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There is a reason why Reality Awareness's Logo is the Heart and that I was shown my purpose with acute clarity in August 2006 - logo included and the 'why' it is this.
There is a reason why the Purpose of Reality Awareness is to 'Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity' that was also gifted to me in this same experiential vision in 2006.
There is a reason I have been walking this path ever since then. I haven't held a normal job since - I just couldn't - I have been teaching, living and breathing this since August 2005 when I was first spiritually awakened.
When we have an awakening - we get shitty, angry, have a reaction. Then the next layer is that there is a divine softness that comes from you entering into your HEART 
Because we are Realising a Truth we have buried, lain unconsciously buried...
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I used to get frustrated and agitated, let alone exhausted

I used to get frustrated and agitated, let alone exhausted...

That people weren't hearing my message... 

That they weren't paying attention to the truth... 

I used to talk to anyone who crossed my path and gosh, they weren't expecting to get the barrage of truth that I now see with my Wisdom Eyes, they were just not ready for - just an unconscious Soul going about their daily business and then wham, some crazy person talking them about stuff in the world that... only happens in movies 

I would always have something to say about it - to ANYONE that would listen. 

Or the other one - have a solution and could (still can ) fix everything that anyone comes to me with - any problem, even if they were only talking to me about things in passing conversation I would instantly know the answer, the solution to their issue and passionately start talking about it because, well, this is what can fix your issue! 

They would most often, pause, screw their face up at...

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What if, I could have everything I desired?


What if, I could have everything I desired?

What if, it was all possible?

What if, the only thing stopping me, was me?

What if, all I had to do, is the next thing in alignment with my intuition? 

What if, I could trust myself in this way? 

What if, everything I desired, everything I wanted - happens? 

What if, the light shines from deep within me and touches everyone I come in contact with? Even those that I trigger?

What if, everything works out? 

What if, the World comes into Peace, quicker than anyone ever imagined?

What if, there is nothing that I have to do and everything I want to do? 

What if, I am rich beyond my wildest dreams? 

What if, I have the most amazing body and that it gets to become even more amazing throughout 2021?

What if, everything accelerates with rapid flow and ease in my life over 2021 and beyond? 

What if, I am fully supported by a dedicated team, that means I can FLY? 

What if, I choose to be successful no matter...

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🔮 Reading Results are IN 🔮 for 5th January 2021

Reading Results are IN for 5th January 2021

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what message is awaiting you there from the Ascended Masters 

There is a deep calling, a deep longing to serve Humanity

To be in divine readiness for the fulfilment of not only your mission, not only your Life Purpose, not only your Destiny, not only your contribution to Humanity -

But your intricate piece of the symbiotic nature that calls you like the waves in the Ocean

The divine piece that you are fulfilling, the greater picture of the whole of Humanities return to the Homeostasis.

You feel it in your Soul, you feel it your bones and you hold this divine forestry Wisdom that only the Goddess does…

Your Destiny lays ahead - are you ready to wield the sword that takes you Home?

Life Purpose Accelerator closes next week, click here before the Doorway of Destiny closes:

Love, Hannah

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🔮 FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 5th January 2021 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 5th January 2021  

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

When you know you're different yet you don't know how to be in the world... 

When you know you're here for big things, but can't see how to take the steps, which frustrates you because you know there is more... 

When you are a highly intuitive empath and struggle to get your words out - even though you have so much to say, when put on the spot you freeze, let alone trying to get your content out there! 

Life Purpose Accelerator - this powerful Inner Circle is your life line throughout 2021, so you can rise into the grounded, highly intuitive sensitive empath that knows how to use their gift in the world! 

That is - what you are here for after all...

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January feels like a recalibration month, people are looking forward to a new year after a tumultuous 2020, however, 2021, will depend on two things - your outlook and your actions and your outlook and your actions

If you think it is going to be hard and you'll be stuck in places - you will be. If you feel you can get through without any issues, and it be free flow - you'll experience this, no matter what you are choosing to do with your life. 

This is the 'split' of the Earth, people were 'predicting' and saying the 'Earth was going to split in two' - no - the consciousness has. The bandwidth has become wider - is what i have been saying since April 2020. The Light is increasing, but so is the dark, however, so is the truth of what the dark is doing. 

Whatever you choose to focus on - will be amplified this year - whether it is positive or negative. 

Radical Responsibility could be a word - words - for 2021 and will bring a great 'kick...

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HAPPY F*&KING NEW YEAR HUMANITY!!! (Yes, I know it is after New Years now, however, I haven't really been present in time, let alone on social media over this period - for like the first time ever )
So many people were hanging to get out of 2020 - but I LOVED the INTENSE change that it brought upon me... I had to be pushed into it.. and the intensity..ah, well we all know my story with adrenaline, intensity and drama  (If you don't know what I am talking about, you kinda need to be in my Reality Awareness Support Group to understand the depth of what I am talking about there! ) I was grateful for 2020... and excited for 2021!
I've been deep in solid heart space, with soul tribe, solidifying a vision that I didn't plan to share with anyone and happened as synchronistically as the vision itself came about, grateful, to say the least, but the depth of feeling that doesn't really have words for - was something that I was deeply humbled to witness, hold space...
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🌈 🕊🤍HOW TO THRIVE IN 2021🤍🕊 🌈

Stay focused on what you want. End of blog.
No joke but!
It doesn't have to be hard, but a lot of humans are trained that anything is.... hard work! It has been drilled into us as a society.
And yet, it can be as simple or as hard as we make up our mind to be. Just. Like. That.
If something is hard - or feels like hard work - it is usually because of three things:
#1: You are learning something new - which is always overwhelming as the neural pathways in your brain change and rewire as you're taking in the new information.
#2: You have other unmet needs and/or have buried things from your past that you are not dealing with and are dragging you down like trying to sail in your boat with the anchor stuck in the sand. Kinda sends you around in circles, let alone frustrated and all sort of things.
#3: Your mindset makes it hard or easy. I used to feel like things were a big...
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I had been looking for safety in trying to find a man...

I had been looking for safety in trying to find a man... I had been looking for safety in a relationship...

I have realised this past few weeks with the HUGE shift out of my bones that I had recently... 

It dawned on me this last few days... 

Back in 2016, when I began online, I went through one of the final relationship break ups with my on and off ex of 5 years. 

After this, I felt.. lost reflecting on it. 

For the next 2 years, I jumped from relationship to relationship - which, if I looked with my wisdom eyes now - I should've been dating (that doesn't mean se. x - dating for me, is going out for dinner or other activities to get to know someone - which maybe, is normal for you, but something I have had to learn at this point in the game) however, back then, I would be 100% IN, committed, it's us, what are you talking about? Done, sorted - forever! 

And gosh, what a whirlwind, heartbreak and dissolving of myself, losing myself one could say and... just...

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