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FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 12th November 2019
Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today. 
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Next year is going to be INTENSE (yeah - you thought this one was already right?!) - it's only getting stronger beautiful one - and it is up to us to work our bodies to evolve with the changes, not get left in the dark.
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So interesting I was guided to our Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle deck AGAIN today. There must be some powerful messages wanting to get through to your...
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I know that my relationships failed because

I know that my relationships 'failed' in the past, because I 'fell for their potential' not the current reality of who they were. 

Due to this, I found myself always ‘nit picking’ what was wrong with them, what they weren’t doing right, how they weren’t stepping up and… the list goes on.

This, was only reflecting me not owning and living, my own potential that I was seeing in them.

I was nit picking my own self - because I didn’t listen to my intuition from the start to not walk any further down this road with them. But all my fears of ‘this is all there is’ ‘they love me, why should I walk away’ - yet, what I learnt, is no matter how shiny it is on the outside, if my intuition is telling me no - I need to not only listen, but act on it. 

Because I didn’t act on what my intuition was guiding me to do, I felt angry, agitated and anxious 99% of the time, there was an underlying unsettled feeling, that they...

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There comes a time when you have to trust yourself... and then trust yourself some more...

There comes a time when you have to trust yourself... and then trust yourself some more.

There comes a time when you need to block the world out for a time and back yourself and back yourself some more.

There comes a time when you need to ignore what ANYONE says or thinks of you and keep going on the direction you know is right for you.

There comes a time when you need to step into your divine inherent birthright and step into it some more.

There comes a time when you just have to zip your mouth and just do the damn thing. 

There comes a time when you just  need to push through that tiredness and be mindful what you're telling yourself and your body and what you can and can't do.

There comes a time when you have to just do the thing and make it happen, especially when logic tells you, you can't.

There comes a time when you have to let go of telling yourself you're not worth it, that you aren't good enough to have what they have... or be what they are.

There comes a...

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Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities

Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities...

We are at a point now, as we come into balance of finding your truth, speaking your truth, or not, learning how to ride the waves and taking responsibility and ownership of behaviours, patterns and 'shadows' that have been around for way longer than centuries.

Whether you believe in Past Lives or not, the reality is that everything is energy and time and space do not really exist, there is only this present moment right now and whatever 'spiderweb' you are carrying from somewhere in your past, is what we will be living and playing out.

Until you become conscious of it and it shifts, it disintegrates and you create a new reality.

It can be a-likened to stepping into a vortex - yes you create your own reality, yet, there is past stuff there, webs, entangled from every inch and era of your past, that you are somehow still entwined with and this shows up in your reality until you become conscious (darkness to light, shadow...

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"We are 'awakening into the new dawning era' - with Feminine feeling safe and bringing the Masculine into (balance) and 7 is not a balanced number! 3 is not a balanced number. The consciousness of Humanity will shift when we step out of the triples and the 7's of the chakras and move into Sacred 4 and Divine 8 - infinity flow. If you can feel the depths of what I just wrote in this paragraph - you shift Humanity with your realisation of this alone " 

YESTERDAY I SAT ON THE SAND and it was calm. Peaceful. The wind, had ceased. 

The chaotic movements seemed to have gone. 

The more stable, grounded pieces were all that has been left. 

And what an analogy for what I have been feeling lately. Well, this past 6-8 months - has felt like a whirlwind of change. If I could put it into words, it would feel like: 

  • restructuring 
  • complete reality shifts - new realities being walked into - which means a darn lot of old structures, including relationships,...
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What if, you were being REBORN? 

What if, you could lead a lifestyle, like they do? 

What if, you could be as fit and healthy, like they? 

What if, you could be so confident in yourself, that nothing knocked you - ever?

What if, you could have the most treasured and loving relationship, like they? 

What if, you could have anything you desired - right now? 

What if, you didn't need to push anymore? 

What if, you didn't need to be in pain anymore? 

What if, you could change all this overnight? 

What if, you could really have the lifestyle you deep down, Soul desired want to? 

What if, the only stopping you this entire time, has been you? 

What if, you had all the answers inside of you? 

What if, you already knew what you had to do - you just have to DO IT? 

What if, nothing gets to be thrown out and everything get's to be restructured to match the new you, you've been creating all...

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When Indecision Kills Your Intuition

When Indecision Kills Your Intuition

There seems to be so much indecision around at the moment collectively for a lot of people, people being left hanging in the lurch, people leaving others hanging in the lurch, people not knowing which way things are going to unfold and whilst there is a delicate balance of trusting and letting go of outcomes and seeing what happens, there is also a time when indecision holds you back from receiving what you really want. At the same time, when something is meant to happen, it will happen regardless. Sounds contradictory hey? Yep... so where is that fine line?

Indecision is one of the biggest killers of your intuition because it simply shows you do not trust yourself in some way and don't trust something bigger than you at play and guiding you every single step of the way which is the ultimate basis for your Intuition - Trust. When you are indecisive it can be for two reasons:

#1: You already know the truth and don't want to face it
When you already...

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Did you see the article I shared about the Resonance of the Earth Geomagnetic Field?

Did you see the article I shared about the Resonance of the Earth Geomagnetic Field? There has been HUGE shifts in the evolution of consciousness, the vibration we are sitting at and moving into and EVERYONE is feeling it. And this sudden spike? Well, we are in Lion's Gate and coming up to the Total Solar Eclipse that astrologers have been harping on about for years to this date! (You can check it out here if you didn't: ) Apparently it quadrupled!! Right when I am channeling Calling In Your Soulmate and Integrating SACRED 4!!! QUAD!!! HA! Coincidence much?!!? I know I have a powerful presence and purpose on this Earth!!! 
I speak about this exact thing in Heart Chakra Consciousness - for the Heart's Magnetic Field is so powerful and strong - and the Earth has one too - and this is what has been shifting and of course, so have we - for there is...
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Oh babe, come on... seek in YOUR heart, not mine...

Oh babe, come on... seek in YOUR heart, not mine...

I say that, I feel there is a connection there between us, yet what you are feeling, is a connection with your own soul, your own heart - and the love and attraction you feel is a love and attraction to a version of yourself that you need to own, step up to and BE in this world - THEN you will attract someone who reflects that to you, you don’t need to look for love you need to BE love… I hear there is a deep longing in your soul to be loved, to be needed to be honoured to be cherished… yet - are you doing this for yourself? When we are searching for that counterpart - you will only seek emptiness… for you are empty yourself, seeking to fill a hole. Yes, it is a very real human need to be loved, held and cherished…yet.. what areas of your life are you neglecting that you are needing to turn this love, acceptance and cherished energy towards?

Open-mindedness that the possibility that there is that...

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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 5th November 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 5th November 2019

Scroll down to find what number called out to you earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels for you today. 

Activated Crystalline Clairvoyance
Healing Past Lives
Shifting Stubborn Relationship Patterns
Moving Out Of Co-Dependency
Getting Clear on That Big Question - Do I Stay Or Do I Go

I See You, I See Me - has finally arrived! After 12 months of deep co-creation with Spirit, this powerful piece of Third Eye Chakra Consciousness has arrived, click here for all the details:

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Steady Progress. “We acknowledge you for the progress you’ve made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you’re making to the world through your thoughts, feelings and actions of love.”

I am sensing quite strongly that you are...

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