You always have enough time to get everything you need to get done - done!

how to build your online business how to clear your energy how to cope with change how to find your life purpose how to love yourself how to trust your intuition Nov 22, 2022

You always have enough time to get everything you need to get done - done! 

It’s just that you’re not prioritising your time to get the things you really need to get done - DONE! 

And if you really don’t have time (which is a lie) - then hire help so you do have time. 

You will never have time for the things you want to get done - there will never be that huge gap of days of nothing that you’re longing and waiting for - no. 

Unless you book a private island getaway where everything is taken care for you and you can just focus on what you need to do, so I lie, there is a way to do a huge gap of it ;) 

When there is a will, there is a way. 

People talk about having a ‘why’ - your why is your driver, your motivation and your reason why you do something in life to get somewhere, achieve something or get out of bed in the morning. 

Why’s are good until you hit them (reach your goal), or you become more conscious and realise your why has been an unconscious driver and it disperses and melts away and you’re left with a puddled mess and questioning everything and wanting to walk away from it all because it has no meaning anymore and just no motivation for well, anything. 

When you hit an unconscious driver, a lot of shame can surface. It isn’t that it is bad that you were running at effect of that particular why, for example: 

  • Not feeling good enough as a child, so you grow up achieving all you can to be good enough 
  • Not having enough money as a child and seeing your parents struggle, so you do all you can to create wealth, security and stability to even provide for them as well as yourself and your immediate family 
  • Feeling the need to help someone other than yourself, because they are more important than you because you have a people pleaser thread active and is how you receive validation by being good enough

As you grow and evolve, you heal these wounded aspects of your Soul and can wake up in that puddled mess I mention. 

You will feel flat, have zero drive, usually feel a lot of grief, topped off with a pile of shame because you actually have to look at your life and face reality, rather than tending to everyone else and yikes! No turning back and that… is challenging too. 

It’s okay honey.. (I know it won’t feel okay - it will actually feel like your entire world has  collapsed) it’s just a recalibration point. The reason you were doing all this in the first place was to get out of the situation you were in (unconscious driver) and most of the time - get away from something that was mighty uncomfortable and now you’ve done that… well, now what? 

Now what? Is time to reassess your goals, get clear on your next steps - you know EXACTLY what you have to do - so make a plan and do it. 

And yet… whump thump wimp… puddled mess… drip.. drip… drip… uninspired jam coming right up.. oh yeah, not up.. down… 

The real issue here? The thing you’re really needing to face? 

Is not the why… 

It is the unconscious driver…. 

And from all I just mentioned? The key here? 

Is Self Love. 

Is Self. 

Is doing it for YOU. 

Doing it for your Life Purpose aka YOU. 

No one else. 


If you aren’t finding that place of motivation and FUCK YES like you used to have and you are in the puddled mess… the reflection of that watery puddle beneath you - is a shining reflection of you in there honey.

It is you, YOU - you are needing to do this for. 

No one else. 

Not humanity. 

Not the world. 

Not your father. 

Not your mother. 

Not your child/children.

Not your family. 

Not your friend. 

Not your neighbour. 

No one - but YOU. 

When you can look at the puddle of reflection at your feet, realising that She/He is the One, sitting there, following you around, never leaving your side, waiting so diligettlnly for you to take notice and come back to the truth of you that you may be returning to the for the first time this lifetime after releasing the puddle of entirety of what society has ingrained in you since birth….

Can be confronting… but when you break through this mirror? When you crack this open? When you let yourself become One with the puddle of reflection at your feet? 

Something… magical happens. 

You may grieve, and grieve and grieve… for what seems like quite some time…. And then, moment by moment, thread by thread, you will come back to a place that is  so familiar, that you realise has been there all along, but you… are just here now and that is all that matters. 

From this place, this deep connection to your Soul, this place of remembrance that is beyond what you thought possible before… EVERYTHING is here… 

And the motivation is different. It is calm, it is fired up, it is quite - it is all the things - because it is YOU doing it for YOU, no need to impress, no care about what others say… there is an empowered strength about you, you are different, changed… and you can… do what you came here to do now with a stabilised strength, dedication, commitment and deep sustained joy - because you are living - your Life Purpose. 

You are here. Present. Deeply accepting and loving your surroundings keeping your intuitive eye on your vision and you are ready… to take on the world. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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