READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Scroll down to find your number that you chose earlier on, to see what the Mermaids and Dolphins have for you today beautiful one! There is certainly a lot of joy, coming through from these powerful Dolphins today and the Sacred Sensual Mermaids of you deeply owning and getting super comfortable in your power recently! Soak it in! 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Protection. “You, your loved one and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!”

Ah, lots of messages coming through from this card today for you - that 1. you’ve been quite worried about something, something has been, hmmmm, you’ve been in a lot of fear - about - changes? I am getting the sense that there has been monstrous changes rumbling through your entire life recently and this makes you somewhat unsettled and ungrounded and hard to find the grounding under your feet if that makes sense… yet, this is only...

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Pick which number first jumps out at you, that first draws your attention, that your eyes are drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you hear in your mind and comment your number below to let me know what number is yours for today.
Reading results are posted at 3pm AEST today
The Mermaids & Dolphins were calling today, the Divine Sensual, Powerful Feminine, the Powerfully Transformative Subconscious, The Darkness, The Shadow (Mermaids), and the PlayFULL, JoyFULL Dolphins, that are just playing around awaiting us to return to our full consciousness that takes us back to that space we entered into this plane on.
I look forward to seeing what messages strongly come through from this powerful duo for you today.
August Celebrates this incredible milestone of 2 Powerful Years of Never Missing One Single Tuesday Tarot!!! That's A LOT of Tuesday Tarots!!!
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Day #13: Being Held by Our Mother Earth Clearing

Day #13: Being Held by Our Mother Earth Clearing

Whether you are laying on the Earth, the grass, the sand, the soil - or in water, you can imagine yourself laying down, or actually laying on the Earth. 

Notice what part of Our Earth Mother you are laying on - are you laying on sand, soil, grass or are you in water? 

Notice how it feels to have the entire back of your body, laying on the ground. 

If it is sand, notice how the grains gently move as they hold you... 

If it is water, notice how it holds you and moves at the same time... 

If it is grass or soil, notice the solid Earth beneath your back and feeling it supporting you. 

Feel yourself, being held.... 

Now, drop your awareness, to beneath you in Our Dear Mother Earth, drop your awareness down through the layers of Her - that is holding you. 

Notice your awareness, drop right down into the core of Her. Her molten fire hearth - feel that warmth, come straight back up through your entire...

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Day #12: Sunlight Clearing

Day #12: Sunlight Clearing

This one is powerful.... and so, so simple. 

Anytime you step into the Sunlight, no matter how little time you have, no matter what clothing you are wearing -

Our Powerful Live Giving Force, our Dear Father Sun: 

Penetrates deeply through your clothes...

Deeply through your skin.... 

Soaking into your bloodstream... 

Absorbing into the cells of your blood, your DNA, your bones, deep inside your bones... 

You feel this Powerful Life Giving Sunlight, soak right in to the core of your bones. 

You feel this strengthening you from the inside, you become, so, so aware and present of your skeletal system and how this holds your entire body. 

You become so deeply present and aware of your bones and how your muscles are connected to your bones. 

You notice all the ligaments and you are deeply aware of the Sunlight, still, penetrating and deeply, deeply nourishing your entire body systems, as you gently feel the warmth on...

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There is a powerful wave about to land, to come home, to bring it all in - can you feel it?
We’ve shifted, we are starting to match the Earth - because She was always ‘there’ awaiting us to come back to our Heart… and it has arrived.
There is a preparation at hand, that is about to land… are you ready? Are you prepared?
This Day 11 - such, a significant number of course - that your thoughts are manifesting RAPIDLY - so only think about what you desire.
We’ve come through the depth of the darkness, on the shores of the healing ocean tide, as She cleanses in the night, what lays beneath in the depths you have pushed aside.
There is a lightness that comes from knowing just what your Soul guides you in every moment and place on Earth - you are exactly where you are meant to be, is the strong message...
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I stopped looking for my Soulmate, when I realised it had been in front of me the entire time….

I stopped looking for my Soulmate, when I realised it had been in front of me the entire time….

