As December 31st draws near...

As December 31st draws near, many are reflecting on the year that has been, the decade that has been and the year that is ahead of us, the decade of LIGHT that is upon us.
This past 3 weeks, leading up to this power portal that we are now in since our eclipse on Christmas/Boxing Day, has seen much purging of what is no longer aligned and the shedding of skins is real.
The peel back of the layers of consciousness, the whats lurking under the surface - as we move into heightened states of consciousness, so too - does the not conscious arise.
Things we've buried, things we thought we had put to sleep - are surfacing - to be shed in a higher light.
To be let go of with grace and gentleness, rather than pushing and forcing.
The voice and the Throat Chakra has been strong in your awareness of noticing what needs to be said, not being able to hold that back anymore or with the detriment of losing your voice.
Waves of...
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Last night I was dancing with my Dragons

Last night I was dancing with my Dragons 

#sidenote #energyupdate #checkin

  • People from your past turning up
  • A difference and change in routine and flow 
  • Something out of the blue happens that makes you smile 
  • Something that you thought was lost, is found 
  • A returning to the old, to show you what needs to energetically be cleaned out and shifted in vibration 
  • A deepening to your Life Purpose path and feeling like everything is falling into place, even though you still don't know what those details are - you can feel it in the ethers, it just hasn't manifested in form yet, but you feel it oh so close
  • Like you are being pulled in 50 directions at once - but what is actually happening is a clear out of what no longer serves but ALSO - asking you to return to ultimate Heart Presence with ALL that you are doing. Remember, I said that chaos is only going to increase and you need to stay grounded BUT also - deeply PRESENT with what you are doing, let the chaos be...
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5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow

5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow

Staying in the flow may bring a few huh's? to people's faces and sometimes it is hard to describe it and say exactly what it is.

Yet, the more you choose to listen to your intuition and follow it, the stronger it gets. 

I have talked numerous times about Intuition being a muscle and being like running a marathon - you don't just go run a marathon without training, well, you can do anything you want, yet without training for that marathon, you may tear a muscle or hurt yourself... you probably won't do that with practising your Intuition - yet the point here, is that every time you listen and follow through with your Intuition, THAT muscle get's stronger.

It isn't that your Intuition isn't there and you have to grow it. No. Not at all.

Every single person on this planet has it, it is that innate knowing deep inside you, that consciousness that you make decisions from.

That thread that runs through all of...

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Adaya doesn't like getting photos at this phase of her life, Dark night of the Soul

Adaya doesn't like getting photos at this phase of her life, Dark night of the Soul, changing Motherhood roles, and the immense single mumming and building an empire that leaves me questioning everything at times 

#sidenote - so interesting... this time last year, the Lumerian and Atlantis energy was REALLY strong... right now - Egyptian and Saudi Arabian energy is strong - this is super interesting to me. Atlantis and Lumeria - the subconscious was/is rising. Egyptian & Saudi Arabian energy - is the consciousness of the magic/intuitive/soul core origin energy of self. This is deeply intriguing me! 

Christmas ended up being a beautiful day for us yesterday, when she eventually woke up. But it was a process to get to this point that is for sure.

With not having any presents under the tree except new toys for our animals, it left us with questioning many things in our lives. And for me, as a single mother processing huge life changes on my own - this took it to the...

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Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.

In 24 hours from now, our Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.  

We will see a partial Solar Eclipse here in Australia - in Saudi Arabia, they will have the full peak Solar Eclipse.

So amazing Saudi Arabia has been 'speaking strongly' recently with the energy under the land there and neighbouring countries and then I discover this information.  

Makes me wonder what the Eclipse energy - the portal and alignment of the Sun (Father) and our Moon (Mother, who gave Her life, so we could live on Earth) - and this portal alignment that comes from this shining directly over this continent.  

Our Eclipses are a shedding, a layering of consciousness that is stripped from our system - but renewed with the truth of the situation that directly comes from our Mother and Father lineage.  

