We were having such a wonderful evening… and then it hit me.

Some people want a long post warning....We were having such a wonderful evening… and then it hit me. The deep wtf is actually going on with Humanity again?! But… it wasn’t so much that - but the reason my intuition brought me here in the first place. And that makes me cry… with how on point my intuition is at times - but not just that - but that I act on it, not just listen to it. It truly does lead you to your dreams - but you have to have enough faith, confidence and actions to match the deepest alignment that your intuition is so readily guiding you to.

I ended up saying it 3 times to 3 different people yesterday - the ACTUAL reason we left the Sunshine Coast, the reason my intuition was telling me to get in the car and leave.

There was NO WAY I was going to be in lockdown stuck in my house - and all that my mind, body and soul was leading to was - why are they even doing that? And all my intuitive visions kept showing me was the vision of men in big...

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DO that, and ONLY that! Easier said than done right? 

My Heart hasn't been happy since being back here on the coast - except for getting my hair done again and going to yoga! #citylifeperks

People have been sharing how happy I look in these photos - YES! Because I took them when I was out West - where my Heart and Soul were HAPPY!! 


Well, that is what I used to feel too... I KNEW what I wanted, but couldn't break free of those chains that... were already unlocked, but I didn't know how to break free of the energetic patterns that were the chains still binding me to bringing my past to my future. 

And it wasn't all about 'only breaking those chains' - definitely not in the past, as I was working to create a freedom lifestyle that enabled me to break those chains, yet, once I had 'made it' - actually breaking free? Well, you know my recent road trip story! 

Since being back, I finally...

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Things you can do, to stay out of fear and in TRUST

Things you can do, to stay out of fear and in TRUST which is... your SUPER POWER:
~ Turn off all media that mentions anything bad happening in the world. You can ask your Angels to be shown what you need to be shown through other means. I haven't watched the news since 2005 and my Angels always tell me what I need to know when I need to know it. You can filter your social media feed to only see in your feed the posts you enjoy and that keep you on track - not what you don't like or pull you off track.
~ Take a break from anything that brings your Soul down and do what brings you Heart alive instead. Oh, you've forgotten what that feels like? Time to remember who you are then hey?
~ Remove stress from your life. Your immune system depletes from stress, worry and you guessed it - fear. Your immune system thrives by happiness, joy and doing what brings your Heart alive. Your immune system is not protected by hand washing. Your immune system is...
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SACRIFICE, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT = PURPOSE - that's what dreams are made of. Anyone who tells me otherwise is lying! 

Maybe - the word Purpose needs to be substituted for the word Dreams. I like calling them dreams. Labels are good for understanding consciousness... then the next stage in the evolution of your consciousness is releasing the labels... and then life really begins 

I realised this morning.... how long I actually hold on to things. 

Not things as such... but the hurts - that someone says to me, or makes a passing comment to me and I don't voice it in the moment (used to not voice it in the moment!) but hold onto the hurt... and it shuts me down. 

Or like a sensitive feather of my Soul, is cut at the quill. 

This past 6-9 months has been a journey into 'why' have I shut myself down so much? Why did I stop sharing my Heart? 

You may have noticed in my few recent blogs, I am opening up more and more again... sharing more of me. 

Maybe I...

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Did you see the golden blanket?

I was shown an image two nights ago when I was falling asleep... of our Earth. I couldn't find an image that would look like what it was - but this is the closest I could find.
I was wondering what I was looking at and asked what I was being shown.
Then I was reminded how the Magnetic Field of the Earth has shifted and changed and is no longer there.
Yet, now - there is this wave, this cloud, this golden blanket more so that I can describe it as, that is blanketing our Earth.
Magnetic Fields - if they are no longer - then what is here?
An openness?
An increased sensitivity?
A deeper awareness?
More Soul's awakening at rapid speed as the magnetic dissonance has dispelled and disintegrated leaves for a higher frequency bandwidth to increase - that means the extremes of this contradictory 3D Earth Plane we live in are also increasing,
I received mid last year that 'the bandwidth'...
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I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done.

