I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house

I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house, as we would stand out in the front yard on the road, as we watched the last rays of sunlight trickle down behind the houses - our next home, I want to be able to see the Sunrise and Sunset with no obstruction of houses. 

Low and behold... that is exactly what we have now. (That building you can see in the picture, is horse stables ). 

Almost every afternoon, I stand out the front and watch the glory of this, as I sun gaze deeply and allow those beautiful VitaminD rays into my eyes and standing in the deep, deep gratitude of this wide, wide open space, above me, all around me, into the hills as far as I can see. 

There are a few houses here and there, but nothing like crammed suburbia where I spent 8 years of Adaya's youngest youth and the biggest transformation from the darkest pot holes in my Heart to - BECOMING my Heart. 

As it nears almost three months being in this home now, I can feel I am really...

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I had been pushing for YEARS as that is what I thought it took.
And to be honest, to some extent in the start - 100% it takes work, constant dedicated turning up, sharing, being vulnerable, opening up, long, long hours, frustrations, set backs, heart broken pieces and so much to celebrate at the same time.
And it felt good to push and make things happen.
I have ALWAYS been and still to this day - find a way.
There is no such thing as can't.
There is no such thing as fighting the old with the old.
I just create something new.
For so long, I continued and grew into huge success in my business online and then, hit a wall...
A burn out wall...
A 'I made it, now what?' wall....
And this last 9 months has seen me in recalibration mode, finishing with 9 weeks off grid in the Realm of Faery, diving deep into my...
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I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done.

I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done and get back home to do it. Yet, the reality of being back here has hit me hard.

I didn't want to come back. And it was quite phenomenal when I had made the decision to leave - not even packed up - this was 3 days prior to leaving - our parrot, Alex, who, had not been in his carry crate since we arrived, yet it was always open on his table (as he has a portable perch and is just 'out' all the time) - I made the decision to leave and... I walked inside and he had climbed into his carry crate. So amazing how much animals feel. I hadn't even voiced it to anyone yet at that time! 

It was... pretty special, travelling with our animals - that... if it wasn't for the storms, some animals would've been baby sat/in the kennels, that.. this trip showed me how we can ALL go and that.. was pretty special. 

This trip, showed me so much. Clarity is definitely one of them! 


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When the Devil becomes your ally, you wouldn't even question the darkness.

When the Devil becomes your ally, you wouldn't even question the darkness. 

When the Devil becomes your ally, you see them as your best friend. 

When the Devil becomes your ally, you know you're moving and have shifted to your next level. 

When the Devil becomes your friend, not your foe... reality shifts beyond measure. 

When the Devil becomes your deepest reflection you transform your reality at the most underground of cores that takes root in the depths not many dare to go. 

They see it is a scary. 

They see it as evil. 

They see it as low vibration that should be steered away from with a ten foot barge pole. 

Yet, most do not know, that the most powerful energy, comes from the darkest of depths, if you know how to travel them and return with more power and sense of self that some try, but never reach. 

Creation was born in blood, sweat and tears. (Intimacy with a lover, is all of these in deep creation of a Being)

Creation was born in...

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Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.

In 24 hours from now, our Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.  

We will see a partial Solar Eclipse here in Australia - in Saudi Arabia, they will have the full peak Solar Eclipse.

So amazing Saudi Arabia has been 'speaking strongly' recently with the energy under the land there and neighbouring countries and then I discover this information.  

Makes me wonder what the Eclipse energy - the portal and alignment of the Sun (Father) and our Moon (Mother, who gave Her life, so we could live on Earth) - and this portal alignment that comes from this shining directly over this continent.  

Our Eclipses are a shedding, a layering of consciousness that is stripped from our system - but renewed with the truth of the situation that directly comes from our Mother and Father lineage.  

The Eclipses are an opportunity to shed that which no longer serves and opens a gateway to a whole new realm, a renewing, a new layering, a new birthing of a new era,...

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ENERGY FREQUENCY RECODING & RESETTING Lions Gate - Walking into a Whole New World.
Everything has changed, and every thing is the same. But it is also isn’t. That space where I speak about ‘we go invisible’ = it is that place where the Mayan Civilisation moves into another dimension - that is what has happened for us.
For so long we’ve been dreaming up and imagining - knowing deep in our heart that there is a place, where we all long to return back to that place of peace, of deep connection, deep honouring of one another - that place where we all get it.
That place - is returning and has returned right now.
Some are deeply here in this space and some are not.
But what about all the hurt, pain and torture currently in the world? What about the families being torn apart right now?
I am getting the strong message that when we are in this high frequency...
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