Base Chakra

The place we are Grounded on our Earth

  • Life Purpose
  • Sexuality
  • Finances/Money
  • Healing Masculine & Feminine
  • Trust
  • Feeling Safe (or in fear)
  • The place where we ARE on this Earth, grounded in our body

Here is the Base Chakra eBook you can download and work through. I highly recommend writing down your reflections/aha moments as you work through the eBook to ground & embody your new found awareness into your reality. You can watch the video now, or work through the Base Chakra eBook first. Trust what you feel called to do. Love, Hannah. The Life Purpose Queen 👑


Other Base Chakra Resources:

Here is a selection of Blogs & Livestreams I have done, that will give you a deep understanding of your powerful BASE ❤️

Blog - Want To Stay On Track
With Your Life Purpose?
Blog - Actually, Money DOES Grow On Trees
Blog - The Key To Mastery
Masculine & Feminine Balance
Blog - Come Where Deep Is Normal
Blog - You Are Not Separate From Any Of It
Blog - Even When It Seems Like You're Not Getting Any Intuition

Combating Overwhelm & Staying On Your Life Purpose

The Fears That Stop You Aligning To Your Life Purpose

Even Though Your Organ Is Removed, The Energy Is Still There

 Dejavu, Synchronicities


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