Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing 💜

Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing 

This Purple Light, I received intuitively not long ago in a way I never knew it could be used before and just today, driving, I received the intuitive message about it that is 'God Light' - that this Purple Light - can be used, like a laser, that you direct from your finger - and can 'seal wounds' and more - just like how when we get a cut on our body, that our blood coagulates and repairs our wound and returns to skin (or scar) - so too, can we use this Purple Light, to

~ seal cracks and repair hair line cracks in physical man made items that may be damaging the Earth (like leaking petrol/fuel station tanks under the ground!)
~ seal cracks in just about anything 
~ deeply heal wounds on our skin
~ seal up bedrooms/rooms/houses and more, to create a deeply nourishing space inside, to keep you safe, allow you to have 'energetic space' from people, places or things

How exactly do you use this Purple Laser Light? (sounds...

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Day #18: You Are The Colours Of The Rainbow

Day #18: You Are The Colours Of The Rainbow

Did you know this? 

That you are the colours of the Rainbow? 

That those amazing Rainbows you see in the sky - you have every one of those colours in/as your Chakras and those Chakras/The Colours of the Rainbow - make up the full colour spectrum? 

#sidenote - so when you disown a part of something in your life = you are closing a chakra down, for each chakra has it's own consciousness and affects your life deeply, it's what makes us - us. 

Back on track... 

This one, for Day #18 - this, is moving forward on the basis of Day #14: Seeing It As Clear, yet with this one, You Are The Colour Of The Rainbow - you have Chakras, like on this image - and you can:

~ activate them
~ switch them on
~ imagine them bright, light and beaming their colours out 

Allow them to 'breathe' like your entire energy/atoms/self does, with every inhale you notice them expanding and getting brighter like the light and you notice every...

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Day #17: Your Clearing Breath

Day #17: Your Clearing Breath

Following from yesterday's Your Deep Inhale - this one - is using your breath to clear the energy. 

I simply imagine white light (or any colour you choose), to blow out of my mouth with my exhale, and clear the thing I am wanting the energy cleared of.

I imagine the Light travelling right through the atoms of the object/animal/thing and clearing away any darkness or anything that may be stuck in it, that doesn't belong there as it does so. 

This is simple and I frequently use this for things like: 

~ Clearing my crystals
~ Clearing my oracle/tarot cards
~ Clearing food
~ Clearing any item of mine that someone else has touched and is quite sacred to me or my personal space
~ Clearing an animal
~ Clearing my food
~ Clearing anything at all

A simple inhale and exhale white light over the thing you are wanting cleared. 

That... powerful intentional breath. 

Breathe in the Light. 

Exhale the Light. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life...

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Protecting Your Heart, Protecting Your Energy

Protecting Your Heart, Protecting Your Energy

The word ‘protecting’ is a bit contradictory - when it comes to talking energy and your feelings for - 

The more you 'protect' how you are feeling

The more you try and 'protect' others how you are feeling, or wanting to protect them from something that is going on that is making you hurt, you are actually:

~ denying the truth of how you are feeling 
~ closing off your heart 
~ closing off to the people who mean the most to you 
~ isolating yourself 

And what actually happens in this space, is that the people you are protecting from feelings, actually don't feel protected - they feel abandoned, isolated and actually feel the energy you are trying to protect them from - more deeply. 


Because energy is energy - it is a bit like the shadow, whatever you are trying to hide, push away and 'not think about' (pink elephant anybody!?!) get's stronger - it's right there. 

Whether you are...

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Day #16: Your Deep Inhale

Day #16: Your Deep Inhale

As you inhale deeply, you feel your lungs and chest gently rise.... 

And as you exhale, you become deeply aware of your lungs and chest, gently hugging you, as it comes back into you.... 

As you inhale deeply, a little slower this time, you become more present with your body and your breath... 

As you exhale, a bit slower this time, you start to feel the depth of your Heart. 

As you inhale, you notice that as your lungs and chest expand, so too, does your Heart. 

And as you exhale, your Heart, gently, hugs you... 

As you inhale you feel your Heart expand.. 

You can just imagine your Heart energy, expanding, or perhaps you feel it, or see it, or just know it... or perhaps it has a sound, when you inhale deeply... and exhaling, your Heart, still expanding on your exhale - and it hugs you, holds you, comforts you. LOVES YOU. 

