More on the Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families from the other day. (Part 2)

More on the Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families from the other day. (Part 2)
It can be tricky to know what to say to some people when we are setting strong boundaries - or boundaries for the first time ever.
Saying 'no' - and not having and explanation or justifying yourself is also tricky - but powerful to master and to know that - you do not need to justify your actions to anyone.
Some examples of 'words' that can be spoken are:
"Ah, that sounds lovely, can I think about it and get back to you?" can be a response, instead of your automatic 'yes' response and gives you a breather for a moment.
When you get back to them, you can share that your calendar is quite full and can we organise our catch up for another time that suits us both at a later date?
"I would love to catch up with you, see you and spend time with you, however, I have had a really big week and my energy is quite low. I am needing to spend...
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It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!

It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!
When you clear energy, or begin any process that takes you into a deep healing space, it usually isn't pretty!
It is VERY common to feel, when you do a healing/clearing/ritual releasing process or any other process for yourself or someone else - you may feel:
  • heaviness 
  • start burping 
  • start coughing 
  • feel like you want to be sick, but you know you won't physically, it is an 'energetic sickness'
  • crying 
  • going to to the toilet
This is the CLEARING.
And it's not pretty most of the time!
I hear many people come to me and tell me that they heard, 'No, no, don't feel that, you can't feel that or you will manifest it in your reality it, don't focus on it.'
I CRINGE when I hear this!
Because when you start to feel energy like this - ESPECIALLY when you have chosen to do some sort of clearing/healing/intentional releasing...
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This could be called an #energyupdate 

There is such a big Heart Healing & Purging going on, on the planet right now. 

A HUGE softening, a HUGE opening... 

Enough striving... 

Enough pushing... 

Deeply, stepping into receiving... 

Yet, it can feel like you are drowning in your own tears at times... 

It can feel like you are in the falling of a big abyss, with no way out, with no... end in sight, just a constant fall down a hole... 

A huge.... OPENING is happening right now on the planet... in people's HEART'S. 

This may be turning up in your reality as: 

  • ex's knocking on your door
  • old patterns showing up
  • people from your past life (in this lifetime - your old life, the you, you, used to be) 
  • taking bits and pieces from your past, but more like a turning over the old, releasing what is no longer serving you - a cleaning up of your past more so
  • huge deep...
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