I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done.

ancient blooded healer business development energetic awareness frequency recoding healing relationships how to trust your intuition reality awareness Mar 05, 2020

I took this photo before I left, when clarity reigned and I felt deeply at peace about what needs to be done and get back home to do it. Yet, the reality of being back here has hit me hard.

I didn't want to come back. And it was quite phenomenal when I had made the decision to leave - not even packed up - this was 3 days prior to leaving - our parrot, Alex, who, had not been in his carry crate since we arrived, yet it was always open on his table (as he has a portable perch and is just 'out' all the time) - I made the decision to leave and... I walked inside and he had climbed into his carry crate. So amazing how much animals feel. I hadn't even voiced it to anyone yet at that time! 

It was... pretty special, travelling with our animals - that... if it wasn't for the storms, some animals would've been baby sat/in the kennels, that.. this trip showed me how we can ALL go and that.. was pretty special. 

This trip, showed me so much. Clarity is definitely one of them! 

Clarity about so many things, in my personal life, in my business life - in all areas. 

If there is one word - Recalibration - would definitely be it. 

Yet, the reality of being here πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£

I think I have been in conflict about it (well not now!) because for me - it is SUPER strange, dear MerAngel me - to not want to be near the ocean! 

Let alone learning to and now loving surfing, being a Mermaid and the ocean being my resource - when we arrived back after 3 days straight of drive time, I felt repulsed by the ocean, not nurtured by it - which for me - is unheard of! 

Maybe, it was stirring up my emotions... 

We arrived back around lunchtime on Monday and that afternoon - I received a speeding fine, through a speed camera in my local area. It snapped me. I burst out crying! 'I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE' - it was INTENSE! 

After driving 3000km and then getting a speeding fine - here? Gah. Seriously. Maybe a 70 zone, after being on open roads with 'no speed limit' (and gosh did I enjoy driving my V8 out there on those roads - my Soul has been CRAVING THAT) - we had literally only arrived home 2 hours prior, regardless, for me it was the 'welcome not to your home' or something. 

Anyway. Of course, it let out tears.. .and tears... and tears... which had begun the day before! 

If you had been following my 'stories' - you would've seen me on Sunday, when we arrived back on the Queensland border and how much I didn't want to be heading back. I had this same feeling in 2017 as well.. yet this time, perhaps part of this clarity - has shown me, I actually do not HAVE to stay where we are. 

My daughters father now lives overseas, I have no ties to the Sunshine Coast, other than a few Soul Friendships and a tonne of memories. 

I've been 'quiet' on social media.. because I haven't been able to stop crying! 

Yes.. driving probably has opened this up - it is a lot of concentration and a work out in itself! Hats off to those truck drivers who do it for a living! 

The biggest piece that made me bawl my eyes out the most when I got home, well two major things, but one, more major than the other is that the ONLY reason I stayed living on the coast is because I met my ex. 

Yes, it was deep in 'co-dependence' (and yes, my quote post about co-dependence stirred and triggered a lot of people, I am going to do an entire livestream in the next few days about this 'quote' - I have A LOT to say about it) in this relationship with my ex... 

I remember it so clearly, it was December 2012, I was wondering why I was living on the East Coast, when my family was over West. I had, had enough. Being here on my own with my daughter. I was looking and applying for rentals back over West. Then, two weeks later, I met my ex. 

It was instant connection. He was my Twin Flame, I knew it! #match. But then the fire burnt more than I could bare... all the words he said - he never held to them, it was all talk and.... well, 5 years later, a fuck tonne of therapy and a whole new Hannah emerged with a level of consciousness that I imagine I 'wouldn't be at this consciousness now' had I not walked through this entire experience - of course. 

Yet those massive, massive tears on Monday evening?

Was because I have never let myself feel the grief of that - that one piece that I stayed on the coast for HIM. 

He said he would marry me, he said he would 'do this lifestyle because this is what he always wanted' (he drank 4 cartons a week and racked coke on a Monday and Tuesday night when his mother wasn't home when I met him) - yep, if the Hannah now - wouldn't even enter.... but oh my, how we grow right? 

I trusted his words... over my own intuition. 

And we all know where that leads. 

Co-dependency. Abuse of all kinds. Shit relationship. Where I nit pick and are internally, deeply angry at - everything in general - because of that one core piece - that... I didn't listen to my intuition - instead, trusted the love I felt from him (the most love I had ever felt from anyone in my entire life, hence the over riding my intuition at the time) and trusting his words, over myself. 

The crucial piece I want to share here is that... for all these years and countless therapy sessions with many different mentors and skill sets - that... this one crucial piece - Id din't let myself feel. 

That... I was feeling so strongly to leave the coast and the ONLY reason I stayed - was for him. 

