🔥Twin Flame Ascension 🔥

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🔥Twin Flame Ascension 🔥 - Soulmates and Lovers and our Rapid Ascension Awakening of Humanity through 2020 and beyond. This post could also be titled "The Truth About Shifting Your Reality, from One Life to the Next." "This is How Your Manifestations Occur"

The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine is awakening - but what does it actually mean? What does it look like in practicality terms in your day to day, everyday waking life? 

The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine is awakening - Consciousness is becoming conscious of itself. 

(Notice the fire above and the ocean below in the image?!)

This also relates to if you are trying to manifest something and it isn't working in your life. 

This also relates to if you are so sick and tired of NOTHING working in your life and wondering why THEY get it all and why it is all so darn hard for you and you feel burdened, over committed and like the world is caving in on you. 

This Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - that begins with 'finding the love of your life' is a powerful concept that is DEEP when you explore just how much this concept affects every single thing in your life, to money issues, health issues and of course, relationship issues. 

Many people come to me to find their Life Purpose. 

But what we ned up working on? 

Is this. 

We clear out.. what is BLOCKING your Life Purpose - then your Life Purpose shows you the way. 

With many, many terminologies, many descriptions, many right and wrongs about Twin Flames and Soulmates out there, it can get a bit confusing. 

Let alone disheartening when you have lost the love of your life right? 

Utter despair, total disrepair of ones broken heart that can send one into the darkest of depressions that some never wake up from. 

Perhaps some have never felt it but are searching for it because they KNOW that out THERE - IS THE ONE. Somewhere on this planet, right? 

They have to be, right? 

With 8 BILLION people on our Earth - you would think so yes? 

Now whilst my own journey of 'searching for my Twin Flame' was the wake up to my co-dependency, it almost killed me. Quite literally. My heart was utterly broken to the point of no return - many times. 

I am sure, many can relate right? 

Whilst for me, back then, I thought my Twin Flame, was my one and only and Soulmate - was - well, like family, I have many 'Souls' that are 'mates' and this is what felt right to me. 

Until I watched Matt Kahn's 'Twin Flames and Soulmates Redefined' which I HIGHLY recommend if you are resonating with anything I have said so far! (Click here to watch it: https://youtu.be/n2da2CQEyy0)

Whilst watching this, it was quite a 'home' feeling - when he 'redefined' Twin Flames for me - it was also a readiness to realise the truth of it and then, another readiness to even embody/action such in my life. 

I guess at the time, it was the can opener to the delusion I was living in and for that, I am forever grateful. 

Back to the now... 

This, wake up to the reality I was living in and what occurred over the next few years, led me to here and the part that I am being called to share here (as the journey through this wake up is a book in itself!) is about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine - what they actually mean and how the Twin Flame and Soulmate consciousness wake ups all play their part in you... finding the love of your life! 

You might say, 'Ha! Hannah! What would you know! You aren't even IN relationship!' 

Yes! I am sure am not in a relationship... 

Yet, I can deeply share this from a place that... has led me to more wholeness in myself than I ever dreamed or knew this level of reality ever existed. 

We reach a certain point... where everything changes. Where.. what was once okay, is not anymore. And everything begins to change. 


Phase 1. Seeking the Answers - Masculine - 'Out There' - A Seed is Born

  • Wondering how you are ever going to meet the one 
  • Maybe you have met someone and they weren't the one so you are separated and perhaps divorced now and are wondering if they even exist
  • Perhaps you are married and are not 100% satisfied and teetering on the edge of do I stay or do I go?
  • Seeking validation from others
  • Trying to figure out the truth
  • Not feeling satisfied, like you KNOW there is more
  • Tired of your current reality, but not entirely sure which path to take, but you are super done with your current reality! 

Phase 2. Taking Action - Masculine - Moving Deeper to the Feminine 

  • Searching/Seeking just like the sperm travels to find 'Her'
  • The Seeking of answers/the solution
  • Taking courses, getting mentor help, growing spiritually to find what the truth is
  • Healing old wounds, figuring out if it is meant to be, but where did this even stem from 
  • You're changing something
  • Or perhaps you are in a space still waiting for someone to save you, do it for you, change it for you.. even though you are 'doing the work' - you are still waiting for the magic pill, the magic switch, for someone to do it for you (you can check this with the way you treat people around you, are you 'bossing them around' and expecting them to be there at the drop of a hat? Yet, you won't lift a finger for them?)
  • Wondering when that lotto win is going to drop in your lap... 
  • Perhaps you are actually not focusing on you, but instead, finding fault with every person out there in the world or - the other person in relationship that THEY are the one with all the problems and when THEY change their behaviour, then it might work, because they suit your standards (little did you know you dropped your own standards  in the first place to be with them and didn't trust your intuition on NOT being with them)
  • Moving into Feminine Energy - the transformation and the (egg and sperm coming together to create change) the masculine has taken action and the feminine energy that is super present, is now changing. 

This seeking 'out there' - is you looking to other people, perhaps you are doing internal work yes - but you are still out there in the world, even possibly consciously dating, looking to meet someone. 

You are still - searching 'out there'. 

