I’ve been wanting to do one of these posts for a while

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I’ve been wanting to do one of these posts for a while… but it hasn’t been the flow for it.

This morning I opened a message asking what do I do for my skin, why is my skin always glowing, what do I eat roughly? 

What do I do? 

I live from my SOUL 

That glow? 

It’s called Fucking FREEDOM. 

Freedom to do what I want when I want including eating whatever the fuck I want to do when I want. Period. 

It’s also called filters and make up and lighting. 

Here is the photo I sent her in reply to her private message. Real, raw, no lighting - except ceiling light, still in my pyjamas, bed hair chucked up in a hair lackey whilst I journal my reality into existence with my morning coffee because it’s a morning I love to wake up and live into.

Let’s not forget this is after cleaning up after all the animals because first thing it’s always a thing. A life I’ve also learnt to find flow in and deeply accept… and recently come into a lot of love for.

Not cleaning up the animal poo 💩 though, I am not sure I will ever ‘love’ that, but hey, that comes part and parcel of having a menagerie. 

Back to the ‘glow’.

Filters and make up aside, I have bags under my eyes, my body needs a detox, my kidneys long for a break without coffee, I long for extra long, long walks without cow dung and bugs flying in my mouth as I try and exercise and without driving 45mins to get somewhere on the coast that doesn’t have these.

The ‘glow’ you ‘see’ is my Soul Essence.

Is me doing whatever the fuck I want to do and creating a life from that - career included.

It is called having strong boundaries and saying no to what isn’t in alignment and saying fuck yes to whatever is and throwing all caution to the wind to make it all happen and some. 

It is called breaking out of the family system and living my life away from the physically so I can truly find who I am and own that fucker like no tomorrow. 

It’s called coming into so much self love you don’t care about sharing a non filtered straight out of bed photo and swearing like a trooper and knowing if those that don’t like it and still read it and follow me - actually do secretly like it and like me or they would have strong enough sense of self to go do their own thing but ultimately they are admiring the level of freedoms I have attained in all areas and secretary envying it. Which is just a sign - you want a life like this. 

The reality is, is that if you are living out of alignment of your Soul you will: 

  •  Get physically sick 
  •  Be depressed and unhappy most of the time 
  •  Put on weight or lose weight to unhealthy levels 
  •  Feel like you’re losing your mind 
  •  Stay in relationships that you no are no good for you, but you won’t leave either (trauma bonds) 
  •  Be controlling, judgemental and in addictions excessively and ‘uncontrollably’ 
  •  Not sleeping well and waking up through the night and not being able to sleep again until sun up or when you have to go to work 😪 

Usually all of these things happen in one go/at the same time. 

For me, I’m not perfect. 

I’ve definitely put on weight being out here in the country with all my resources ‘taken away’. I’ve definitely been depressed when I first moved out here facing some deep buried and suppressed things and my coffee addiction at times has been insane. 

That ‘filtered glow’ hides this - and whilst it is important to be real, raw and true about this, it has also helped me to get through…

Out of the darkness, out of the depression of living away from the ocean and, as mentioned and in my posts recently and livestreams, just only recently coming into a place of love for myself even though I am not ‘happy’ with my current weight and long for my 28yr old self body - which will come back daily with exercise it is just finding what that is for me out here - the biggest part about all of this…

Is now I know the reason God plunked me here, is the reason I have come into this space now…

Is to learn to love myself more deeply, truly, real and raw - just how I would like to be loved.

But God knew, I didn’t love myself like that, so would continue to being people and events to show me just how much I didn’t. 

Until recently I have begun to truly love my life again, not in longing for my 28yr old body and lifestyle I had back then…like loving where I am right now in all aspects of me right now - all of it. Bugs and all. Even though some days it is… hard. 

Let’s be real. 

The dreams, the visions and the bringing to the world that I am - my 28yr old self lifestyle - is completely different to the Super Yacht Lifestyle version of myself. It's not even 'Super Yachts' themselves in a way, it is the lifestyle and if you know what I mean, you know what I mean. 

It is important to understand I am all for filtering photos and editing things - I fucking love it! It makes things look FUCKING AMAZING! Don’t lie, you know you look twice and stare when something is edited - even nature photos I am not even talking selfies! 

And whilst I have felt shit more times than not adjusting to this enormous life change on the other side of those edited photos - I have been VERY conscious of allowing myself to be supported with whatever it takes to get my life to where I want it - filters and make up included. 

Because those filtered photos - are only a reflection of my skin that I know I can achieve with a raw vegan lifestyle and regular detoxing - that is a no brainer. Hence why I love it and love all of them. 

Once I recalibrate to this massive life change that I have been grounding in - and already it has begun…

I am coming back to my values, to the deep alignment of living my truth. 

The 28yr old me - this now, is an upgraded version - coming back to my values and standards and ways of living, like eating and buying organic foods and skin cares, 

Living from this place that is truly my Soul - because these? 

I gave them all up almost 6-8 years ago. 

When I committed to building my business and sacrificing everything to truly bring my vision to life.

As a single mum, I chose to stop driving out to the organic shop and spending all our money on organic food and not having anything left for anything else. I had to learn to spend my money where it needed to go to survive. 

I let go of things knowing that one day, I wouldn’t be scraping to get by or living weeks at a time with no money in my account because I was willing to do whatever my Soul guided me to do to create that which I was asking for…

Which if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know Super Yachts are a far cry from single mum on the pension…

And from that life to that? 

That’s a huge lot of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental changes yes? 

It’s huge change. And understanding how to ride the change - even through the weight gain, depression and then knowing what it is, where it coming from, why it is there and knowing what to do about it whilst everything in your life adjusts and upgrades alongside it to fulfil the destiny that was bestowed upon you from your vision - 

Not many are willing to do whatever their Soul directs them to do.

But I am. And I always have been. Without even thinking about it. It’s just what we do. People like us, this is the Ancient Blooded Healer lineage. 

It’s a call for truth, for integrity, for doing whatever the fuck it takes for your truth at the highest levels to birth and busy forth into this reality - it is riding all the waves even when they come crashing down upon you - your Souls truth always comes forth paramount to ANYTHING. 

That is why that strong internal ‘glow’ is there filter or no filter.

Because it’s not a skin glow… it’s a SOUL glow.

And after following my Soul - this recalibration out here has made me ‘stop’ and God showing me, that I have been following my Soul long enough to also have the ‘wake up’ that - I can now afford that organic goodness as normal in our fridge, pantry and body. 

That I always have way more to an enough funds in our bank accounts - not just one anymore. There is always increasing income and a beautiful home with everything I need including a saltwater pool that… has become my ocean and has been a godsend when the ocean hasn’t been… what it used to be! 

And it is this wake up and gratitude realising - I’ve built foundations all these years to now be living the fruits of my labour and can solidify and ground the next layers of Reality Awareness Vision - which has been bringing me ALIVE realising I am ‘here’ at this stage of it 🤩🔥 👑 it’s moving through the 10 year vision that I have from when I first began online in 2016 and is solidifying the vision that was bestowed upon me for Reality Awareness since 2005 when it first came through. If you ain’t got a plan, you ain’t got something to work towards and get out of bed for! 

That ‘glow’ is your Earth Angel Ancient Blooded Healer lineage…

That will dwell and dissipate if you ain’t living from it…

So are you? 

This is Trusting Your Intuition at its best.

But most won’t go to the depths required to truly live from this place.

But you can. 

You just simply have to do it.

And if I can do it, so can you. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. edited photo version in the comments!

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