You’ve never been too much....

You’ve never been too much....

Your Life Purpose...

Your Innate Soul gifts...

Your Divine Destiny...

Is calling, that’s all.

There comes a time in the spiritual journey where your Destiny calls you into greater Service.

That time, has come for you, as you have found yourself reading this right now.

There comes a point where you begin to value your worth.

There comes a point where you rise to your next level by saying no to things that drain your energy, deplete your Soul and sink you further into depression.

There comes a time where you set stronger boundaries around 'giving free spiritual help and guidance' and honour your Life Purpose Destiny that is so clearly being shown to you because more and more people are asking for your help. 

There comes a point where you draw the line and even though for a period of time it becomes excruciatingly painful/hard to hold that line, so much that you walk in complete blind faith as if the ground is not beneath your feet...

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Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes,

Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes and all I can do is go slower, absorb more, sleep more and... drink sooo much water.

Did you know that two hours in nature, listening to nature sounds and being in nature completely resets your energy? Say goodbye to anxiety, depression and more at the drop of a hat, by adding minimum two hours of nature time PER DAY to your life and watch it transform before your very eyes and remember who you are. 

I haven't been sleeping much more either even though I have been quite wiped and feeling super 'weird' at times... I have actually been sleeping less. By choice. Not because I necessarily want to, but right now? 


Every single area of my life is being upgraded, shifted, accelerated, changed - EXPANDED.

With support, help, unexpected opportunities and at every turn, there is a huge expansive feeling to every single moment. 

And phew! Wanting to implement so much and all I...

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The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

The more I create space, the more I receive 

I changed my mind again! 

I used to be so busy all the time, keeping busy, working so much, working sooo many hours just... non stop. 

This huge recalibration, these huge changes I have made over the last now stepping into four months - have been pretty hard going through from a workaholic, to consciously creating time for myself and putting in structures in place that deeply support that. 

I didn't mean to become a workaholic, it just happened - subconsciously - you know, how we create our reality subconsciously, yes, that one. 

A bit like yesterday, where I had committed to going for a walk with my best friend on the headlands at dawn, with the beautiful Full Moon still in the sky as the sun rose... so magical.

And yet, I cried the whole way there. 

I began feeling that busy feeling again, how was I going to keep up with it all again?!? On the drive, I was processing, keeping in check my mindset as I turned...

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And so it begins...

And so it begins... 

If you've been following me for a while, you would've heard me share about my food addiction, my coffee addiction and the adrenaline realisations I have had a long the way, especially in this last two years. 

On Thursday I was having my normal breakfast of black coffee and ghee and honey on my rye toast reading one of the books from the series I bought earlier in the week - you may have seen the Medical Medium books on my story early last week. 

Of course, I intuitively opened up to the page to begin with that was going to help me the most. It was... ready for this - ***DRUM ROLL*** - ADRENALINE!

Last year on my 5 month road trips was GO the entire time. I was the sole driver, driving us 8-10 hours a day for 2 days straight to get where we needed to go and so much driving in between over that 5 months, let alone the stress and trauma I experienced along the way. It was intense to say the least. 

But hey, I love road trips. And as...

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You're the Stars and the Moon 🌟🌙

You're the Stars and the Moon,

You're the Earth and the Sea,

You’re the Wind in the Air as far as the Eyes can see

You're the Breath that Fuels the Fire,

You're the Lava that creates the Earths' attire,

You’re the Gift, a treasured Star in this World,

Let your Light be seen, Transforming Darkness to Light, 

Light up the World with your Divine Spark with all your Might, 

You Captivate and Hold that which Generates Gold,

You're the mighty roar of the Ocean Storm and the Crystalline calm of the Larimar Seas. 

You hold the Gift that World has been waiting to See, it is time to Shine and let your Soul be free 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

P.S. Reality Reconfiguration, Quantum Portal Sessions with Hannah - have arrived!! 

~ Ethereal Guidance
~ Time-Lapse Quantum Portal Recalibration Analysis
~ Quantum Atomic Field Activation
~ Physical Organ Analysis
~ Galactic & Earth Based Home Recalibration
I have...
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I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way.