Driving home from Brisbane on Wednesday night, after an already 16 hour fly day, picking up my daughter from New Zealand, and road works traffic taking 3 hours for us to get home, when usually it a 1 hour drive, Adaya (9.5yrs) out of the blue asked,

“Mum, can we just fruit fast for the next few days, I just want to eat fruit for a bit.”

“Sure, honey, sure thing.” I replied, quietly smiling deep in my heart.

I stopped forcing Adaya to eat the foods I made for her when she was a toddler. Why? Because she would go to her Dads - and I would be the ‘bad/not fun mum’ because I only had healthy food in the house. And - I wasn’t going to be the ‘bad/not fun mum’!

I remember being infuriated at the time, when I would pick up my nearly 4 year old at the time and learnt they had been at Maccas and icecream and so much more. I had...

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Day #10: Starlight Star Bright Be The Star You Are Tonight

Day #10: Starlight Star Bright Be The Star You Are Tonight

You notice, how present you are in your current space - you notice the air temperature on your skin, you notice the feeling of your clothes touching your skin, you notice the sounds you can hear, you notice what you can smell, you notice your chest rising and falling with every single inhale..... and exhale you take. 

You notice your feet, you notice the bones in your feet, the muscles in your feet, you notice if you have shoes on or not, you squeeze/scrunch your toes together, feeling your feet on the Earth, or through your shoes, and you become deeply aware of your body, your feet on the Earth.

You notice now above you - the sky - whether you are inside or outside, whether it is day time or night time, you notice the sky - and you notice the stars in the sky, even if it is daytime, you notice the stars in the sky and as you do, one of them becomes super bright all of a sudden and this Star - starts travelling to you,...

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Day #9: MEN, YOU HAVE A WOMB TOO! It's called your Sacral Chakra

Day #9: MEN, YOU HAVE A WOMB TOO! It's called your Sacral Chakra

It is where you feel nourished, loved, cared for, fulfilled, nurtured, divinely comforted. 

If you feel anything but any of the above, it is your Sacral you need to tend to. Your Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour Orange and is located just below your belly button. 

It is here - at your belly button - where you were first nourished by your Mother, in Her Womb, and you received EVERYTHING you needed in this space. 

When you were born, this was cut away and your port of nourishment changed. 

Your own birth story, plays a significant role in how you are in the world today and this feeling loved, nourished, cared for and more, is a deeply connected to your own Womb, your Sacral. 

If we haven't been caring for ourselves with tender, love & care or even know how to do that, or haven't felt loved for a long, long time... you have probably tried to fill this space with anything that comes...

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Past Lives

I am seeing a deep common theme with the collective right now - there is a deep releasing of what I call 'Triangulation Love Vows'.
It is strong and many at this time - and of course, these eclipses are helping these threads come to light and move OUT.
If you are in a situation - where you are 'in love' with someone, and you 'cant have them' whether they/you are:
~ in relationship with someone else
~ no matter if you all broke up, there is still no way it could possibly work (and this love and craving them is driving you insane because you know this but why is it damn well here then?!)
~ you can't contact them and/or you know you shouldn't and it is driving you insane, because this love, what on Earth is, why is it so darn strong?!
~ that even though you've been together in this lifetime, you can't go back again, but why is the love pull so darn strong!?!
~ or want to leave a relationship but can't due to guilt or deeply embedded ties
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Day #8 The Best Way To Reset After Too Much Wifi & Electronics

Day #8 The Best Way To Reset After Too Much Wifi & Electronics

The Almighty Tree Alignment


The most powerful way to reset your energy frequency after:


~ spending more than 8 hours straight indoors

~ being around wifi (goodness, we can’t even walk down the street these days without being bombarded by everyone’s wifi)

~ being around electronics

~ feeling clouded

~ feeling confused

~ feeling agitated

~ and more


Is to go outside and hug a tree!


Now - before you are afraid to let your inner closet hippy be seen in public doing such things, let me give you some examples how to do this without looking like a tree hugging hippy - hey, nothing wrong with it, (thats me, tree hugging, loving hippy thang amongst other ‘titles’ )  but I know most of you feel a little bit worried doing this sort of thing in the start, so let me give you a simple way to help you reset your energy field easily in a public place:

You can just...

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