And of course, when all the shit began to hit the fan and everything didn't work out, time and time again as this was a very on again and off again relationship, I was told I had major problems, I was fucked up, I needed to go to a mental institution and all sorts of things let alone everything else of the infidelity and almost jumping off a cliff I was that low at one point..... (which by the way I KNEW it wasn't my time, that my purpose was too important and HAVE to leave this legacy on the planet BEFORE I go and if I had - i would've lived and it wouldn't have been pretty AND - the following year at the same time, turned my business into a company and has been onwards and upwards. It was 8 months after the cliff incident something shifted in me and I chose myself over and god damn man and he had to rise to my standards - NOT the other way around - my life, really began when I did this... it hasn't been easy BUT... it is how it has been.) 

All because... I didn't listen to my intuition. 

You understand the depth of why I teach this now right? Trust Your Intuition is my Certified Healers course and ALL these crucial pieces are in there so you don't have to learn the hard and slow, painful way, like I did. 

There is a reason I teach what I do, in the way that I do. 

I have a world to change - and it starts with trusting our intuition. 

You are NOT crazy... 

You are NOT too emotional... 

You are NOT fucked up... 

You DON'T need to go to a mental institution (which is what my ex said to me!) -

You just need to stay the fuck away from people who only serve to bring you down - WHICH - is easy to attract when you are not trusting your intuition! 

There are so many reasons why we don't trust our intuition however... that is for another post... and an entire course on it, there is that much. 


Anyway - crucial point - that...... because, because, because - there have been SO many good things that have come out of 'being stuck on the coast here' since I met my ex and 'was stuck here' like: 

  • sat in SO many counselling sessions (with the correct mentor btw - this is crucial to actually shifting the shit in you! As sooo many people tell me 'counselling doesn't work' and there is a reason for that and is why I teach what I do in my Certified Healers course - because it is more than just talking and being held - it is an energy thing and Healers, who have been trained and fine tuned correctly - have this gift) - I have become the person I am today, because of it... all good now, but gosh right?! 
  • Taught myself to surf at 30yrs old 
  • Built and stabilised my online business (which now gives me the freedom to leave in complete stability, truly have 'no plans' and follow my intuition around the globe πŸ€©) 
  • Met some beautiful Soul friends that I will have for life 
  • Learnt so much about life and relationships that I could write books on it! (Yes, coming!)
  • So many other things... 

THAT - I let all these good things over-ride my grief about... that pivotal moment where I chose him, over my own life and intuitive guidance to leave.... 

Immediately my mind goes into - but all these good things - yet, the point I am sharing here is that - when we don't let ourselves feel the grief of those seemingly tiny elements of change - that pivotal moment of change - that would've seen me living a completely different life now I am sure.... that... I didn't grieve, because of 'all the good things that came from staying here' - this grief hit me hard on Monday... and I let myself FEEL. 

I know I have been 'on the coast too' for this time, due to my daughter's father as well... yet.. he moved overseas 4 years ago... sooo... 

I had been asking Spirit to remove any last blocks to my next level and.... phew... 3000km for me to see this.. right... 

Yet - I also realised I have felt like I have been in relationship with him, even though we haven't - energetically - we may as well be it feels like and THAT element was SOOO noticeable to me when I drove west for 3 days and FELT the difference. It's like I have been waiting for him or something. No wonder I haven't met anyone else, nor chose to enter again after what seemed like guy after guy, being hung up on their ex still. Well... we know where that reflection is! I just didn't know/see it - I have been energetically living in it. Yep, time for huge life/environment change, and it's coming. 

I thought it was this house - and there is DEFINITE elements to this with the agent hating on me every time she walks in my house saying how 'disgustingly beautiful' I loo because she follows me on instagram and makes me think, well anyone can take care of themselves and look beautiful - but you have to FEEL it on the inside... makes me wonder what reflection of self hate threads to still release I have going on there... πŸ€”Let alone her watching me also rise in my business and what that does to people let alone anything else... and gah that thread feels so restricting that this has been the other piece that has erghed my driving home too.... every time I have applied for somewhere else to live in the past 3 years, knocked back time and time again.... other comments have made me... you know, as a highly intuitive empath when you can feel you're calling people on their bullshit and they still blatantly lie to your face... yep, that one... anyway... 

Just all these crucial elements that... when you ask Spirit to remove the blocks to your next level - goodness - well.... don't be surprised when your entire life recalibrates - I was going to say, falls apart - but it is a recalibration - nothing more, nothing less. 

This may all sound a bit depressing and negative.. and the wake ups have been real.. yet - it is just consciousness to the parts I had buried, let alone DENIED... denied myself of having what I REALLY want... 

Realising how much of a watered down version I have been living of my 'dreams' - this recalibration after sitting here for 3 years building my online business and now Spirit showing me - 'how' I can move on..and what my next steps are in this house, on the coast and... to where I am being led to go...with complete stability in my freedom... ah.... that freedom bliss feeling.. 

THAT - that is to be followed - nothing more - nothing less... what I want... what Hannah wants... 

From. This. Day. Forth. 

Not a watered down version. Not swayed by people's comments of their own limitations of self. 

Just. Myself. 

Selfishly Me. 

And within that.. my purpose is born. 

Contradictory right? 

Yet... when we truly do us, when we truly listen to our intuition... THAT is where our purpose lays... the gift, the lesson... your purpose.. is inside of you 🌟

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

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