After yet ANOTHER devastating relationship break up

After yet ANOTHER devastating relationship break up I found myself hiding away, breaking down in tears and pretending nothing happened on the outside, when inside, I was dying.. another huge gaping hole in my heart.... wtf is actually wrong with me??

After several weeks of moping around, trying to get some sort of work done and figuring out what is next because it seemed like everything was lost... I finally began to pick myself up and get back on my feet again. 

I began to get in my groove again and vowed to never let any man pull me off path again... or.. let myself loose myself again... and focus on myself, my daughter and my business.

I wrote down pieces of inspiration and stuck it all around my home. Which I do frequently, however, I also go through phases of clearing it all away and having clear open space. 

A fresh wave came in and inspiration flowed as I pulled myself back into deeply alignment, curiosity and wonder at... what the Universe had planned for us. 

 That... was back in January 2019. 

Over the time, when I had rent inspections at my old house, I would get embarrassed having things like this and money goals written every where around my home and so I would hide them before the lady came for the inspection and bring them all back out again when she left. 

Fast forward to August 2020 and... we moved Home. 

As the removalists were carrying in my bedroom dresser, I saw this post it note, hanging off the back of the mirror. I knew instantly I must've hid it there one inspection and... forgotten about it!

I grabbed it and Adaya just happened to be standing there and saw me do it, we walked out and she snatched it out of my hand to read what it was... "I wonder what the Universe has planned for us?" 

It was a way of me letting go of control and allowing Spirit to take the reigns for a while. 

And gosh, have I been on a journey since January 2019 in itself! 

This is a reminder that if things didn't work out the way you thought they would... 

That.. if you have a vision and it doesn't look like what you thought it would... 

That if you... just let go of the reigns for a while, whilst holding your highest vision for yourself, focusing purely on your mindset and energetic alignment to your Highest Self and Life Purpose, that you will... be taken on the ride of your life and be shown how much the Universe can actually do for you and bring into your life, if you would only let go of control and allow it to unfold... exactly as it should.

With a bucket load of faith, with an utmost commitment to the Highest Version of yourself no matter how many times you 'fall down'... 

All that matters is... getting back up and keep on going to your Highest Destiny. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


The Crystalline Chakra Activations are HERE!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Soooo excited to finally release this to the public officially!!! 

There are some that jumped in for the pre-release even with the change that Spirit led me to make with them! 

I got the message to change the price to $49! Yes! They were going to be $97! I know right?! 

On Friday, driving along in my car as I do - yes, an in depth conversation ensued with my Higher Self, I and Spirit due to the entire reason that... I had already released it at $88 AND people had jumped in for that pre-release already! Yep, it was a.. strong conversation that is for sure! 🙄

However, after being shown the bigger picture, of course... I hear that and.. so now, they are $49... whilst we are on this Crystalline Chakra Journey over these coming weeks. 

My Inner Circle Clients and the Pre-Release Clients have already had huge energetic shifts from them and I feel elated to be releasing these to you - today! 

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