ENERGY FREQUENCY RECODING & RESETTING Lions Gate - Walking into a Whole New World.
Everything has changed, and every thing is the same. But it is also isn’t. That space where I speak about ‘we go invisible’ = it is that place where the Mayan Civilisation moves into another dimension - that is what has happened for us.
For so long we’ve been dreaming up and imagining - knowing deep in our heart that there is a place, where we all long to return back to that place of peace, of deep connection, deep honouring of one another - that place where we all get it.
That place - is returning and has returned right now.
Some are deeply here in this space and some are not.
But what about all the hurt, pain and torture currently in the world? What about the families being torn apart right now?
I am getting the strong message that when we are in this high frequency...
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