The Eclipses are an opportunity to shed that which no longer serves and opens a gateway to a whole new realm, a renewing, a new layering, a new birthing of a new era,...

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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 24th December 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 24th December 2019 Create a Magic Christmas Eve 

On an Eve that is an opportunity to be 'born again' and breathe in new life, not only for your own cycle of life, but as we walk into 2020 an entirely new energy, let alone decade commences as we walk into the era of Light 

Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today to see what your Christmas message is for you today

In deeply trusting my intuition as with every decision I have ever made in my entire life, I have been guided to open my 21 Day Shifter Program - unlimited Psychic Readings, unlimited support, unlimited questions for 21 Days straight, click here for all the details (before this changes again!):

Merry Christmas for the last of this decade 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Lakshmi, Bright Future. “Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.”

Don’t you remember,...

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This time, 8 years ago...

This time, 8 years ago - I was about to move home, to Perth. Where my family is. I had lived in Queensland, with no family for 12 years at that time. I had a daughter who at the time was 3 years old and everyday I questioned what I was doing, living on the other side of Australia raising my daughter alone with no family around.

The only thing that kept me ‘stuck’ was that her father lived close by, yet that didn’t stop me. I was looking at rentals and was going to move home I had decided.

Two weeks passed and as our Summer morning ritual continued, we went to the beach in the pram as I had no car at the time as this was peak time of me choosing to not have a car that my ex had given me and was somewhat his ‘control’ over me. I had chosen to release any hold that he had over me and giving his car back and going carless, catching the bus everywhere with my then 3 year old daughter in the pram was what I was willing to do. I was willing to do whatever it...

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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th December 2019 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th December 2019 Christmas Eve Create Your Merry Christmas 

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

I was guided to make some pretty radical changes several weeks ago, a pile of intuitive guidance flowed through and as always, I trust the guidance that flows through me! 

I have been guided to change several things moving into 2020 in how I serve people, in how I show up and how I can best deeply support you. 

One of these changes is that my 21 Day Shifter Program, that is 3 weeks of unlimited questions, unlimited Psychic Readings, unlimited support for 21 Days via Whats App with me answering any of your questions on any topic of your life at all, has been dropped from $799 to $197. 

This may or may...

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Solstice and the Dawning Era that is birthing right now

Solstice. Today, for me, has been in deep inner reflection. But it didn't start off like this! (As I sat down to write this post - sooo much just flowed through me - when I asked who it was, as it was an energy, that was 'different to the norm' hence me asking and I heard, 'Arcturian and the Galactic Federation of Light.' Okay! )

So, I after I let this stream through me instead as it poured out as soon as I sat down, I see this is the message that was wanting to come through - not what I originally was going to write! #trust

As the Pyramids Activate and the consciousness awakens from the darkest of slumber a new era is upon us - let alone the eras gone by that are disintegrating in time.

(I asked them what Pyramids - they said Saudi Arabia, Egypt and colonisations of collective raging warfare of the dominant south east Europe has begun to awaken from their slumber as the light is being united through the south of France right now. Of course, I googled these!...

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The Best Christmas Present is Your Presence


The Best Christmas Present is Your Presence 

It can be super tricky at this time of year to not get caught up in the chaos and crazy energy of the collective that is scrambling to get things done, finish things, get Christmas organised, let alone... have a break?! 

You may be feeling the rush of Christmas - but it is just the collective hurrying to do so. 

You may be wanting to flop and do nothing - which is the case on holidays right?! 

Yet, it can be tricky when there is so much to accomplish before you 'flop' - or, "Hannah as if I can even do that?!"

The key here you need to remember is that it is a CHOICE to get caught up in the collective Christmas craze energy. 

Easier said than done? 

Perhaps, if you are not conscious of it. 

Perhaps, if you are not taking extra time for you and putting you first and not dropping self care around this hectic time of year. 

Perhaps, if you are not listening to your intuition about what to do with your...

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