I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way. 

This past 2 weeks has been the hardest of my entire life.

There are sooo many people around me that have lost hope in me, lost faith... given up on me... 'It has taken too long, you're always saying this.' 

Some of you will turn around and say I haven't Hannah and I know you haven't... but the ones closest to me have and it has crushed me further down in the hardest place I have ever been.

All that has been on my mind that dropped in as I was doing the dishes tonight, is the movie 'Joy' that I watched in June 2016 when I first began online as I sat in my Auckland Hotel apartment for the weekend on the first flight over with my daughter for her to see her father, that she then began visiting him frequently on her own (another country), that was the start of sooo many beginnings for me and it hasn't been easy. 

And yet... when I look back, it has actually been the last 2 months not, just the last two weeks... 


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She decided to back herself the entire way.... and lived happily ever after 🙃👑

She decided to back herself the entire way.... and lived happily ever after 

This last month has seen one of the biggest dawning realisations of my entire life. 

I hadn't been backing myself - the ENTIRE way. 

I think I do pretty good at trusting myself and jumping whole heartedly into things on a whim and diving in and asking questions later. I have built my life and business upon this philosophy. 

Over the years, this has caused me heart break in relationships that I have learnt deeply from. 

But in business, it has served me well. 

Stressful asf at times, but hey, what business isn't? Especially when you are beginning. 

I have been angry asf this last month (you probably noticed ) but fuck I was tired of not speaking my truth! 

About the hard stuff, about the shit I don't believe in and definitely don't align to. 

Why didn't I say anything before? 

Who knows. Although, I deeply know. Soooo many factors I could write...

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It's a fine line between 'drama' and having those mighty uncomfortable conversations.

It's a fine line between 'drama' and having those mighty uncomfortable conversations.

I had an experience yesterday, where someone said to me "Usually I would walk away from this drama, but I am doing this to benefit you."

I replied with, 

"Hmmm, yes, it is a fine line with the 'drama' and the really uncomfortable, hard confronting conversations hey?"

It was a big eye opener for me. All those times people threw their hands up in the air with me, brushed them off, turned their backs and walked away... because I was simply having a conversation about some hard, uncomfortable underlying things. 


This was so massive. 

Another huge shift in - no... there is NOTHING wrong with me. 

It was like all the memories flashed back through my vision as they were upping and leaving, dissipating right before me... as I was left sitting there in awe. 

The things that flood out of my mouth when I am in full flow of the deep underlying truths that I had buried deep...

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You might pretend to not see me

You might pretend to not see me - but I saw you turn your back on me and tell your partner as they stared straight at me as I walked past. YOU BITCH!
I was gutted. Well, I didn't realise I was... but on the 45min drive home I felt myself getting more and more infuriated. And the biggest piece was that I never fucking did anything to you!!! (But maybe I reflected TRUTHS you never liked seeing reflected baby! MAYBE just MAYBE I was able to speak the TRUTH instead of tip toeing it the fuck around and gossiping to everyone!)
What the actual?!?!
It was Archangel Jeremiel day on Monday - all about Seeing the Truth in Relationships funnily enough and I had something done, which I have been wanting since January 2017... (it's huge, you'll see it soon enough)....after all these years, sooo many things I have been creating is all coming together.. and 30mins after this... THAT happened.
What the...
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Something has massively shifted

Something has massively shifted... when I love on myself, even when I don't look my what I feel is my best, I know I have changed. Raw. Real. Vulnerable. Radical. Unconditional Love. 

When I can support myself in ways that nurture me, instead of beat up on me when I have had a massive week with very little sleep, releasing paradigms and relationship entanglements that have been deeply embedded more than I realised and has been slowly eating away at me, way more than I realised was even present and was the issue all along.... when I can love myself in this space, no matter what I look like, I know I have changed.  

Sometimes I look worse for wear, but I can still love on myself - but this wasn't always the case! 

Sometimes I eat super healthy, sometimes I eat what I can when I am busy. Being out of town now, makes easier for eating healthy that is for sure. 

The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that since going back to the gym 3 x a week - I...

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