It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

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It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It seems that so many client conversations in this last week I kept sharing the same advice - it isn't a matter of IF or HOPE - but you have to choose that it will be successful and there is no other way! 

It isn't easy stepping out of the norm and following your Heart and Soul's Passion - but when you KNOW there is no other option (well of course there is right?!) - but you CHOOSE no other option than to MAKE it work - you make it happen - NO MATTER WHAT! 

In the start and at times along the journey - usually every time you up-level:

You WILL come across naysayers that talk you out of your dreams. Walk away from them and don't share your dreams with them. 

You WILL come across people who tear you down because of the way you are living your life. Walk away from them and don't connect with them.

You WILL encounter tough times, hard situations that make you question and doubt EVERYTHING you are doing. Keep going anyway. 

You WILL run into people who support you and then talk negatively behind your back or tear you down at some point. Walk away from them and keep going anyway. 

You WILL question all your financial decisions and everything you have done to this point. You know that if ANYONE saw your bank account or the choices you were making with nothing to back you but your Faith, they would call you all sorts of things and tell you not to do it. Just don't tell anyone and do it anyway with your Faith guiding you every step of the way - as you normally do. Keep going anyway. 

You WILL find your mind talking you out of your Heart's desires and decisions. Don't listen to your logical mind, listen to your intuitive Heart and keep going anyway. 

 You WILL feel lonely at times and like you have walked away from EVERY relationship you have ever known or felt some connection to and be totally alone in what you are doing. Because you have and are! This is just a phase of recalibrating to shifting you to the next level. Keep going anyway. 

Not, "Oh I tried that and it didn't work." - no you stopped, that is why it didn't work. 

Not, "Oh IF it is going to work." - no - you choose it to work. That is a choice! Choosing it to be successful, no matter how long it takes. 

You WILL be looked upon as weird and different. Keep going anyway. 

Do not stop. Whatever you start - DON'T STOP! 

No matter how many road blocks, highs or lows that come - KEEP GOING ANYWAY! 

The biggest key that I have found in building my successful multi-six figure entrepreneurial online business (just gone over $300k of all time last month! 🥳🥂) is that I CHOSE it to be successful. 

That I chose to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes - no matter how 'bad' it feels like and how much I don't want to on some days - I still turn up. 


Because I am not letting my sometimes doubtful logical mind take over and stop me! 

I chose to follow my intuition every time when it doesn't make sense, through every decision I make in my personal and professional life. 


Because my intuition always knows, but my logical mind will always tell me the negative to what my Heart/intuition is guiding me to do. It will find all the ways to talk me out of it - if I let it! 

But I choose to catch those thoughts and change them - instantly! 

I have learnt not to ask other people's opinion - because in the start, I used to do that all the time. Talking to people that simply do not understand my intuitive huge world changing big picture visions - simply get triggered and will tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't - in a way - they are projections of my mind/subconscious and all my fears surfacing! 

These days, I choose to go within and purge out all those fears and choose how I want to think instead and.... this is how magic and divine synchronicities become so damn normal in my life - every single day. 

So, don't let nay sayers talk you out of what you were going to do in the first place. 

Don't choose failure. 

Because the only failure is you listening to the negative logical mind and stopping! Don't do that!

That is just a sign you need consistent brain training and mindset work - that is all. 

But the question is - are you truly willing to choose that for yourself, your life and your family? 

Or are you going to let them talk you out of what your intuition is guiding you to do? 

It is not a matter of stopping every time you hit a wall so to speak or run across a 'block'. That does not mean STOP! 

That means find the OPEN door - but KEEP GOING ANYWAY! 

There is always a way - ALWAYS - you just have to find it. No matter how long it takes. 

But will you? 

I know what I chose and continue to choose every single moment of every single day, every single step and every single breath. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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