When the Devil becomes your ally, you wouldn't even question the darkness.

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When the Devil becomes your ally, you wouldn't even question the darkness. 

When the Devil becomes your ally, you see them as your best friend. 

When the Devil becomes your ally, you know you're moving and have shifted to your next level. 

When the Devil becomes your friend, not your foe... reality shifts beyond measure. 

When the Devil becomes your deepest reflection you transform your reality at the most underground of cores that takes root in the depths not many dare to go. 

They see it is a scary. 

They see it as evil. 

They see it as low vibration that should be steered away from with a ten foot barge pole. 

Yet, most do not know, that the most powerful energy, comes from the darkest of depths, if you know how to travel them and return with more power and sense of self that some try, but never reach. 

Creation was born in blood, sweat and tears. (Intimacy with a lover, is all of these in deep creation of a Being)

Creation was born in violence. (Just look at the big bang and how Earth arrived here in the first place!)

Creation was born in a desire for MORE. (Some people call this greed I think!)

Creation is messy, sometimes deeply hurtful (violent nature of ones being) - and when you can 'master these energies' - the alchemist is born. 

When you understand, no, not just understand, when you have this skill - of the Devil, being your best friend - you start to experience reality differently... 

With deep grounded trust instead of fear... 

It is staying centred in the eye of the hurricane. 

It is staying grounded and connected in the face of people ripping you apart. 

That when people leave your field, you have just stepped up another level... 

That when you feel agitated and unsettled, that energy is dissipating from your body and energetic field because you are rising to the next level... you let it. 

That when you talk to the Devil in the Entity removal process - you become friends with them, instead of them overtaking you and engaging in behaviours that are not you... thus losing consciousness. You stay conscious and you rise with them, not get taken to unconsciousness of separation of reality and being that sees you take longer than days to recover from. 

That you start to feel more and more yourself, grounded, without even trying, that you... feel deep clarity in who you are... 

That you realise the Golden Light is the most powerful vibration that becomes your exuding energy of creation that shifts your physical reality beyond measures you have never felt before - but this, is the reality you have been creating in the first place. 

When you become friends with the Devil, you become the Master of your Reality. 

When you become friends, with the Devil, you see everyone as you and you as everyone. 

When you become friends, with the Devil - you become the transformer, the alchemist, the powerful energy Being that you are. 

When you become friends with the Devil, your entire reality, becomes Magic ✨

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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