About those upgrades last week? Oh, and Happy Solstice!!!

Hey beautiful! You know how I posted about those upgrades last week? 

(Oh! And Happy Solstice!)

Well, I asked what I needed to do to take extra care of myself to support the process of expansion (because that is all they are), and I received the message to juice fast from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime and get more exercise. 

For me, that meant going back to the gym as I realised I hadn't gone to the gym since Adaya was supposed to go back to New Zealand last time. 

And how much I remember that gym to me, means strengthening muscles, which enables my physical body to hold more Light. 

So I did those things. And more. 

And the reveal from them? 

Huge. Amazing. 

And - right on time. #ofcourse

I had been questioning, something felt off, something wasn't right with HOW I was offering my services, of - DOING WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING ON THIS PLANET!

Aka how I was DOING my Life Purpose, wasn't at the highest level and what I contracted in the...

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Awaken Your Psychic Senses Doors Closing!

When intuition drops in - do you listen? I do! I have made too many mis-takes in the past to not, not listen anymore, even when, especially when - it doesn’t make logical sense! So with that - Awaken Your Psychic Senses, closes this Friday! (Thursday if you're not in Australian timezone) Are you in? >> >>
Spiritual Organ Awakening, Healing and Activation
Claircognisence Healing & Activation
Clairvoyance Healing & Activation
Clairaudience Healing & Activation
Clairsentience Healing & Activation
Spiritual Bodies Healing & Activation
Realm Portal Activations
Fine Tuning Your Psychic Senses
Understanding Energy
Past Life Understanding & Healing
Future Life Integration & Activation
Present Day Integration & Activation
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Sacred Solstice 2018

There are Earth changes, the Earth is shifting beneath your feet, realities changing right in front of your eyes - are you holding on - or do you trust in the shifts and where they are leading you right now?
Where - you're being pulled right now?
It is Solstice tomorrow (21st), 8:07pm AEST/11:07am BST/3:07am PDT.
This means the darkest/shortest hour/day and the lightest/longest hour/day on Earth - depending on where you are on the globe - and has always been revered as a Sacred time, when the Earth shifts in dynamics across the globe and how that reverberates across the Universe and beyond realms.
I am getting the strong message to remind you and bring your awareness to this Sacred and powerfully potent time that can be fuelled with potential with deep, intention.
As we say goodbye to one part of our seasons and welcome in another with the shift on the globe - what sacred ritual can you create for yourself?
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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Okay!! When intuition drops in - I listen!!! 

I got the intuition to close the doors to Awaken Your Psychic Senses, this week!

Not next week!

So, if you’ve been wanting to get in, then now is your time! Doors will close at midnight Friday night AEST, so Thursday midnight if you are not in Australian timezone. Click here to jump in before this closes this Friday night! 

Scroll down to find which number you chose earlier today, to see what message is wanting to come through from the Fairies for you today - the Fairies were only here two weeks ago, so I am curious what is going on for you that they called to you again today. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Son. “Your son is watched over and protected as he explores his world.”

Okay, so I am getting 3 different messages for this card here. 1. is if you have a...

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FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 19th June 2018 ✨🔮✨

FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 19th June 2018
Only 9 Days Left to get into Awaken Your Psychic Senses! Get clear on how you receive your intuition YOUR way, so you know what to trust and what to leave out, how to activate your Highest Self and trust in the messages you are receiving in your intuition for the steps to take every day to align with your Life Purpose. Click here to jump in before this closes beautiful Soul:
The Divine Fairies strongly called out this week - even though I had to double check and yes, only 2 weeks ago they were here! They are strong today, so I am looking forward to channelling the messages from the Fairies for you today.
Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, or that you hear in your mind, or that you just know, and comment your number below to let me know what number is yours today.
I look forward to channelling these...
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What if?

What if, I was becoming more kinder and kinder with every word I spoke to myself and others, even in my mind?

What if, I was really mindful of the energy I am creating around me - by the way I think and talk about myself and others to other people?

What if, I decided I only saw the good in others and ignored the rest?

What if, I was so clear in my energy and boundaries that I was able to say no easily to what is not aligned with me and my life?

What if, everything I thought about happened in my life?

What if, I realised my true power is this?

What if, the magic began, when I began becoming so, so kind to myself?

What if, my life was filled with joy and love?

What if, my life was completely mine by design - every single aspect of it?

What if, my choices were automatically elevated to the highest version of myself?

What if, my life was filled with so, much, fun?

What if, my life was so easy and full of flow?

What if, I became so aware of my thoughts and feelings?

What if, I...

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Don't you realise that it's all Light?

Don't you realise that it's all Light? Don't you realise your power to transform it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES? You don't need to turn away, you don't need to run - because that? Is exactly what they want you to do. 

The Devil. The Shadow. The Darkness. Don't you realise that it is your perception of it - is what you SEE? 

The Dark, or the Light. 

The Shadow, or the Light. 

The Devil, or the Angel. 

What does each make you feel? 

Don't you understand that you hold such a powerful vibration - that it transforms right in front of you??

Don't you understand that your turning away from it, your running away from it, your feeling sick from it and turning your back to ONLY face the Light - is exactly what they want you to do? 


Not to feel sick from it. 

Not to turn away from it. 

Not to not face...

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Suicide and the Empty Heart

Suicide and the Empty Heart

There has been alot about suicide coming to my awareness again recently, with celebrities and more and even though I have spoken to this in the past, I feel called to deeply share this here now. 

The thing with suicide is that one simply has lost Life Purpose. The Heart is completely shut down, there is a huge barrier and wall around ones Heart. The Heart is deeply connected to your Life Purpose. 

It's your desires, your joy, your fun, your LOVE - for self and others and life itself. 

When you shut down your Heart, that's done to protect oneself from future pain, but when you do this, it also blocks out any future love and care to come IN and THAT feels very isolating. It creates a big cold cave. 

Why does one shut down their Heart? Yes for protection - so you don't get hurt again right? This can stem from childhood or a relationship that wasn't very nice (or other things!)

What happens here, when you shut down your...

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It's okay to walk away without explanation...

It's okay to walk away without explanation...

It’s okay to say that’s not in alignment and continue on in the direction that is in alignment without giving a reason why...

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone - especially those you are leaving in your past. 

You don’t need to explain why or how or anything.

Because usually, they won't hear it anyway. 

It is probably at a point, where you have grown so much that anything you say doesn't register or they aren't even interested in understanding your why. 

"People only understand to the level of their perception." (and it takes a skilled heart centred Healer to help people see another reality without powerful love )

Chrysocolla in The Liquid Crystals is awesome for this. Silence. When you know your whole truth, you come into a place where you don't even need to speak it to anyone. 

Your actions naturally become louder than words. 

You don't even try. 

It just is who you...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! 

Huge energetic changes shifting through the planet right now.

Feeling out of sorts, feeling like the world is shifting beneath you, but you don't know quite where it is going to land, but you are extremely clear where you want it to land. 

Archangel Raphael is the Healer Archangel and there is alot of emphasis on physical healing through his cards today. Let me know how you go with these today - I am curious if you are feeling the realities shift and meld right in front of your eyes? 

Scroll down to see what message is awaiting you through the number you chose earlier today, Archangel Raphael is strong on the planet right now - do you feel him gently nudging you?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Caffeine Free! “Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask that you cut my cords of attachment to caffeine so that I may honour my body’s natural energy rhythms without chemicals.”

Hmmm, well the message on...

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