Releasing The Curse of Humanity


Why the Witches & Darkness have been coming to you in your house or dreams, why you feel like you’re being attacked - Let me release the curse of Humanity right now.

You’ve done nothing wrong.

Humanity is Awakening.

Global Live Healing 


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SOME PEOPLE HAVE A GIFT FOR NAVIGATING THE DARKNESS - but they don't realise, that, that's what it is! 

Those that get caught up in listening to society telling them: 

  • you're too emotional
  • you shouldn't be doing this psychic stuff
  • those that have nightmares or have 'dark' spirits turn up to them 
  • those that have imaginary friends and society tells them they shouldn't 
  • those that feel the deepest of emotions and the society tells them they are cursed and so they feel helpless and doomed and wonder why they can't move out of their current situation



You just have to know how to use your Gift! 

You just have to know WHO TO LISTEN TO - because society will send you to insanity... 

Whereas... when you know how to use your Gift - the entire reason you've been put on the planet - the entire reason you are so damn acutely clued in and aware of all the dark energies going on,...

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Your Dreams - Your Sleep Dreams, Day Dreaming & Your Waking Dreams 🌙💫

Your Dreams - Your Sleep Dreams, Day Dreaming & Your Waking Dreams

Some people believe that your sleep dreams are totally separate to your waking dreams. 

Daydreaming is just as important as sleeping dreams - they both decipher Clairvoyant information that your intuition is communicating to you - but are you paying attention? 

There is the information that is conveyed to you in your sleeping dream state, that sometimes makes no logical sense whatsoever - what do you do with that information? 

Do you brush it off and think, gosh that was weird and then not think about it again? 

Do you realise that intuition never usually makes logical sense? 

Do you realise your power lays in writing it down with pen and paper, not in a device typing it with the keyboard? 

You may never have the logical understanding come to you about your sleeping dream, yet, there is deep power in writing it down anyway. 

Your Daydreams are just as important as your sleeping...

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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 29th October 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 29th October 2019

Scroll down to find the number that called to you today, to see what messages are awaiting you from the Work Your Light Oracle today 

FINAL DAYS for Inner Circle! This is your last chance to rapidly accelerate your Life Purpose and take your life and reality to the next level.

High Level 1:1 Mentoring, rapidly moving you forward to propel you into deep alignment with the reason you were born on this planet, to support Humanity to awaken during this accelerated time of growth and light on the planet. 

Now is your time to RISE and SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON THE WORLD with your powerful GIFT that you KNOW you are meant to do full time. 

These are the FINAL DAYS before the Inner Circle Investment greatly increases precious Soul, click here before it does, or send me a message for all the details:

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: ‘No. Wait....

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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th October 2019 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th October 2019

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.


When your heart and Soul calls, when you know that there is a path for you awaiting you to CHOOSE it, jump, take the leap of faith and step out of the norm, let alone the 9-5 work week... your Purpose? Ah, it is sooo calling you right? 

To heal your heart so you can free others pain and suffering in the world... 

To free your own Soul from the longings of undesirable temptations you are tired of giving into INCLUDING YOUR OWN DOUBT IN SELF! 

To release yourself from the pain that has bound you until this very day... 

TRUST YOUR INTUITION IS on Her FINAL DAYS and that means that...

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Parenting and Trusting Your Intuition

Parenting and Trusting Your Intuition

Oooh, this is a big one right? 

It is sooo easy to get caught up in listening to other people's opinion about how you should parent your own child, especially for a first time mum! 

Just like there are so many recipes to make the same dish, there are so many different ways you can parent. 

But gosh, trying to pick apart what is important to you and what feels right to - then the judgements you feel or the snark comments you hear from someone (usually those closest to you, but of course not always!) compared to what they think you should be doing? 

What I say? 


In a sense of, FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION about how to parent your child! 

When you feel that you shouldn't force your child to kiss and greet someone, even say hello - protect them! Let them hide behind your back/skirt and pretend you don't know where they have gone and then change the subject. 

When your child...

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#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

Phew... some energies this week right? Glad that wave is over right? 

Yet for some... it is still around yes? 

And right now, you're either holding on, or letting go. 

You have probably had some MAJOR event happen this week yes? 

On Thursday we had a HUGE Schumann's Resonance spike, PLUS Solar Flares sweep through... Yep - I'll be more aware of that one next time! PHEW! 

TheSchumann's Resonance is the our Earth's Heart Beat so to speak and when this is combined - usually at the same time (are they even separate?! ) - they affect OUR Heart! 

I know 4 people that had Heart attacks on this day - coincidence?? NOPE! 

And how many were bawling their eyes out this week and just COULDN'T STOP CRYING? 

How many were SUPER SENSITIVE and FELT everything 100x more than usual? 


How many could describe the energies as INTENSE to say the...

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The concept of letting my child do what she wants when she wants seems radically outrageous

The concept of letting my child do what she wants when she wants seems radically outrageous....

Yet, any new concept can bring about the same reaction...

The same reaction to a new person that is... the concept of letting a child do what they want when they want, isn't actually that new...

When Adaya was capable of pointing at things, I let her choose her own clothes.

"Oh my! That is outrageous! Why would you let a child wear what they want?! They need to wear the pretty little dress I bought for her before she grows out of it. She doesn't know what she wants. Force her into this." #myth 

#truth: Babies and children understand what we are saying, long before they can talk properly. When Adaya was less than 2 years old and not talking, it used to be common occurrence that I would pull out the most beautiful dresses or skirt and top that she had, that her Dad had bought her top label, and she would shake her head strongly saying no and I would say, "Well what do you want to wear...

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Logic vs Intuition ✨

Logic vs Intuition

Your Intuition is not logical. 

Your logical mind will never be able to figure out your intuition. 

Your logical mind will always try and find ANY reason to talk you out of what your intuition is guiding you to do. 

Your POWER in becoming a powerhouse of deep, sensual intuitive flow - is BECOMING your intuition. 

THAT, includes your logic. 

Gah. How does that work right?!?! 

Practise. Training. Discipline. 

It's not that your logic is bad. It is that you just need to know how to get your logic and intuition communicating. That takes a deep understanding of the two and how they are even in relationship to each other. 

Yes, your intuition is made up of many different aspects and parts and within that, there are also relationships within your intuition. 

Just like every thing in your reality is ALIVE - even the chair you are sitting on, even the table you eat off, they are ALIVE - how? The are all atomic moving energy...

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OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING! To Spirit.... and to Your Requests 💗🕊💗

OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING!  To Spirit.... and to Your Requests

I have been receiving many questions about what services I offer, what Psychic Readings I do and I have also been receiving lots of new information about what I am offering and the ways I am being of Service to you through Reality Awareness. 

There are new exciting pieces and many big changes here with all of these so, let me share them all here with you 

The biggest piece I have been working with my mentor on - is my 'Predictive Psychic Readings'. 

As you know, I don't like 'Telling people's future' because nothing is set in stone. Yet, when I give readings, they are deeply accurate, on point and give deep insight to what is going on to not just create the future you choose, but have insight as to what lays ahead, so you can prepare for what you want to create, rather than 'life happening to you'. 

With this, I have been 'scared' of predictive readings, because of the bad reputation that...

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