That moment it all drops in and you wonder how you didn’t see this before

business development how to build your online business how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Jan 25, 2023

That moment it all drops in and you wonder how you didn’t see this before - but it suddenly clicks into place and feels LIGHT and… how did I just not think of this before?! 

Just over a week ago, I had lunch with a kind hearted man for some inspo chats… and it was definitely that. 

I heard myself saying out aloud if not for the first time - “I am not here to build a luxury brand, that is not what I am here for. I love luxury, I love looking after myself, I love buying the best of the best simply because it LASTS. But, that is not what I am here for. I am here to help people, to help THE people, FOR the people, to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity.” To stay in my OWN FRIGGING LANE. 

After time disappearing and it feeling like 5 minutes - one of those magic conversations, I realised a lot of things. 

Then, after working deeply on Throat Chakra Consciousness today - with the depth that took me  to - well damn! CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK RRRRREEEEEEEELLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE and ALIGN baby. 

Holy moly. 

This last month, I have let go of something SOOOO heavy I did NOT even realise it was so heavy until it hit me, got pulled out from under me, I ran with all the directions I could until I LET IT ALL GO and that is when it DROPPED - IN. 

I have been feeling soooo LIGHT in this area of my life, but then, something was still… off… making me feel frozen, paralysed even, but… I had already lifted parts of it. 

And that came from doing WHAT I FUCKING LOVE. 

Helping people. 

Psychic Readings = helping people. 

It is why I began offering 30min Psychic Readings on the Phone, audio recorded for $111 again. 


But only after several days of waking up in the morning with visions so clear of me in my office, doing Psychic Readings on the phone with clients. I kept fighting it, because ‘that isn’t what I thought I was told to do’ and WTF is that! Whenever did I do what I was told! Except by my intuition of course! 

It was sooo freeing to block out what any high level coach or mentor thought of me and do what I am BEST AT AND FUCKING LOVE WITH A PASSION! 

I CAME ALIVE again. 

I stepped back into ME. 

And it has opened up 50 doors of opportunity since AND I have got my energy and life force back. Geez! 

It was a huge realisation late last year for me that I am attracted to all these ‘luxury branding coaches’ and mentorships but… that is not the brand I want to build - never did. 

The luxury part is me being supported, cared for, having financial freedom. And I have that. I have CREATED that… 

Not by following a system, not by following a rule book, not by following a strategy of this certain business model. 


My Business model came through me following doing what I LOVE and just figuring it out along the way and oh, it appears I have some sort of system here… that works for me. 

What a relief to drop the facade of trying to fit into the luxury branding model when I am here to HELP THE PEOPLE ON THE GROUND ffs. 

That is ALWAYS where my heart has been and ALWAYS where it will be. 

I just had to heal my own trauma of emotional and physical neglect as a child, which has been a big motivator of my drive to be financially independent, free and be able to take care of myself. Who doesn’t want to be able to look after themselves ffs, especially when you never had the care you required as a child that made you feel emotionally full and loved. 

This last few years of recalibration and healing of those wounds has sent me into a spin in many areas of my life, let alone the dog attack thrown in the mix it has been a whirlwind of understanding what has been happening… I have been recalibrating. 

I was and still am, attracted to all the luxury branding… because it is a FREQUENCY. 

When I first began learning about money, wealth building, investments and what it really takes to become a multi-millionaire in your own business I would often hear people talk about FREQUENCY and I never could quite grasp it, but intuitively I could FEEL what they were speaking of, even though I never could logically get it…… yet. 

From single mum on the pension to learning as I go of running a company and what that even involves, let alone the mindset, energetics and mentorship relationships that expand you beyond your capacity you even thought let alone trigger all your buttons at the same time and force you to grow…. and truly face yourself… 

I now realise I am an entrepreneurial mystical badass who has learnt how to ride the dark and the light of not only consciousness and the waves of collective missions, but the very important understanding of running a business, of your money karma drama shit from your childhood and collective programming that we all have unless you’re working on shifting that shit out. What it REALLY takes for someone who ‘just wants to do spiritual stuff’ to then getting serious about leaving their 9-5 crappy environment workplace to really committing to the whole nine yards and some of what it takes internally, mentally, spiritually, physically and all your wounds surfacing at the same time to do this line of work for real - that takes DEDICATION. 

It takes a certain type of person… to want to heal and grow spiritually, get super accurate in their intuition and personal development is their Life Mission, let alone sharing all and any of it with anyone who will listen because it is just what we are naturally passionate about LOVE with all our heart. 

Yeah, we’re one of a kind. 

That is for sure. 

A special breed. 

And I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on behind the scenes… Throat Chakra Consciousness yes, but… something else that… you’ll just have to wait… 

The other thing? 

That - CLICKED?? 

My Inner Circle. 

My Life Purpose Accelerator. 

Had felt HEAVY. I was trying to force something, I was unsure - but then behind the scenes I KNEW what it was and was even talking about it with people! Seriously! 


That LIGHT feeling? 


That… is all it takes. 

Is all I’ve ever done and FORGOT along the way once that recalibration begun… 

And now it has landed and I feel so FREE in this. 

If you’ve enquired about Life Purpose Accelerator, the investment, just ALIGNED. 

Click here to see the CLICK CLICK CLICK into PLACE baby… Welcome, to 2023 - the year of setting yourself free, doing what the FUCK YOU LOVE and ONLY that - with full fire, passion and DEDICATION to your Purpose, because what else, would it fucking be?! 

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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


DROP the burden of heaviness and follow where it feels LIGHT. 

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