I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house

I would frequently say to Adaya at our old house, as we would stand out in the front yard on the road, as we watched the last rays of sunlight trickle down behind the houses - our next home, I want to be able to see the Sunrise and Sunset with no obstruction of houses. 

Low and behold... that is exactly what we have now. (That building you can see in the picture, is horse stables 🐴). 

Almost every afternoon, I stand out the front and watch the glory of this, as I sun gaze deeply and allow those beautiful VitaminD rays into my eyes and standing in the deep, deep gratitude of this wide, wide open space, above me, all around me, into the hills as far as I can see. 

There are a few houses here and there, but nothing like crammed suburbia where I spent 8 years of Adaya's youngest youth and the biggest transformation from the darkest pot holes in my Heart to - BECOMING my Heart. 

As it nears almost three months being in this home now, I can feel I am really starting to 'arrive' this last two weeks, and with that - much grief is surfacing. 

The only thing blocking our sunrises - is... a pile of trees.. and I am way okay with that! 🌳

Last Dark Moon, I stood outside, under the black night sky, staring at the stars... bawling my eyes out crying.. and realising that... I asked for this. I asked for exactly this. 


In February this year, before I left Broken Hill on what was the start of our 5 months of road trips, I didn't want to leave... I didn't want to go back to the coast. 

Part of me felt like a failure.. here I am driving all this way for a Category 5 cyclone that never eventuated and now you want me to go back to that place?! 

After getting a taste of the road, let alone the open air and SPACE, that my Soul and body felt like I could breathe again after years of being in that suburb, I didn't want to leave. But the most excruciating heart break about that, was the fact that... I didn't actually know where 'Home' was. 

I remember standing out there, in the middle of that beautiful red dirt desert, somewhat angry demanding and commanding to the Circle of 12 Guides that had showed up because of my intense Priestess Code wielding commands, having a very stern conversation and I placed my order. 

If you want me to do this work, if you want me to feel better, if you want me to do all these things I NEED HELP!! AND a new home to do it in, because my Soul was suffocating in Wurtulla, I couldn't face it! 

I NEED a bigger home.... 4 bedroom minimum... 

I NEED a bigger space to call home... to do said work... 

I NEED air-con (super important piece for me)... 

AND a pool for Adaya - also very important. 

That was all I asked. 

But in a very, wielding somewhat angry deep conversation out in the desert that early morning, those gorgeous dawns, that were the colours of a painted Sapphire sky, as the stars faded to see the glorious Lion sun rise. 


Until last Dark Moon, staring at the stars, tears streaming down my face, with all that had just happened that week, let alone.. the past 6 months of... all of that. 

So. Huge. 

Here we are today, with views as wide as the eye can see, with a choir of native birds as my alarm clock on a daily basis, with barely a Soul to be seen, a blessed saltwater pool and glorious sunsets to gaze until my heart can not melt no more. 

This morning, I was reminded of that Sunrise, that powerful Dawn before I left Broken Hill back in February.. and that portal of energy that led me here. It was a lengthy conversation and I had forgotten about it until last Dark Moon and then today, on this powerful Dark Moon Portal - I am deeply reminded of it this morning - with a Dawn - EXACTLY the same colours, which is just unseen before my eyes ever before of these sort of colours (I will put the Sapphire Blue on my story now from February) and this morning, after waking at 2:39am for the first time waking in the middle of the night for literally five years, I decided to get up at 4am and start my morning rituals (very common for me) and as I was journalling my reality into existence, I was met - with this Sapphire Dawn, rising in Her glory. 

It was profound. 

The Dawn and the Dusk are my FAVOURITE times out of the 24 hour cycle we seem to experience here on this Earth plane. 

I was a little bit argh about waking like that. Literally five years I have not woken like that and what I woke thinking about was super significant but not at all work related.. but perhaps there is a deeper purpose relation to it. 

With a mission to complete right now, I chose to get up then, knowing that there is a HUGE day ahead of me regardless... I do what it takes, there isn't even a question about it. 

And yet... 

The energy is potent... 

Super Peak Dark Moon... 

Super Portal leading up to our Full Moon in two weeks that falls on Halloween and Transcendence deeply taking Her full steps into fruition of a catalystic and deep six weeks ahead, taking us up to the 21st December Portal - the energy? 

The Dark Moon Peak right now? 

And the Sapphire Dawn - that came for me this morning? That was EXACTLY like that power portal morning back in February? 


When I arrived back to my old house in February, after the Sapphire Dawn out in the middle of the Outback - huge changes occurred in my life for the following 5 months after that. 

Right now? 

I can feel the same about to take flight. 

So you might want to watch this space 🤣

It ain't road trips this time but! (or is it? 🤔)

I actually don't know what it is... but the energy - is the exactly the same. 

Catalystic HUGE life changes coming right up! 

You know I don't do things in halves. 

I am an extremist. 

I am a Galactic Seismologist who pulls apart the Universe and put's it back together in the forms that I want. I can read beyond Universe's that people take eons to 'spiritually enlighten' to. 

That is my gift. 

It is here, that with each Sapphire Dawn and King of the Jungle Golden Sunsets, I keep getting shown the next step and the next step and thus, an entire staircase is built... to that Golden Doorway. 

Will you... step through? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


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