Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.

In 24 hours from now, our Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.  

We will see a partial Solar Eclipse here in Australia - in Saudi Arabia, they will have the full peak Solar Eclipse.

So amazing Saudi Arabia has been 'speaking strongly' recently with the energy under the land there and neighbouring countries and then I discover this information.  

Makes me wonder what the Eclipse energy - the portal and alignment of the Sun (Father) and our Moon (Mother, who gave Her life, so we could live on Earth) - and this portal alignment that comes from this shining directly over this continent.  

Our Eclipses are a shedding, a layering of consciousness that is stripped from our system - but renewed with the truth of the situation that directly comes from our Mother and Father lineage.  

The Eclipses are an opportunity to shed that which no longer serves and opens a gateway to a whole new realm, a renewing, a new layering, a new birthing of a new era, where all the old layers have been burnt away, released from the energetic lineage system and a powerful new energy is layered upon the western borders, that sinks down and enters for all of time.  

The Ring of Fire - burning away what no longer is required from the separation of a Mother and Father lineage, but a return back to the truth of the Oneness, of the core of what brought them together in the first place. Love. Desire. Attraction. Procreation. Love.  

I am getting the message this particular gateway will seize opportunities to close old passage ways, old door ways and completely free and seperate of the lineage and web - these are the final strands and webs that are being let go of right now.  

The passage way is for those that choose to walk and enter and this final peak of the 2020 borders are upon us, for those who chose to come, this alignment, even though directly over Saudi Arabia, as with anything, you can choose to 'be under the direct alignment of the energy of this eclipse' and receive the Mother and Father direct lineage healing shifts, taking us beyond what 2020 is bringing us with the dawning and era of Light.  

I will be personally tuning into this portal, as if I was in Saudi Arabia - travelling there energetically (like we do in our Full Moon Ceremonies) to receive this full transmission as I feel it is more than just an eclipse this one.  

I feel like this is the umbilical cord reconnecting us back to the truth of the lineage of our heritage - our Soul heritage - as this alignment leads us into the Uluru Solar Plexus Activation in two weeks time.  

Our Mother and Father have a direct influence on us, whether we are conscious of it or not. This powerful Eclipse, is a chance to wipe the slate clean and embody into our cells, a new lineage, that is as ancient as the core of where we originated from - returning Home, on Earth ðŸŒŸ  

Merry Christmas ðŸŽ„  

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘  

P.S. Our Full Moon Ceremony held live online, in 2 weeks, is going to be potent, as the first Full Moon of 2020, let alone the Uluru portal alignment that has been talked about by Astrologers for CENTURIES.  

Click here for all the details to join us live (or catch the replay), online for this powerful event that is setting the tone for not just our 2020, but our entire life.




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