No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful.

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No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful. 

However, I found myself bawling my eyes out in deep, deep grief last night for over an hour. 

It was deep, deep grief, and it surprised me what it dropped into. 

My old house and what I went through being in that home for 8 years. 

What I learnt and grew through. 

The biggest piece being my ex of 5 years and what... I went through with that. What I grew through and the person it has made me today, because of it. 

But not a grief of missing it. 

Rather, the stored and buried resentment that I had tucked away deep inside my gall-bladder. 

Tears poured, out of no where as I climbed into bed. I found myself 'at my old house' in the lounge room on my knees, bawling my eyes out. 

I found myself, hovering/flying above my house/suburb, feeling trapped in the black sludge that I felt energetically in that suburb, that I repeatedly cleared for so long that would shift and come back almost as fast. (That entire suburb, and even that end of the coast, is built upon swampland, as beautiful as it was at the beach, the undertone is/was very unstable energetically and the water and land mass ratio.. I was so conscious of it).

And felt trapped for sooo long there because of it. 

Back to last night. 

I found myself, hovering/flying above my house/suburb, staring up at the sky, but watching myself below staring up at the sky as I hovered above it, being energetically pulled down by the black energetic sludge. 

(With what has been uncovered with all the underground Hollywood stuff lately.. makes me wonder what is really under there 🤔)

As I watched myself, at the same time, bawling my eyes out for what I was seeing and experiencing from that part of myself all I could 'scream' was... 'You left me! You left me! You said you would always be there for me! **insert falling to my knees again bawling my eyes out** You said you would always be there for me....' 

It was huge. 

Memories I had FORGOTTEN that happened whilst I was living in that house that I had buried. 

Not on purpose, but I see... to cope. 

I See. 

Funnily enough, we are in Third Eye Chakra Week. And last night, was the first night of it. 

And THIS comes up. 

Gall bladder? 

Liver & Gall Bladder are related to the Third Eye Chakra. 

Funnily enough, I only realise this morning that this month, is the first month I begin my Liver/Gall Bladder flush that I have been eyeing off since March... and now.. I can finally be grounded enough to do this. 

Yep, right on Third Eye Chakra Week. This is the actual week the Flush happens. 

What timing. 

Diving timing. 

To release built up resentment from 8 years of feeling trapped (yes probably longer), so I can be energetically free of all the crap, crud and resentment that has been buried in these two powerful organs to create space, for the empowered magic that truly belongs in that space. 

These past few years since that relationship from my ex of 5 years, that I thought I was over a long time ago. Well, ever since then, it seems every man I attract... is still hooked up on his ex! Funny about that reflection! I have done a lot of work on releasing that... and STILL it happens. 

With what dropped into and shifted from deep in my Gall Bladder last night and what I am releasing through what is just the start of these Gall Bladder/Liver Flushes... well, now I know, that I had to clean out not just the buried resentment, but the physical deposits that had been left there... because of it all. 

Talk about clearing the slate! 

So, so many buried memories flooded out last night, alongside bucket loads of tears to go right along side them. The cleansing magic, right on Third Eye Chakra Week, already working, already shifting. 

I guess anything is possible when you are in the right supportive environment and grounded in a loving place to be able to do just that - truly let go. 

No wonder I have been feeling so much Peace. 

And this old buried coping mechanisms of resentment build ups, no longer are required in the vibration my body is becoming, is... embodying... 

Back to the true self that I am. 

Seeing myself, with deep reflective clarity, I See You, I See Me. 

The magic of the Third Eye. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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