I See People Telling People 'you just need to not be in the pain of it'

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I See People Telling People 'you just need to not be in the pain of it' 'you just need to think a positive thought' 'you just need to get over it' 'you just need to forget about it' 'you just need to choose the light and decide to let it go' 'you need to choose to move into a higher vibration' and I cringe, I deeply cringe at the fact that people even tell people these things! 

Maybe it is that they don't want to feel what that person is feeling... 

Maybe it is that they don't know what else to say... 

Maybe it is that they are protecting their own energy... 

Maybe it is that they think that person is 'in too low a vibration and I need to stay clear of them'... 

Maybe it is that they simply do not know how to handle such a person which strong, deep, powerful, 'negative' emotions - that they do not know where to start with such a person that has been to hell and somehow got back again through the deepest, darkest trauma that they can't even begin to imagine nor realise the depth of what that person has been in. 

I am here to acknowledge that - it isn't damn easy to just 'make a choice to let it go'... 

Or that thinking positive works - fuck no it doesn't! Not when they haven't shifted out the deepest trauma that is still held in their body, let alone what that event has psychologically done to that person! 

I SHUDDER and deeply am somewhat in shock, when I see responses, replies or even posts that people just tell people to get over it or think positive or 'just ascend to a higher vibration' 🙄🙄🙄 I get fired up about this!! 

There is a definite process that occurs when someone is waking up to their reality! 

ESPECIALLY someone who has been through a traumatic experience or life! 

There is a timing to everything and I see and hear people think that people like that should be able to just 'get over it' and 'choose it to be done' 'just let it go, make a choice and do it' and I 😳😳😳

Those that are WAKING UP TO THEIR REALITY - THE REALITY IS THAT THEY FACE A FUCK LOAD OF PAIN!!!! It's part of the waking up process!!!

Many say - don't focus on the pain, don't go there! 


The worst thing you can do to 'heal' someone, is dis-regard how someone is feeling and shut them down!

And those people turn away from consciousness and somewhat try to go unconscious again, but many know once you've woken up, you can't seem to do that no matter how hard you try... 

Yet - no one is willing to go there with them and help shift their PAIN! 

Some of you may be shaking your head at me, thinking, oh Hannah, this is just a reality - pain isn't real. 


Again. I shudder. 

'Mind over matter' - takes a BUCKET LOAD OF PRACTISE at making that muscle strong! 

To tell someone who has just woken up, to just 'ascend to a higher vibration' without sharing processes, healing methods or tools on how to actually support them to leave the 'old matrix' if you want to put labels on it - is unethical! 

Many people don't know how to hold space for someone who is having a mental and emotional break down and telling them not to cry is like the worst thing you can do for their healing! 😳😳😳 

If you truly knew your power... if you truly knew how to 'heal someone'... if you truly knew that the ONLY required piece of YOU - was to empathetically listen... you wouldn't be 'telling them to ascend to a higher vibration' and 'just choose to let it go' without deeply holding space for the deepest trauma wounds to shift and support them with HOW to do that. 

Focus and mindset yes... but for someone who is waking up to their reality of how much pain and traumatic events have really affected their health and life - just telling them to 'get over it and choose positive higher vibrations' is unethical! 

Some people think they are in victim mode and not want to help themselves... 

And there are people in the world like that of course... however - the thing that shifts people like that? (Which by the way - are the ones coming to you as you position yourself to be the leader that you are, for help!) 

Is an Ancient Blooded Healer who can hold the depths of spaces, that has been beyond the depths of pain that they are currently feeling, that shifts them JUST with their presence, because of this GIFT AND can set strong healthy boundaries to model shows them exactly HOW to shift... the darkest of dark. 

Spiritual By-Passing is rife in the spiritual communities and it is this 'just ascend to a higher vibration get over it' talk, is this, that is keeping humanity stuck - because it cuts us of from the very thing that heals..... our HEART ❤️

If you truly knew how to drop into the darkest depths of vibrations.. you would realise there is no high or low vibrations... you would tap into a power that is incomprehensible, but only felt.. with the HEART ❤️ 

It is here... that you are FELT and is the reason, they came to you in the first place. 

Don't shut them down with ascension talk. 

Meet them where they are at... knowing your vibration shifts them alone. 

If you are worried about 'descending to their vibration or 'influenced by their low vibration' you've missed the entire point of the game. 

If you truly understand how to shift Humanity, you would understand how it FEELS to be HUMAN.

Just like I posted not long ago: 

Don't tell someone what's wrong/going on for them, without providing the practical day to day solution for them to heal/shift it at the same time.

Without doing so, will send someone further down the negative spiral that will leave them in more fear/hurt and pain.

You may be highly intuitive and sense the truth of what is going on for someone yes.

But don't leave them with that knowledge without giving them the practical tools to help them in their day to day life at the same time.

To do so is unethical and irresponsible.

Remember, you may know and understand a bucket load of information and the truth about what is going on for a person when you intuitively receive information about them. It doesn't mean you need to tell them it all. Your awareness and energetically holding that space is and can definitely be enough to shift them without saying a word.

If you are an intuitive/empath/healer - you are like an alternative modern counsellor and you must understand the depth of your power to save or kill someone.

Yes, sounds intense, but the reality is real.

Use your power responsibly and wisely.

Get training if you feel scared about the depth of your Gift and run your business accordingly.


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you are truly ready to up your game and step into owning the depth of who you are, fine tuning your gift and even discovering what that is.. I bet you have: 

  • Walked through hell on Earth and know you're here for BIG things, or you still wouldn't be here 
  • KNOW you are here to birth something onto the planet that you are not sure what that is, but can feel it in your bones
  • KNOW you have a zillion ideas but need to ground them and stop beating around the bush with it all 
  • Know you're a highly sensitive empath that feels things you feel no one else even senses - OR you think it is normal for everyone and wonder why people feel like you're too much and get upset when you feel this from them (because you don't realise the power of your GIFT) 
  • Are ready to rise in 2020 and beyond and it is time to shine your light on the world and do what you were born to do

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