The Truth About Curses, Dark Spirits, Entities, Demons, Satan, Witches

 - any Dark 'Evil' Spirit

and Why You Don't Need To Be Scared


I have been receiving a lot of enquiries lately about: 

  • Dark Spirits
  • Grim Reaper
  • Satan
  • Entities
  • Demons 
  • Witches
  • Curses, Hexes, Spells

And much more. I have gone through a pile of Darkness in my journey on this Spiritual Awakened path since 2005 and I have a very different view of these 'Dark' aspects of Humanity and I am here to tell you that there is nothing to be scared of. 

They live off your fear, they feed off it - so time to shift your vibration and perception, so you stop feeding them right? 

I have had the Grim Reaper turn up in my bedroom, then six weeks later, Witch turned up in the same place. It has been a journey to say the least, but what they have taught me, is not the fear you are feeling and I am here to share these vital posts, video trainings and blogs here with you, so you can shift out of the fear to release yourself and them, from your life. 

Please take the time to read and watch all I have shared here, to gain the deep understanding of what they are even doing turning up in your life. 

In short, you are ready to shift to a Higher Vibration and Consciousness, so don't choose the fear and darkness by their appearance in your life, take some time to read and watch what I share here, so you can choose trust and Light, to continue to Awaken Your Life Purpose and be in the Light - because that is their job - to turn you to the Light path of your Highest Self coming to complete fruition in this lifetime. 

There are things you can do immediately to shift your fear to trust, love and safety again, here are some: 

  • Remove yourself from the fear collective grid that society is swept up in. This may mean stop watching television, stop watching the news
  • If you already have done that and are still feeling and immense amount of fear in your life make sure you are taking radical responsibility for your health and wellbeing and clear your energy more than once daily 
  • If you already do that too, remove yourself from the Dark Energy grid on the Earth that 99% society lives in. Simply ask and choose to remove yourself, unplug yourself from the Dark Grid and plug yourself into the Light Grid and take supportive actions to follow this up, including lifestyle changes that support the Light Body Activation in your life
  • Stop all negativity in your life, this may mean walking away from relationships that are anything but kind and loving 
  • Stop your own negative self talk and thoughts 
  • Take radical responsibility for your life and stop complaining, take action to change it instead

It's not about hanging out with them, but understanding what their appearance in your life means, so you can continue to rise in vibration to continue to support the evolution of Humanity. 🕊🌏❤️

The other important factor to remember, that when you are in a pile of Darkness with no seeming light at the end of the tunnel, is that you are birthing into a new aspect of your life, a new dawning era at a particular point in your life. 

Just like the Butterfly emerges from the cocoon of Darkness totally transformed 🦋

Just like the Lotus Flower pushes up through so much mud (Darkness) before the beautiful flower blooms, your 'Dark' tunnel is a birthing of a new you. 🌺

Please get support, no one is meant to walk this Earth alone and with 8 billion people on the planet, you aren't beautiful one. You just need to reach out to the right people and ask. 

Scroll through to find which one you need, or keep scrolling to watch videos:

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But, most don't realise that is what it is!


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Energy Vampirism

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Releasing The Curse of Humanity

What To Do When You Sense A Spirit In Your House

What Grim Reaper & Witch Do

The Truth About Curses, Hexes, Spells

Psychic Attack & Psychic Abuse

Energy Update - Bali Energy, Dark Energy

Attacking Darkness & Narcissists

This one! Gosh, soo huge to realise this!


Do You Ever See Something Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye?

Then you look and it was gone?


Let's Talk Taboo Stuff

Demons, Entities, Pedophiles, Murders - how Humanity CAN be saved.


Empath Dilemmas & Feeling Confused?

If you resonate with being an Empath, Sensitive Soul, Healer, Lightworker and you are not doing these simple methods I talk about in Empath Dilemmas, it’s no wonder you’ve been feeling blah! #igotyou

If you feel drained from hanging around certain people or places or are wide awake at night when you know you need to rest or you feel everyone’s energy and they make you crazy from doing so! Whether by telling you to your face, or you just want to retreat from the world and never come back!

PLUS in How To Tell If You're Carrying Someone's Energy - this is the FIRST thing you check if you're ever feeling confused

Empath Dilemmas & How To Heal Them

Feeling Confused? Check this FIRST!

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