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Whatever dark abyss I travelled the other day - it returned me to the LIGHT OF WHO I AM πŸŒŸIt always does... you just have to know how to travel it.

Maybe I have been afraid to own it. 

Maybe I have been out of alignment. 

Maybe it is just fucking time. 

I definitely know I needed this time of deep recalibration that is for sure, I know I needed this space to remember who I am. I know I needed this space to shift out of and release my old life - I definitely know that. 

The other day, dropping into the deepest of deep grief that I haven't felt since 2013 - I KNEW something was shifting, although, it didn't feel nice, I witnessed myself in the total floor-less abyss that cleaned me out like no tomorrow. 

IN honour of REMEMBERING WHO THE FUCK I AM - I have woken - well, last night in the shower of course! All the things came streaming through reminding me Who I Am, what I do, what I am to do and what it is I am here for in deep dedicated Service in my Purpose - and in my Life. 

I have had the biggest pieces of my life drop out of my field this week - ones that I thought would be there until the end - that untethered me to no end and now finding this new ground... this... solid ground... after travelling that abyss of nothingness that I thought would never end. 

I realised the other day, well the day after, I had put on my story - all the cows in the paddock. I love them, but geez they smell at times. I walked over to them on my story, sighed and said, 'Oh how I miss the Ocean' as I panned the camera out to the green rolling hills.

Little did I know that the following days - the abyss arrived πŸŒŠ

I began to put the pieces together yesterday as I saw the cows again and the green rolling hills and felt entirely different about them. 

It showed me that every time I craved the Ocean, missed it and pined for it - another WAVE was coming. 

A huge wave of feelings, a great Ocean of abyss nothingness that swallows me whole and I wonder if I am ever going to come out the other side of it - or through it - or whatever the fuck it is. 

I knew moving out here, was taking me away from my resource - the Ocean. 

I remember moving to Brisbane back in February 2006 and being an hour away from the Ocean when I lived 2 mins walk to it, living at the stunning Alexandra Headlands, I learnt first hand what it meant to have my resource taken away from me. I had soooo many emotions, feelings, old wounds surface without my precious comforter - the Ocean πŸŒŠ

I remember my mentor at the time gently saying to me, 'I think Spirit is showing you how to resource in other ways.' And of course She was right. That has always stuck with me - because it showed me how much I pined for all sorts of things over the years - especially days before a huge abyss swallowed me - time and time again. 

Thankfully, those times are having more and more space in between them, because I have travelled so much (emotions). I definitely know this is why my emotional intelligence, my radar for bullshit and my intuitive empath skills are where they are because of it. 

I can safely say, that I am a Master at travelling them, and that is a skill that not many acquire over their lifetime, let alone many lifetimes. 

Being out here, I was reminded by Spirit this week, that where I used to live for 8 years before this place, was close to the Ocean - but the entire south coast of the Sunshine Coast is built on swamp land and it has a very different energy down there.

I used to be in that house, and over and over, working the water currents under the land that I could FEEL moving, changing, shifting and the petrol station leaking into the waterways underneath. It has always felt and still to this day, no matter how much work I did on that land, a deep dark energy there. I did sooo much work on those waterways that connected to the Ocean in many parts - and I am talking deep under the Earth, that it would shift for a moment, but then back.

Spirit reminded me this week of all those times.. and how now... where I am - is very. Solid. Ground. 

This Solid Ground - enabling me to feel safe. Deeply grounded and deeply present. Here. No where to go. No where to run. No NEED to run. Anymore.

This is what I have been asking for. My Home. 

After 8 years in that last place in Wurtulla, wondering where on Earth my Home was, I was led by a whim of intuition to Victoria where the darkest of demons were faced. In the midst of that darkness, asking again wtf am I doing here and being led to a health food spiritual shop in a random town, I needed deodorant amongst other things that I collected. 

It wasn't for a few days later that it stopped me in my tracks and was like time stood still when I glared at the bottle in awe, that out of all the brands of deodorant one could buy or even stock in a shop, in somewhere random in country Victoria, I was led to a deodorant that was made in the Noosa Hinterland. 

It is here.. I find my Home. What are the chances?! At that point, it was another 4 months before I found this place I am now. 

I feel to my knees in gratitude on Thursday..... realising so many deeper threads to being here on this 250 acres with my salt water pool, with what is coming in the world. All the things I learnt in that place in country Victoria - all the survival skills and that still strong - that - if you didn't have to go to the shops for 1 year - could you survive? Can you? Would you even know where to start? If you would like the 30 Page PDF Expansion Preparation Guidebook I created, then send me a message so you can learn how to start to prepare. It is here, I found myself - after these last several months of all the threads snapping to my old life... I am learning to embrace, be comfortable on and energetically land - on this very. Solid. Ground. 

As a dear Mentor sent me a quote out of the blue Thursday: 

"Her nervous system had been through so much. She decided to spend the rest of her life calming inflammation. Thoughts, feelings, memories, behaviour, relations. She soothed it all with deep, loving breaths and gentle practises. The softer she became with herself, the softer she became with the world, which became softer with her. She birthed a new generational cycle: Peace." - Jaiya John. 

Maybe one day I will even stop swearing. 

Ha. Maybe. 

Here's to a new cycle, a new paradigm, a new life. 

On Solid Ground. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

P.S. In light of me REMEMBERING WHO THE FUCK I AM - safely to say 


πŸ”₯And it feels fucking amazing πŸ”₯

I have a team now! That means I can dedicate and be FULLY PRESENT with my clients, without doing any behind the scenes work! - This makes me HAPPY! 

I was shown last night in the shower - to start Distance Healings again! 


Now - you know how I change - everything all the damn time?! 

I also changed Life Purpose Accelerator and Quantum Portal Healing Sessions too #ofcourse

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Soooo... ALLL the things πŸ€©

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Sooooo excited about this! Feeling soooo supported with my team now let alone this solid ground I am on now #bigchanges

Are you ready to FLY in a world that is hampering down?? πŸ¦…#risefromtheashespheonix 


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