Free Meditation Internal Compass Chakra Clearing 🧭

Feeling foggy? Needing clarity? Needing direction and some insight to what is going on for you? Wanting direction on your Life Purpose?
Feeling physical sick? Are you carrying someone’s energy? Have you cleared your energy since you’ve felt sick?
It is like the VERY first thing to check in with! Put your hand on it and ask, ‘Is this mine?’ And trust the answer you receive. Then CLEAR.
It is a busy time of year and around a lot of people that you aren’t usually around much and it is easy to step into familiar energetic patterns and take on other’s energy.
My FREE Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation:
clears your chakras
clears your energy
resets your energy frequency field
resets your Internal Compass so you can reset YOUR UNIQUE PATH
strengthen your energetic systems so you aren’t ‘knocked’ so much by everything else around you all the time
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When I walked upon the top of the cliff, I saw this, and knew why I walked up here in the first place. All I saw, heard and felt, was 'Atlantis'.
The healing activation beds in Atlantis are beyond this time - yet they still deeply exist - I didn't want to move out of this pool once I was in it! I stayed here for ages!
The past 3 days, Atlantis energy has been strong and VERY present.
A deep remembering of your skills from this Ancient City that is deeply active, alive and very, very real.
You may hold deep pain your heart, from being cast out as the civilisation disappeared - deep into our subconscious and what is happening now - with your intuitive skills - is you are becoming aware of yours and other people's subconscious stuff, well before they are even conscious of it. (If you need to reactivate your skills on this, please watch this livestream here on it: ...
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Cracking The Code, Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts

I am in total awe at what flows through these sessions! To help uncover and reclaim people's Sacred Life Purpose Gift with them in session is phenomenal!
I am deeply humbled to be the conduit to help people with this, every single person is so unique and the gifts and spiritual understanding and healing that comes through... totally amazes me. Spirit is incredible - YOU are incredible and what you are here to do - amazing is an understatement.
Deeply, humbled...
All the details for these Cracking the Code Sessions are here:
It leaves me speechless of what they show me and what we shift together in session to Uncover your Sacred Life Purpose Gift.
In awe, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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#energyupdate Goodbye Solstice Full Moon

#energyupdate We are about to leave the 3 day window of our peak Full Moon - you know how I always say we feel it most, 3 days either side of the peak Full Moon time, in several hours, we are about to step out of it.
You may have already felt a bit of a shift, in the past 4-6 hours, or still be feeling the dredges of it.
You will be starting to have urges wanting to clean up, get prepared (for what?!), get organised and get on with it.
It feels like you are clearer than you've ever been before and just want this direction to 'hurry up already'.
I am sensing there are still more 'steps' to take before __________ fill in the blank though and this is slightly frustrating in a way for you, yet, you also realise, there is nothing you can do but walk those steps are noticing how much better you are getting at trusting the flow and letting go of control.
I have had numerous people tell me they feel overwhelmed with emotions, but...
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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN for Christmas Day 2018 🎄🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN for Christmas Day 2018

The Magical Messages from the Fairies have some powerful messages on this day of rebirth for you today. Scroll down to find the number that you chose earlier today, to see what message they have for you on this rebirth day. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Ask For What You Want. “Let the Universe and other people know what you need.”

Well, this card has a very definitive and easy to understand meaning. Have you asked for what you want? I am getting the message that there is a part of you that feels like you cannot have what you want, nor get what you want/need. Yet - there is a part of you that knows you can too, ah, this contradictory world we live in right? There is a part of you that knows you can have exactly what you want, because - you wouldn’t be thinking about it, dreaming about it - it wouldn’t be in your awareness, your consciousness, your dreams, your ambition, your...

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🎄🔮❤️ FREE PSYCHIC READING ❤️🔮🎄25th December 2018

FREE PSYCHIC READING Tuesday Tarot falls on Christmas Day today - yep, not missing a Tuesday 2.5 years strong
So, for your Christmas Gift, pick which number first jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that your eyes are drawn to, that you first hear in your mind, that you just know, or just sense and comment your number below to let me know which number is yours on this Christmas Yule Day
Final Days for Your 2019 Personal Psychic Readings too! Click here to grab yourself your very personalised Christmas Gift to guide and support you throughout this powerful transformative upcoming year, as we head fast into the Age of Aquarius, the Light-bearer
Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST and I am deeply curious what Christmas messages the Magical Messages from the Fairies have for you today
Create a Magical Christmas Day, whatever Christmas looks like for...
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Christmas Week Weekly Intuitive Forecast 24th December 2018


Christmas Week Weekly Intuitive Forecast 24th December 2018

Click here for Your 2019 Psychic Readings:

Create a beautiful Christmas

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone.

HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone. Just. Like. That.
THAT is what Solstice and this months Full Moon is bringing to you.
Huge waves of grief coming in - letting go - let it! Drop into it. Feel it. The fastest way to move through it is to - well, move through it!
People that you have been wanting to let go of for some time - GONE.
It feels like huge collective patterns are totally being disintegrated - or more like - you are moving away from them now.
You may try and rekindle the relationship - leave it on a ‘good note’ - yet you are being met with a barrage of what has been and they are not ready to let it go yet.
This may deeply hurt your sensitive empath Heart - yet, you also grieve and allow yourself this grief, because you can totally see the big picture, the patterns they are still playing into right now.
I would get fuming,...
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Relentless, Relentless, Relentless….Summer & Winter Solstice & our Full Moon

Relentless, Relentless, Relentless…. I heard this over and over in my head and wondered what it was about… and then realise messages were trying to come through… over and over….
#energyupdate Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) Full Moon Ceremony, live online this Saturday (Friday if you are not in AEST)
Full Moon is on it’s way…so is Solstice... What a gift - Full Moon this close to Christmas - cause that is what every one needs is a little bit more crazy and hectic right?
There has been a ‘let go’… you have just started to gain traction… but BOOM - here it comes again - another thing - even though there has been a let go and catching up on things, getting things done, moving forward - there is a ‘let go’ but in a way of, okay now time to deal with this, but wasn’t, ‘planned’ to happen now to have to deal with...
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❤️ Follow Your Heart Anyway ❤️


 Follow Your Heart    


Doesn’t always mean it is the easy way or that it makes logical sense following your Heart.    


It does mean the fastest evolution for your Soul’s growth.   


It does require you to feel your Heart to receive the full lessons of your Soul's growth.    


It does mean that by feeling your whole Heart, you are able to receive those lessons and grow deeply through and from them.    


It does mean that your Heart muscle becomes stronger each and every time.    


It does mean, that your Intuition becomes clearer and stronger as a result.    


It does mean, it get's easier and easier to CHOOSE Joy.    


Because that IS a choice.    


And that choice get's easier and easier, that muscle becomes stronger and stronger - the joy muscle.   


Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels like...

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