I decree and declare this is the year 🥂

finding your life purpose how to build your online business how to cope with change how to create online courses how to trust your intuition life purpose accelerator Jan 04, 2022

I decree and declare this is the year Reality Awareness hits $1M in all time revenue. #done

I decree and declare that this is the year Reality Awareness has its first $1M cash month or more. #done

I decree and declare my clients will elevate the same and beyond. #done 

Yes, the figures may not add up, but intuitive business - is never logical. It's how I've always done and continue to do business.

I decree and declare that this year, the complete alignment of all my Purpose requires of me, the visions I have been bestowed for Humanity, accelerate and show up with rapid effortless ease, expansive space and joy. 

2021 has been a falling away of all kinds of relationships that are no longer aligned. 

If I didn’t walk away from them myself, God swiftly took them out of my energy field and physically removed them faster than I can blink an eye at. 

I always move at rapid speed… yet, this last month with not being able to do anything very literally, physically, mentally, emotionally, God truly has shown me just how much I’m supported, just how much I’m loved and cared for in all ways, on all levels. 

It’s like the last 5.5 years I’ve built a momentum in my business by constantly turning up, with dedication, with diligence, with commitment to ‘Reality Awareness, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity’ - the mission that was given to me on that day I remember clear as a bell in August 2006 - God has literally said ‘Hands off now Hannah, I’ve got this.’ And shown me sooo much in this last month alone, just how much I truly have built. 

They say that 6 months of dedicated hard work puts you 5 years ahead. Well, it’s been 5.5 years of dedicated hard work! You do the math 🙌🏻

This last month has given me LOTS of thinking time and although the changes it has brought about were about to happen in 2022 with my planned 3 weeks off - everything became fast tracked. #ofcourse because rapid is how it works and yet, more of everything has come in when I haven’t been doing anything. 

Space. Slowness. Breath. Stillness. And yet all the things are happening all around me at rapid speed without me doing a thing. 

I think they call it Superflow. I think they call it Surrender. 

That, is how 2022 continues. 

It’s like I was given a helping hand to implement bigger changes that my little mind could conceive, God has shown me something bigger than what I originally comprehended about my dreams and vision for Reality Awareness and my personal life. 

For that, things had to massively clear out, things had to fall away, things got shipped out, directions were changed. 

After a super heavy few days of the darkest Moon I’ve experienced to date, so many howling tears, so deep and dark, the current New Moon 🌙 has brought me a renewed energy, a fresh outlook and a feeling of this expanded vision that God showed me through this entire experience. 

Yes, I am speaking of God here. 

For me, God, Universe, Spirit, The All are deeply, intricately the same. I ultimately don’t believe there is a Human word that can describe ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is that we all sense is ‘there’, but we can try. 

I talk to Angels all day, but God saved me that almost fateful day and showed me something I’ve never seen, nor felt before in all my experience working in this realm since 2005. 

It’s brought me to a place that I’m not allowing one more day to: 

  •  Wallow in pity
  •  Hold onto resentment, unforgiveness and bitterness of my past 🔥
  •  Let my boundaries drop with tolerating behaviours and people who are simply not aligned 🙅🏻‍♀️
  •  Let shame (other peoples opinions) cloud my energy of who I am, how I speak, how I think, write, teach, run my business, how I live my life - not letting anyones opinion of me, affect me 🌬 I am who I am ❤️🌙
  •  Pass me by where I do not choose to live in joy, gratitude and alignment of my Heart 🤍 (of course, still feeling ALL emotions as the waves come when they do, that’s what Priestesses do 🖤)

New Year 🥂 New Moon 🌙 and a powerful lift in energy that has seen me write this entire piece with my thumb on my phone 🙃 When inspiration drops in, nothing can stop me from sharing - somehow! And thank goodness inspiration is back 🙌🏻

I’m looking forward to sharing the best of my all time best writings, livestreams and teachings with you throughout January, my intuition has already shown me so much for 2022, from January alone after the idea to share these with you - it opened the floodgates - so much gratitude for this after being in a state of stillness with nothing but my thoughts and tears from it all. 

2022, I welcome you 🤍🕊💎 

What do you decree and declare?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

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