I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done and get back home to do it. Yet, the reality of being back here has hit me hard.

I didn't want to come back. And it was quite phenomenal when I had made the decision to leave - not even packed up - this was 3 days prior to leaving - our parrot, Alex, who, had not been in his carry crate since we arrived, yet it was always open on his table (as he has a portable perch and is just 'out' all the time) - I made the decision to leave and... I walked inside and he had climbed into his carry crate. So amazing how much animals feel. I hadn't even voiced it to anyone yet at that time! 

It was... pretty special, travelling with our animals - that... if it wasn't for the storms, some animals would've been baby sat/in the kennels, that.. this trip showed me how we can ALL go and that.. was pretty special. 

This trip, showed me so much. Clarity is definitely one of them! 


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I can feel it about to drop in, not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there.

I can feel it about to drop in - not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there. This moving to the next level of expansion - has been... huge to say the least - but hey - isn't expansion huge? It's getting bigger? So... this is normal right? 

I can feel this entire trip has been about a shake up in not just routine - but breaking out of all addictions, and the final threads of the co-dependence that I chose to consciously work on back in 2018. Of course, that will always be a work in progress - but it was the end of 2017 when I consciously decided and made a choice to consciously work on it. 

Having been a single mum by choice for the last 11 years, and then 'having' to go back to the hospital I was born at the other day (which my toe is fine and began healing as soon as that piece of mulga was out!) has been the biggest recalibration I have ever received. 

I have been back to my home town many, many times before in my life, yet this...

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JUST LIKE THAT - COMPLETE LIFE DIRECTION SHIFTS Talk about showing me where my controls are!
Something shifted in me today.
No more mucking around.
No more when if or maybe.
Just DONE!
I thought we were heading in a particular direction, but it appears the Universe - had other ideas!
This change - has some what thrown me - YET - it has made me more determined than ever before!
You know when you think you have figured something out and then it completely changes - like the rug being pulled out from under your feet?
Yeah, that one.
COMPLETE life direction change.
Yet - this new direction?
Yet, of course - probably where I want to go
I thought I had it figured out - bbbbuuuuutttttt the Universe just showing me who is REALLY in charge!
However, I also know - this made me recalibrate...
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I've been in and out of okay.. but fuck today was INTENSE!

I've been in and out of okay.. but fuck today was INTENSE!

THIS IS THE SOFTENING INTO RECEIVING MY DESIRES - but OMG what is flowing through me is.... somewhat... INTENSE! 

I realised yesterday what I was doing out here... I realised why I was brought out here 'unexpectedly'. 

This is my birth place, the place my Soul chose to incarnate for this lifetime. 

I realised this not too long ago - well, of course I always knew it right, but it was more.... deeper realisation or something. 

And my affinity for United Arab Emirates and the Middle East? Oh the Red Dirt looks EXTREMELY close in relation to me! THAT only dawned on me not long ago and that is what got me to asking why I incarnated here... and what my connection is to the Middle East before this current lifetime.

Yesterday I had a dawning realisation that almost made me... freak.. for a moment. But underneath - it all makes total sense. 

For the past 4 or so years I have been deeply questioning, where is...

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Maybe, that is what this trip has been about. 

Because it certainly wasn't about the storms! Yet, that is the thing that got me out of there - so it was time, to move outta there - and FAST. 

And it sure did happen. 

And I think from that, I am still adjusting. Well, I feel that it wasn't until two days later I actually energetically arrived after driving 2000kms unexpectedly, well, 1603 to precise. 

It's been an adjustment, in a sense in that I am someone who likes to energetically be prepared for something like this road trip. And whilst I was - intuitively, and could pack up and leave within 3 days with 'no warning whatsoever' - is a pretty big feat if I do say so myself. 

I am sure the sun is shining back where we've lived for 8 years and of course, I have gone through the full range of emotions, including bawling my eyes out as soon as our car pulled up in a place I knew we would be staying for longer...

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