Something has massively shifted

Something has massively shifted... when I love on myself, even when I don't look my what I feel is my best, I know I have changed. Raw. Real. Vulnerable. Radical. Unconditional Love. 

When I can support myself in ways that nurture me, instead of beat up on me when I have had a massive week with very little sleep, releasing paradigms and relationship entanglements that have been deeply embedded more than I realised and has been slowly eating away at me, way more than I realised was even present and was the issue all along.... when I can love myself in this space, no matter what I look like, I know I have changed.  

Sometimes I look worse for wear, but I can still love on myself - but this wasn't always the case! 

Sometimes I eat super healthy, sometimes I eat what I can when I am busy. Being out of town now, makes easier for eating healthy that is for sure. 

The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that since going back to the gym 3 x a week - I don't even concern myself with food choices anymore. 

After my food addiction realisation and the 'inflammation internal drama' from food choices back in June last year that I shared on livestream, I was stuck in so much focus on this food and that food and even subconsciously 'I shouldn't be eating this food' and yet after going back to the gym? It doesn't even cross my mind! I think... they call that FREEDOM!

So, so significant to me! Of course I think about what I am going to eat, but the following thought processes about anything I eat.. whether 'good or bad' - just aren't there. My energy is going into my creative endeavours - where they should be! 

I know why too - this gym thing is massive for me. It is self love. It is HOW I USED TO LIVE before I let all the heart breaks and comments from people I loved and trusted in my life at the time, to eat away at my core. Quite literally really! #huge

I can't even believe I stopped the gym for the period of time that I did. And yet, I know why I did and long story short is to come into this deeper layer of self love, that is rock solid deep now. Whereas before it wasn't solidified into my system before. 

I was expecting, receiving love from those people in my life at the time, who I loved, trusted, who I thought were going to be there forever, and yet... that is where the instability of the love was. I didn't love myself. I was expecting and receiving love from outside of me, and everyone knows that doesn't work! (for long!)

Something has massively shifted... the old labels, the old co-dependent label? 

I realised the other day - I am not that person anymore, I don't need to associate myself with that label anymore. HUGE in itself that ripples out through my entire life - this is so massive in itself - it feels like I have released an entire vibration and web from my body, life and system by not associating with this label anymore.

I had to for when I did this past few years to recalibrate, understand myself and my life... and as I always say with labels, labels are good for understanding, but then the Mastery, comes when we release that label - what is is beyond that?

💥 BOOM 💥 - drop into the MASSIVE unknown - and what is there? NOTHING!

THAT is what scares people hence why they don't let go because of there is nothing there. 

You can't be in control in the nothingness of nothing! 😉

The deep truth of that though, is that... it isn't that there isn't anything there... 

What actually lays there is EVERY SINGLE desire, EVERY SINGLE possibility lays in this unknown space. Is ALL the things.. rather than your 'controlled it has to be this way' thing.

I was only sharing this with a client just yesterday again - in that unknown? 

In that.. nothingness?

I see it like the Universe - in front of me, reality isn't there - it is just... the Universe - just nothing but stars and galaxies and EVERYTHING and anything I desire and MORE - there is way more there - things that the Universe and my Soul have planned and have available for me - that I haven't even become conscious of yet! 

The Mastery comes in being so comfortable in this space, being clear on what I want - but open to so, so much more, because it is just not mind comprehendible what is actually in there, so I am deeply walking in the unknown, in the mystery of the mastery of all the limitless avenues there are for me. 

Very clear on what I want, need, desire and choose - but deeply open to this unknown magical mastery of limitless expansion at the same time. 

And so it leaves the question.. who I am now? 

Who am I becoming? 

Well, that has always been clear to me! 

And is exactly WHY I have gone through all that I have, including this period of time I have been through in the last 2 years of releasing that label! 

All of that, all of this last few years, wouldn't have happened - because I was becoming someone who I always wanted to be! 

This last few years - has been shedding this old label, this old person who I used to be - to become the person I have wanted to be! 

I feel now.. the slate is clear and I am not that person anymore and this recalibration is the realisation that... oh, it is done! 

So who am I now? 

And that... is a realisation that I have become the person I wanted to be back then! 

The freedom of all that label entails... Is just so huge. It is ALL areas of my life. ALL of them. 

People think that changing their life happens overnight - it doesn't. 

It takes YEARS to transform into the person you want to become - because it is not just one thing - it is EVERY SINGLE area of your life!

And then there are always still upgrades to that! 

However, there are significant shifting points, where you know you are the person you wanted to be back then, you are now, and then you catapult into this next phase.

Becoming even MORE of this version of yourself, but you're here now... and deeply embodying that. 

It is here, this deep self love is rippling out from the inside out.. and for me, it has been this.. that has been 'the answer' 'the core' of it all. 

Without this, nothing, would've changed - at all. 

It is the fuel that drives everything for me, and solidifies the healthy boundaries that have created my life and deeply allowed me to even feel what self love feels like. 

Self love is being able to say no with or without guilt. 

Self love is being able to hold my boundaries. 

Self love is not just knowing my worth - but stepping deeply into that. 

Self love creates the magic in my life. 

Self love keeps me in super flow. 

Self love make me walk away from anything and anyone who drains my energy. 

Self love makes me walk away from people who make me doubt myself and trigger me consistently.

Consistent triggers and my reaction to them, is just a sign I didn't listen to my intuition way back when and need to just leave.

Triggers are there to go deeper yes, but there is a distinction between a trigger to shift something in you and a trigger that is a lack of trust in your own intuition to make the changes you know you need to and haven't listened to yourself about that. Consistent triggers feel like knife stabs that every time you turn your back are amplified across the field. 

Self love - is trusting your intuition and only that and not letting anything get in the way of that. 

Self love is the radical next phase of your life that you've been resisting until now and have deeply surrendered into the life - you've been craving all along. 

Self love is the truth of who you are. 

Self love is the realisation that you've been this person all along. 

Self love is my ability to put myself first above anyone, anything and not drop that for any reason at all. 

Self love is speaking AND living my truth and being my full lighthearted, highly intuitive and deeply realistic truth spoken full bodied self. 

Self love is not being affected by other people's opinions of me.

Self love is not taking things personally. 

Self love is doing what I want when I want. 

Self love is creating the life I want, no matter what other people think or believe is possible. 

Self love is creating my life, on my terms, all the time. 

Self love is stepping it up and becoming the best version of myself in every moment. 

Self love is the fuel for my life and I am so grateful I have found it in solidified form. 

Do you, self love?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. There isn't time to muck around. 

You're full, you're busy, you have your life ahead of you. 

You know amongst, even all this 'fullness' - there is still MORE that you are here to do, born for and unlocking the next level of your psychic intuitive shamanic gifts IS all you want to do, think about and have been trying to find... the thing you're REALLY meant to do. 

Because you do a lot... but there is something else that you can see, feel but are not clear on at the same time. 

Through my 1:1 mentoring - this is what we deeply dive into and unlock - fast, rapidly and continue expanding your intuitive self to your next level because your Life Purpose requires this of you. 

You're ready for this, and you have been waiting for the sign. 

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