As you inhale, you notice your Heart energy expanding through your entire physical body, from...

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The Most Common Question I Get Asked - How Do I Let It Go?

The most common question I get asked is how do I let it go? How do I let that issue go and let it not interfere in my present? And the other question I get asked is how do I let go of my past relationship? And I'm going to answer them both here, because they both have the same answer. In fact, what I am about to share, relates to letting go of anything from your past. Hurt, pain, the loss of a loved one - anything.

How I speak to this right now, will be relating to being able to let your past go so it doesn't interfere with your present.

I've spoken a lot recently about choices. Make a choice to let it go. Making a decision to not feel that way. Yet a huge reality for most people and what I struggled with for many years, is being able to let stuff go.

I would get hurt. Someone would say something or do something and I would hold onto it for MONTHS. Years even. And I did. And it almost killed me. Literally.

Making a choice to let it go is yes the first step. And you can do that. But...

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Even when it seems like you aren't getting any intuitive messages or information

Even when it seems like you aren't getting any intuitive messages or information - this is your POWER SPACE - do not doubt this space! 

This is so important to know this! 

When you feel like you aren't getting any intuitive information from your meditations, your angels, guides, universe and more - you actually ARE!!! 

These times you are listening - opening - waiting - receiving - and this??? 



Because in this space - your spiritual muscles are opening, receiving, waiting - and this is a potent time for being at the 'spiritual gym' - you are strengthening your capacity to receive spiritual information/intuitive guidance and messages and it is so important to be mindful of your words and not say things like: 

- I am not getting any messages
- It isn't working
- I mustn't be doing it right 

Because - you are affirming what you don't want! 

Better to use language like: 

- I am opening to receive my intuitive messages that...

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Day #15: Your Hand Healers & Clearers

Day #15: Your Hand Healers & Clearers

You have powerful Hands - do you realise this? 

Just by thinking about it, you can imagine a colour of light, pouring through the palms of your hands. 

This would originate from your Heart/Soul/Internal Light and pour through your arms and through the palms of your hands. 

Look at the palms of you hands, what colour do you imagine/see/just know/sense/hear the sound of/or just feel is the colour of light, pouring out of your hands? 

You can use this colour of light, to clear almost ANYTHING around you, just by placing your hand over the top of it, and repeating in your mind, 'Clear'. 

You can imagine the colour of light, beaming through the palm of your hand/hands and direct this light/energy wherever you want it to go. 

No special training required. 

Just your loving intention from your Heart and your Soul light pouring through you. 

Some examples to use this are: 

~ writing my blog posts to...

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Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life ❤️✨❤️

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life you’re never separate from me, for you came from my Light. 

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life, you may feel that the power in your Heart maybe is taking to you to hell with the fury and fire that you are feeling, but the power in your Heart, has the power to bring you to Heaven as well.

We came together in Love, that Blood of our Blood and together that love created more blood - created more LOVE. 

You - dear one, are PURE LOVE and were created of PURE LOVE. 

That has never left you, never will leave you. 

When you Bleed, whether you cut/hurt yourself, or your Moon flow has arrived, your Blood reminds you that you are MADE OF LOVE. 

Blood of my Blood, there is nothing that can ever separate me from you, for even when we pass, your Blood of my Blood returns to the Earth, for that which we also came. 

I am seeing so many people right now, with deep, deep, DEEP Sacral Chakra and womb healing going on right...

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Day #14: See It As Clear

Day #14: See It As Clear

I love this one - it is FAST and I use it a lot! 

Whatever you are seeing in your reality, whether a person, crystals, piece of land, a room in your home, a plate of food or anything at all -

See It As Clear

Meaning, your intention to clear it by 'imagining that the thing has clear energy' does exactly this! 

This - comes with a deep trust in oneself, your LOVE, your connection to Source/Soul and your power to transform whatever is right in front of you. 

Seeing It As Clear also from a space of LOVE, rather than fearing the dark, negative or heavy energy. 

This is different to 'being in denial' of the truth of what is in front of you, which comes with commitment to your gifts, fine tuning, honing your skills and being able to hold space for the capacity of the reality that is right in front of you. (Third Eye depth anyone?! )

However, your power to transform is limitless and 

'Seeing it as Clear' 

Is DONE just like...

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