Wait on - before your brain starts talking and telling me otherwise - yep - did you catch yourself before I did? Yes or no?
If you answered ANYTHING but yes to that question you MUST get my FREE Money Mindset Training now...
If you don't want to - of course! Choice is yours... Yet, if you are sick and tired about worrying about money, and find some darn freedom again (do you even remember what that is!?) then I am sharing this now because I got the intuitive nudge to as there are many I am seeing NEED THIS!
This free training?
I was going to charge for it and it took me soooo long to release this training to you when I created it - and then I realised why - because it has to be for free, not charging for it! People NEED this information and there needs to be NO EXCUSE! And they need it NOW.
Now - when you get into the training, I HIGHLY recommend listening to...
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Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Any moment in time, you are always breathing Air. Always. It is like the only constant thing right? Your breath. It is the only thing that is always there, that never leaves you, that is consistent. 

When you build a relationship with your Breath? 




Always there. 



Your inhale and your exhale. 

You want a partner for life? That - right there - you've got one. You always have. 

It's you Your breath. Build your relationship with it and notice what the Universe notices you focusing energy on

That's not what I wanted to share in this post, but that just came out 

The Air You Breathe. 

Imagine you are breathing in a particular colour. 

Inhaling deep into your Stomach, middle lung and right up to your upper lung. Your 3 chambered breath. Exhale. 

Notice what colour of light you are inhaling - what colour is it? 

And as you...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

OMG super excited to release this for you today!!!! BIG Ear Chakra theme - are you LISTENING? Was a deep message overlying message today. PLUS what I have opened for you today! Ear Chakras - opening - opening up to receiving! Love it! 

Scroll down to find what number you chose today from the Flower Therapy Oracle Deck and see what messages the powerful OPENING Flowers have for you today - because you have been working on opening up and trusting haven't you? 

Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: You are loveable. Camellia. ‘Love who you are, as you’re created perfectly. Everything about your true self is beautiful.’

Oh wow babe! This card is very loving - yet the message I am getting here - there is actually 2 messages coming through strongly for this card - it is like 2 ends of the spectrum on this card and 1. is that you have been in a bit of lull or dull place recently, finding...

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Tuesday Tarot is HERE!!! FREE PSYCHIC READING! For Tuesday 27th August 2018

Tuesday Tarot is HERE!!! FREE PSYCHIC READING! For Tuesday 28th August 2018 

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that your eyes are drawn to, that you hear in your mind, that you just know, or you just sense and comment your number below to let me know what number is yours today. 

Reading results are posted at 4pm AEST today. 

I am a bit in awe at what I am being guided to do and release to you today! I had not planned to do this until well into mid 2019 and with this coming through, has totally made sense #ofcourse and I am excited to share with you this, this afternoon! 

This is such a Soul Calling for me and I am deeply humbled to be opening this up to you today!! 

In the meantime, remember to comment your number below and let me know what you have chosen today. 

See you at 4pm!

Create a magic day, or evening, wherever you are on this planet, we call Mother Earth. 

Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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Day #27: Back to Your Powerful Rainbow That You ARE

Day #27: Back to Your Powerful Rainbow That You ARE

It is so important to acknowledge this complete Rainbow that you ARE. At this place, I call this INTEGRATION. 

Where all the colours of the Rainbow, of all your Chakras - completely work in unison, in synchronicity, in divine order, complete homeostasis balance. 

When your Chakras are all flowing, intertwined, connected and functioning properly, so is your body and... your LIFE. 


Because, as you have seen this past 8 Days, that every colour has a particular message, a particular healing, a particular consciousness and this past 8 Days, I have only skimmed the surface with the depth of messages, healing and consciousness that each Chakra can bring to your Life. 

When you are functioning as one complete Rainbow you are: 

~ deeply grounded
~ super consciously aware
~ highly intuitive and psychic 
~ can manage energies when they 'come at you'
~ know when to take action and when not to
~ know what to...

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Base Chakra baby! This is what it is about - at it's core - of course there is more to the Base Chakra, but at it's core - FEAR or TRUST? 

