me in recalibration mode, finishing with 9 weeks off grid in the Realm of Faery, diving deep into my subconscious, clearing out and reconfiguring some of the darkest secrets and energetics that have been buried there for EONS.
This past 4 weeks in this beautiful heart warming, open fire filled places of this air bnb in Warrnambool, has been a huge reset and coming back to reality and life out of the Realm of Faery.
In the era of King Arthur, the Priestesses took the King to the Mists of Avalon and then beyond the Mists of Avalon to the Realm of Faery - but these realms would not open to just anyone. There had to be a strong reason of your divine mission that the Fae would even appear let alone open the veils to this Realm.
Out in Country Victoria, I was blessed to be in such a place, that took the past life memories to this realm - for nothing is past, present or future - all realities and all dimensions exist in the now and it is here - that the Fae appeared to me, more than once out there, the Trees - alive and speaking to me constantly, including hearing a massive branch creak, snap and fall to the ground, when it was time to leave after 9 weeks out there.
Being here at Warrnambool, with the huge great southern ocean swell, the extreme cold temperatures (well cold for me having spent 16 years in the subtropics where sleeping temperatures are daytime temperatures here!) and the Whales breeding ground, it feels like back home, for the Whales, visit often on the Sunshine Coast there too.
I have grieved to the depths beyond anything ever before in this place here by the fire more times than I can count and it has been a deep grief of
I thought I had a plan, I thought I had a mission, I thought I had a purpose, I thought I had - everything planned out.
And this entire past 9 weeks, let alone past 9 months - has been... well, have I? What.. how... really? What for?
And yet, now... about 10 days ago - the deepest surrender cry hit home... and I dropped, and dropped deeper, and deeper until there was nothing but abyss... and floating in there... the Light portal opened...
"THIS WAY...." She Whispered and I was picked up and carried towards the Light portal that was shining in like a beaming ray of Sunlight.
It was here it was like a dawning of a new era, an entire life that was lived before - completely disintegrated into oblivion and with me still trying to hang onto threads of that old life, once lived now just a memory in the blip of time... ripped out of my hands, cannot come into this new vibration, no matter how much I try and continue to
"You want me to what?!?!?!" I kept mumbling through my deepest grief of realisation of what was happening for the next leg of my life path.
But I realised... in the depths of the grief - I felt so safe out there in that forest, that held me so tightly, so gently, so restoratively with the zillion stars, the fires, the silence, the Trees and the entire land that spoke to me like a long lost friend.
"You want me to what?!?!?!"
"Why? Why? Why? Why did you take me off grid into deep safety of the Forest, my friends and now you are taking me here...?"
Here meaning - where the next leg of my journey is taking me after dear Warrnambool and stopping at Dad's on the way there...
(Yes, I can't tell you just yet, you'll just have to see where Spirit has led me in deep co-creation and pure 100% alignment of my Destiny, the reason, I was born on this planet.)
I realised in this deep SURRENDER.... that.. as much as... this scared me.. for a moment..
I realised...
I can't change the world hiding in the forest, off grid with no electricity, let alone no reception or internet to do the work I am being called to do in the world.
It was a space for me to rejuvenate, recalibrate into the deepest abyss of my entire being, dive deeper into the Realms beyond time and space for real, not just in my visions and intuition, but live it real time - changed me.
And it was this... that was needed to release the arrow from the bow and be grounded enough to embody the reason I was born on this planet, rather than just thinking and knowing it...
Not with pushing...
Not with force...
Not from a place of not good enough and needing to prove myself to the world...
Not from a place of reaction...
But from a place of
Complete acceptance of who I am..
Complete love of who I am....
Complete Being-ness of the truth of the core of who I am, my Purpose on this planet...
To the elevation path that has recalibrated at the vibrational level of my Being and now...
Everything is effortless on this elevation recalibration.
Everything that is not aligned, continues to fall away and out of my life - without any effort on my part. It just... isn't there anymore.
And what opens into that space?
It is here... where the Peace lays...
And that feeling?
Is all the planet needs right now.
Have you, found yours?
Have you,
SURRENDERED to your Destiny?
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. I would not have been able to recalibrate to this depth without the Magic of creating an online business, that has enabled me to have the freedom to not only do what I love 100% of the time and share
my passion,
my wisdom,
my heart and Soul purpose with the world
- but to have the freedom to pick up and travel whenever I want - which has allowed me to recalibrate to the deepest depths of my being to bring me into 100% alignment with my Soul's Destiny and Life Purpose Purpose
- the reason I have been born on this planet.
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