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(even if you didn't have physical contact with them before)

- it is so crucial you are aware of this critical piece of information as you move forward in your 'healthy' life - otherwise you'll end up going back, around in circles or attract the same situations over and over again on a different level and wonder why isn't anything changing. 

Okay, so this applies whether you have been having physical contact with this person, or just contact online, via text, email or phone - this ALSO applies if you don't have ANY contact with the person, but you FEEL THEM ALL THE TIME STILL (and is usually so distracting, interfering, draining of your energy right?) 

So let's say you've cut all contact, you've decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and you are ready to take back your power in your life, finally feel good again and get over it already right? 

So you cut all contact, you block them, you delete things off your device, you even get rid of physical items in your home that remind you of them, you have a complete overhaul in your life. 

Then you decide to do a ceremonial ritual to ALSO release them energetically. You do a big releasing ceremony, you cut cords, you integrate your shadow, you continually are doing the inner work to release them. 

And finally - you feel they are gone and phew! Immediate Peace, there is a calmness, you feel YOU again - because when you feel THEM - omg, it is sooo noticeable and you just don't feel yourself right? 

Peace. Ah. That's what you did it all for. Energetic Peace. You can feel it. It's GOOD! 

Then, a few days later - it's BACK. πŸ˜³πŸ™„Or - you randomly hear from them - and you haven't heard from them in AGES!!! WTF!

Yes - they felt you releasing them. 

Energetically they felt the release. 


This does NOT mean what you did - didn't work. 

It means that it DID work. 

It also doesn't mean that person is conscious that you did that release - no, most of the time they don't, however, that person subconsciously felt a change in the ENERGETIC dynamic energy feed between you both - THAT is what that person felt. 

All of a sudden, they are not getting their feed from you anymore. They can't connect to Source THROUGH you, (which is draining asf!) so subconsciously, they are like, hey, what's happened here and they will make physical contact to try to subconsciously reconnect back. 

Now, physical contact doesn't always happen - but energetically - you may feel it 'back' - because they are looking for the connection again. 

You can CHOOSE not to let them did you know that? 

You can CHOOSE to say NO - how about that?? 

A bit like letting a complete stranger aimlessly wander through your home - would you? 

No, I highly doubt it. 

So when someone is 'aimlessly wandering' through your energy field wanting to reattach you can say, No, not today sunny jim! - Well, something like that πŸ€£πŸ˜‰

"Out! This is my energy! Connect to your own Source because you CAN you just have to find your own connection through your OWN Soul - not mine - OUT - Release! GO NOW!" - is a commanding, demanding - literally jumping up and down telling them to leave and push their energy away - is very powerful in reclaiming your own energy - because at times, leaving unhealthy situations whether you saw them yesterday or 5 years ago - is IMPORTANT. 

Now - another ****IMPORTANT POINT**** which was the entire reason I was guided to write this today - is: 

When you do all this releasing and finally feel YOU again, finally feel the PEACE you have been trying to create all along - do you know what happens? 

YOU can feel good... for a moment and then - you (may) start to freak out - yep! YOU honey! Now, I am not saying that you are a bad person, but this is sooooo crucial if you really want to break out of this draining cycle that is driving you literally to insanity right now. 

When you leave a toxic situation - think about it - you have been used to living in that environment, again whether you were physically with them or not - energetically you are used to living in a certain environment, with certain cords, attachments, things in your energy field and you are used to that. 

Even if it was crap, draining etc - you are still used to it. 

So when you do the big releasing ritual whatever that entailed for you, you will feel good, free and like you can breathe again - and here it is, write this bit down - 

That your energy, your old brain rewiring - won't be somewhat used to the extended Peace - because you are so used to living in the negativity, the drama, the draining - trust me - it is a thing! (It also doesn't mean you are meant to be together and 'its a sign' - no! It's a sign you released them energetically - now continue on!)

So when they do contact you - you usually engage with them, because YOU are energetically needing/used to that and so you return to the norm = even if you are consciously fighting it! 

You know it isn't good, but you continue anyway and so goes the cycle again because you know it ain't, good but all of a sudden you are drawn back in... argh full on right? 

So what do we do about this? 

This is the important piece that dropped in this morning for me to share with you: 


So when you are carrying on that they are 'back again' and wtf leave me alone (yes I do it too and working on it! I am human like you beautiful Soul) ask yourself - what part of me is actually feeding off this, what part of me, needs this validation that I am wanted, needed, loved, that SOMEONE wants me??? 


Wake up calls right?! 


So, if you REALLY want to break out of the cycles that drain you and walk into your life and beyond FREE and AT PEACE like for real - then TRAIN YOURSELF THAT PHYSICAL AND ENERGETIC SPACE QUIET & PEACE πŸ•ŠIS your new normal, is NORMAL is SAFE - because you might be craving it - but when you are creating a new reality of this and drama and shit going on ALL the time has been your life to date? 

Phhh, yes, some BIG things to adjust to there whether you care to admit it or not. 

Even though it has been toxic, perhaps it has been the only sort of love you have ever known, that was NORMAL in your family growing up - that WAS the way people felt connection in your family growing up, so you are literally undoing your familiarity of what is normal to you and learning a whole new ay to feel loved... and that includes peace and quiet. 

When you are with someone - are you CONSTANTLY talking? Do you HAVE to be talking? Or someone does? You feel mighty uncomfortable with no talking? The space? 

This is the self talk that SHOULD be going on in your head, when you start to notice the space and peace and how quiet it is: 

  • This is my new normal 
  • It's safe to feel this peaceful and quiet (this is what I have been doing all the work for after all) 
  • I am becoming more and more comfortable with space and quietness 
  • I am retraining my brain, my energy and my life to be okay with space, peace and quietness, energetically and physically 
  • I am attracting new relationships that also reflect and are at peace with peace and I am grateful for this 
  • Even though I feel uncomfortable at times, I am deeply opening up to this space and peace and quietness, my body, life and my Soul thanks me for it and I do to. 

Things like that. I would also be working with someone on healing the core woundings from family patterning's that are keeping you in the drama cycle and releasing those energetic ties from past lives or beyond that also have cords in to your past of the drama energy threads. 

The other factor is that even when those people do contact you - energetically or physically - just notice it, choose to release it again and know that the work you are doing is working, because they felt it. Choose to not let them back in, by allowing the ;holes' to fill with the peace and calm of your new reality - choose a different energetic frequency - your focus on them, or on where your new reality of peace is taking you - IS where you have power over this. 

Your mind/brain will DEFINITELY need some re-wiring and I am not talking just some positive thoughts here and there I am talking about a solid committed dedicated routine to journal your new reality into existence - otherwise your old patterns will continue to feed those thoughts/energy and it doesn't shift. 

It isn't just one thing you do - you have your Emotional body, your mind body, your spiritual body, your physical body and you need to tend to ALL of these bodies when you are releasing things from your life. If you just do a ritual and then cut them energetically that is the spiritual - great - now what about those other 4 right? Otherwise those other 4 are going to hold weight over the one and drag it all back in yes? 

It is the whole picture to heal a hole. Wholeness. Divine Step #10 in the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose is there for a reason - looking at the Whole picture. 

So are you? 

Has this been helpful for you? Comment below or email me back if it has allowed some dawning aha moments for you. 

It's okay to live in Peace - but you need to train your bodies to align to and adjust to that new frequency that your Soul knows is it's true HOME. 

And you can. I believe in you. 

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

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