To be grounded, deep into your Base Chakra, requires you getting very comfortable with: 

~ your sexuality
~ money
~ your physical safety
~ your internal safety
~ your Life Purpose 
~ who you really are

When we are talking about clearing negative energy, to clear negative energy or even SEE it as negative - is coming from fear!!! 

Anything that you view as: 

~ nasty
~ harsh
~ wrong
~ dark
~ bad
~ negative
~ yuck

It is coming from fear. 

When you truly 'master' your Base Chakra - you don't live in fear. 

You live in TRUST. 

And in TRUST there is nothing to fear. 

Now, doesn't mean it doesn't exist! 

Sounds contradictory right??

Trust and Fear - live on the same spectrum. 

It is like a line - from one end to the other and in the middle - is you! 

Fear is supportive...

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Day #25: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy

Day #25: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy

Wow, there was so much to this one - that I recorded an entire Audio on it! I actually didn't start the audio recording for this Day 25 specifically - yet, as I was intuitively talking as I do - what came through - was all of this! 

This Orange - deeply at the Sacral Chakra - your Sacred Sacral Womb (men you have a womb too - it is your Sacral Chakra!) Is where you are deeply nourished. 

In this Audio Recording that is titled: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy I cover these topics: 

~ boundaries in relationships 

~ boundaries with yourself

~ how to remove yourself from someone's energy 

~ what happens when you do

~ how to 'hold space' for someone when they are throwing abuse at you/projecting their nasty words at you (yes, there is a fine line between holding space and abuse and I speak about this on the Audio)

~ the truth about people who you think...

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🌟🌟🌟 Clear Intuition FREE Training 🌟🌟🌟

Clear Intuition FREE Training
4 Weeks of FREE Training coming up starting September 3rd in my Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group!
If you want to Amplify Your Intuition - then Clear Intuition Free Training is for you!!
This is like the Next Depth of Get Clear and this free training will deeply clarify what your intuition is and isn't and what your Spiritual Organs can really do for you.
We will be delving into:
~ How you receive intuition for each Spiritual Organ
~ How you tell 'ego' from your 'intuition'
~ How to strengthen each Spiritual Organ to it's highest potential
~ Tips & Tricks for each Spiritual Organ to function and receive accurate intuition
~ How to build each powerful organ, not just use 'one' of them, so your intuition is accurate, on point, clear and amplified. You may as well be using all of your intuitive organs to be receiving intuition right?
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Do you have them? Or do you not have ANY friend around you that you can speak spirituality like you can with me here? Do you crave that? Do you want even just 1 friend who totally get's you, like the depths that I know you?
I am feeling intuitively called to hold a free training on How To Call In Your Soulmate Friends!
You know, the ones you can
~ be your total self
~ talk about spirituality and consciousness without being looked at like you are crazy
~ be different and be okay with that!
~ have chai lattes and green juices and that's normal
~ talk about the Moon and they totally get it
~ speak about your past openly with no judgement or be told to just shut it
I don't have anyone around me these days that I can't talk about the depth of spirituality and they are totally there with me.
I ONLY have these sort of friendships and people around me that I can talk about Shadows and...
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After downloading the Triple Goddess Meditation last weekend and now it is Full Moon in 48 hours from nowish, the energy is strong, powerful and deeply deeply READY to 'land'. 

This is the Full Moon in Pisces - Pisces is deeply connected to deep intuition, dream states and powerful, deep love. 

I am getting the strong message that these 'dreamy' states are your gold mines. 

If you've found yourself having powerful, clear vivid dreams or found yourself literally 'daydreaming' = these are not to be brushed off! 

You are receiving deeply in tune accurate intuitive guidance that your intuition is speaking directly to you. (btw, is strongly connected to your Third Eye/Clairvoyance about dream states, whether, waking dreams, sleeping dreams, or life purpose 'goal' dreams). 

And the message coming through strongly for this our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, is to help ground these dreams into reality, to receive clear direct...

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