You could even be in relationship with someone, but are still talking to other men/women in the hope of finding 'the one' because, even though you are with someone, you know they aren't the one, but won't leave them either 😳

Phase 3: Big Reality Shifts - It 'hits' Reality now

  • Relationship will either break up or make up
  • Relationship will be rocky and undergo intense transformations that may not be repaired 
  • Something starts deeply changing, you go through an 'enough' phase and you shift and change almost everything in your life. 
  • You get fed up with waiting for 'the one' or the magic pill 
  • You bawl your eyes out... MORE THAN ONCE
  • You get over the constant uncommitted people and have stark realisations that... actually YOU are the one that isn't committed. 
  • Or people that use you and abuse you and leave you or steal your energy and you feel super drained and angry most of the time
  • You are the one that has all the issues in the first place and actually how much you haven't dealt with your skeletons in the closet and you need to deal with these before anything else. 
  • You get fed up with your situation being like it is
  • You feel like you have tried EVERYTHING for so damn long and nothing is working anymore
  • It is like you 'hit a wall here' and can have a 'break down' - yet, hang in there, this is the break through... this the sperm hitting up against the 'wall' of the ovary and is about to break through baby! Don't stop now! (even though you are probably exhausted, don't want to even try anymore and are completely over it - ALL! EVEN this spiritual stuff that doesn't work for you!) #hanginthere
  • Keep grieving, it is important at this phase to get all these authentic feelings out

Phase 4: The Germination of an Entirely New Reality 

  • You go on relationship hiatus 
  • You choose to remove yourself from everyone and everything that is no longer serving your highest good
  • You choose to remove yourself from anything that drags you down or drains your energy 
  • You choose to ignore and block everyone that isn't supporting you and your choices
  • You walk through a TONNE of guilt, because you are finally doing what YOU need to do in your life and that is quite uncomfortable for quite some time, but you KNOW you have to do this. 
  • You seem like you have NO friends, no NO one around you anymore that gets you (but did you ever?!)
  • It feels quiet, eery quiet almost, like you haven't experienced this level of peace and quiet before, it is a relief, that is for sure, but then you have waves of how uncomfortable this is and want to go back to your old reality even though you know it wasn't good (or the behaviour you are trying to move away from) (Remember if you have removed yourself from a toxic relationship, and haven't read my blog about removing yourself from toxic people and are struggling with that click here to do so https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/this-is-what-happens-when-you-cut-toxic-people-situations-from-your-life)
  • You start to focus on you without any (many) distractions and start to feel different inside
  • You work on positive mindset and really shifting out the blocks that led you to end up in your reality as it is and learn to be gentle with yourself as you realise you've already been through enough beating up! 
  • You may still cry uncontrollably at times, yet you know this is healing and deeply allow the waves to come when they do... being so gentle on yourself


Which is the softening of the feminine - this is the opening to a new reality - this is the melting away of the walls and suddenly all the push that you have been doing all your life, doesn't have to be there anymore. 

This is the sperm that has broken through and now in the ovary - this is the masculine and the feminine coming together. 

This is the Masculine you - finding YOU - finding the Feminine YOU. 

This is the coming together of the Divine Masculine, finding the Divine Feminine and 'holding her' - as you are gentle with yourself. 

As you begin to 'let this softening happen' by gentle self talk - kindness and deep self care of self, this is the you, letting in the Masculine to support you, hold you, comfort you. 

This is your Divine Connection growing through strength in deep exponential ways. 

Perhaps you have needed to remove yourself from even your spiritual mentors and perhaps all of life for a time whilst you remember what reality even is - THIS - is the INTEGRATION of the Soul and the Human!

This is the INTEGRATION and MERGING back to ONENESS within SELF. 

THIS is the Divine Balance in action. 

No longer are you split. 

No longer are you questioning. 

No longer do you feel powerless and shouting that all over the world without looking at yourself. 

No longer do you even feel the need to explain yourself, nor justify yourself, nor apologise for yourself, nor tell anyone what you are doing anymore.

You just do it. 

With deep grounded, balanced action that is so strong and powerful that people wonder what you've done differently. 

And you turn around and tell them you've grown, done the work, faced reality, shifted... and struggle to find a word that even explains it. 

As the depth of transformation you have just gone through... is not something that can be put into words really. 

Because you FEEL different. 

And people feel that too. 

You feel complete and realise that you don't even have that pull to look for a partner/twin flame/soulmate anymore.. that longing, just isn't there anymore. 

You have allowed your Masculine to hold and protect you. 

You have allowed your Feminine to soften to receive your Masculine self that provides, holds and protects you, so you can rise to the greatness that your Feminine is. 

This softening - this feeling safe with your internal Masculine (aka looking inside yourself, rather than someone out there) - and your Feminine allowing this internal 'looking inside yourself' to occur - this - is you letting in all the love, abundance and everything you have been trying to manifest to date - is you - letting it into YOU, instead of it dispersing everywhere which way out there and no wonder you feel drained right? 

You are coming Home to YOU... 

You are FINDING YOU... 

You are FINDING THE ONE aka YOU...

Because you have looked IN you.. 

No more empty hole.. because YOU are filling YOU up, you are there for you. 

ALL your relationships change when you do this. ALL of them. 

What is not in alignment anymore, that is feeding from this old reality hole WILL drop away and out of your reality, leaving space for the people who also have this reconnection of self, who have turned deeply INWARDS - will begin to show up. 

Your Divine Feminine Self, is awaiting you to care for her... 

Your Divine Feminine Self, is awaiting you to turn towards her... 

Your Divine Feminine Self, is awaiting you to expend all that energy you give to others... onto HER, not out there to you. 

Your Divine Masculine Self, is the one who provides, who protects, who is the remedy to your pain.. if you would only trust yourself enough, to open... to yourself. To go IN there. 

You can imagine, what magic of your Life Purpose flourishes from a Return to Self from this right? 

Your Life Purpose isn't out there... it's YOU ☯️

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


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